The child is particular about snacks in summer vacation

The child is particular about snacks in summer vacation

[Introduction]Parents are always full of snacks: biscuits, ice cream, sweets, potato chips, etc. because their parents are worried about their children being hungry.

Nutritionists point out that there is a need to prepare some kind of snack in the home.

“The type and quantity of snacks prepared will depend on the child’s own situation.

“If the child’s weight is already overweight and it is a” chubby bun “, then parents are advised to prepare less snacks or prepare some converted snacks to help the child properly control the weight; if the child is relatively thin and has a” small ribs “, thenYou can prepare more snacks with higher energy density to help your child replenish energy in a timely manner.

  The “Guidelines for Consumption of Snacks for Children and Adolescents in China” divides snacks for children and adolescents into three recommended levels: “can be consumed regularly”, “appropriate to eat”, and “restricted to eat”.

Marshmallows and puffed foods that children like to eat are included in the “restricted consumption” range. Parents are advised to keep their children as little as possible, preferably not more than once a week.

Beef slices, dark chocolate, etc. are “appropriate” and can be eaten once or twice a week.

Boiled eggs, soy beans, sweet potatoes, etc. are “often eaten” snacks, that is, eaten daily.

  In order to train children to eat healthy snacks, experts suggest that children, adolescents and snacks should choose more milk, fruits and vegetables, nuts.

Avoid snacks for children 5 years old half an hour before going to bed.

Do not eat snacks more than 3 times a day for 12-year-olds. Avoid snacks while playing.

17-year-olds must learn to choose and buy wholesome snacks, and eat them daily without conversion.

  In addition, parents try not to let children eat snacks while watching TV or other activities, because this situation may increase the child’s intake of high-transition, low-nutrition foods, resulting in children inadvertently overeating, resulting in weight gain.

  The characteristics of nutritionists, parents still need to “close” their children during the holidays, so that children maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“Healthy lifestyle rules help children benefit throughout their lives.

In addition, in terms of nutritional matching, Mao Han pointed out that a balanced replacement can be adjusted by three meals a day. For example, if you have eaten the food for lunch, or if you mostly eat meat, then you should use coarse grains and vegetables for dinner.Lord, this adjustment actually achieves the purpose of nutrition matching.

  In the early days, the child was greedy for cold drinks. Mao Han believes that parents need to pay attention to their consumption, because too much cold drinks may cause functional disorders. In addition, from a nutritional point of view, the nutritional content of cold drinks is single.It is high in sugar and low in nutrition, so it should not be used in excess and often, and it cannot form a habit.