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Winter skin favorite moisturizer recommended

Winter is coming, and the weather is getting colder and drier.

In the cold winter, a rich moisturizing cream becomes an essential skin care product.

Women’s skin must not be short of water, otherwise fine lines and dry lines will find you.

Therefore, we recommend several rich moisturizing creams, so that you can be a watery woman in cold winter days.

  Jurlique moisturizing cream 420 yuan / 40ml product effect: a variety of natural extracts such as rosehip oil, shea butter, green tea and daisy, for dry skin and cold seasons, comprehensively calm and repair and resist oxidation, keeping the skin smooth and firm.

  Editor’s trial experience: Hose packaging ensures that the product is not easy to deteriorate and is easy to use.

The skin is very plump and mixed skin will feel slightly oily; but dry skin must not be deposited in a cold and dry environment and has a full sense of protection.

The pure soothing formula is great.

  Kosé Sekkisei Pure Cream II (Fengze type) 460 yuan / 40 grams Product effect: Traditional Chinese medicine, makes skin metabolism smoother and strengthens the skin’s natural lipid barrier, helping the skin to obtain a high degree of moisturization and smoothness, like white porcelainTexture.

  Editor’s trial experience: The particle size is fine, the texture is rich, the sulfate is a little sticky, the sensitivity of dry skin becomes low after use, and there will be no small dry lines until night, the skin feels transparent, and the skinIt is even, and the place that was easy to explode is smoothed.

  Guerlain Hydrating Youth Active Day Cream SPF10 710 yuan / 30ml Product effect: Contains desert rose compound extract, which stimulates the skin’s moisturizing potential. Even in the face of harsh environments and years, it still keeps the skin young and soft.

  Editor’s trial experience: light and thin, but very moist, but a little shiny.

The skin feels soft after use and there is no dry worry all day.

The scent is special, very seductive, and intimate with a sun protection index.

  La Prairie Rejuvenating Deep Hydro-Cream Cream 1500 yuan / 30 ml Product effect: Water-in-oil-in-water technology, the skin can get the moisturizing effect of the thick cream without any burden at the same time; Coenzyme Q10 can help the skin to evenly secrete oilStable and hydrated for 16 hours.

  Editor’s trial experience: Very rich, more suitable for dry skin, can smooth out small dry lines; increase skin brightness, fullness is also good; it will not dry at all in a day, and the durability is very good.

Normal skin has a slightly shiny finish.

  L’Oreal Paris Moisturizing All-Day Moisturizing Water Essence 110 yuan / 50ml Product effect: Instantly refreshes the skin: It is delicate and smooth, and the pleasant mile shape can instantly combine with the skin, giving the skin a fresh and vibrant feeling.

Maintains skin’s optimal moisture lock all day.

Enhance the skin’s natural defenses: Moisturizing all-day moisturizing water vitamin C **, can enhance the skin’s defenses.

  Editor’s experience: now use the third bottle, the effect is very good!

Highly recommended!

Especially suitable for skin aged 18-25!

  DIOR water moisturizing moisturizing cream 550 yuan / 50ml product efficacy: moisturizing and shiny skin is the first appearance of beauty you have come to the girlfriend network.

Deep in the skin, the amount of water determines the vitality of your skin.

When you feel that your skin is dry, dehydration marks have quietly appeared, revealing your skin’s lack of vitality relentlessly!

  Editor’s experience: I bought a moisturizing type suitable for dry skin. My honey net has the best reputation for beauty products. So I usually use a layer of moisturizing essence to moisturize the whole day when it is the coldest in winter.The functional type is suitable for mm with good skin foundation.