[Sautéed Beef Noodles]_How to do _ Homely

[Sautéed Beef Noodles]_How to do _ Homely

Beef is a kind of meat that is very common in our daily life, and it is also a kind of meat that people like.

Beef is rich in protein, amino acids, minerals and trace elements.

Regularly eating beef has a certain effect on enhancing the body’s disease resistance, promoting bone development, nourishing the body, and delaying aging.

Beef is rich in texture and has many methods. Stir-fried beef noodles is a method people prefer. Ingredients: beef, onion, red pepper, salt. Production steps: materials are prepared-ginger garlic, old soy sauce, beef, onion, red pepper.

Slice the beef first and slice it to a thickness of approximately 2cm.

Cut into diced beef balls.

Add ginger garlic and salt and marinate for about a quarter of an hour.

Add cooking oil to the wok.

Sauté the beef noodles in the pan and stir-fry while spreading, so that the beef noodles are evenly heated.

The flesh color was transferred to the old soy after it was born.

Finally, add the diced onion and diced red pepper and stir-fry. After 5 minutes, you can put it on the pan and serve.

Pay attention to the uniform size of beef kernels, which are more uniform when heated, marinate before frying, the taste and taste will be better!

The nutritional value of beef1. The protein provided by beef contains all kinds of amino acids. The proportion of various amino acids is basically the same as the proportion of various amino acids in human protein. The sarcosine in it is higher than any food.

2. The trace amount of beef is very low, but it is a source of low-fat linoleic acid and a potential antioxidant.

3. Beef contains minerals and vitamin B group, including niacin, vitamin B1 and riboflavin.

Beef is also the best source of iron needed every day.

4. Beef also contains carnitine.

The benefits of eating beef1, muscle growth beef is particularly effective for muscle growth and strength.

In the first few seconds of training, sarcosine is the source of muscle fuel. It can effectively supplement adenosine triphosphate, which makes the training last longer.

Among them, carnitine is mainly used to support the aunt’s metabolism and produce branched chain amino acids, which is an amino acid that plays an important role in bodybuilding athletes’ muscle growth.

2. Increasing immunity beef can help you strengthen immunity, promote protein metabolism and synthesis, thereby enhancing the body’s recovery after stressful training.

3. Promoting the rehabilitation of beef can improve the body’s resistance to disease, and it is convenient for people who grow and develop after surgery and recuperate after illness to supplement blood loss and repair tissues.

4, iron and blood iron is an essential element for blood production, and beef is rich in iron, eating more beef is helpful for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia.

5. Zinc contained in anti-aging beef is a beneficial synthetic protein, an antioxidant that can promote muscle growth, and has positive significance for anti-aging and cancer prevention; potassium contained in beef has anti-disease effects on the cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and urinary systemsEffect; the contained magnesium can improve the efficiency of insulin anabolic metabolism and help the treatment of diabetes.

6, warm stomach cold winter beef can warm the stomach, is the best tonic in this season.