[How to cook the leftover roast duck]_How to make_Homely

[How to cook the leftover roast duck]_How to make_Homely

Although the roast duck is delicious, you should not eat too much at one time, otherwise you will affect your appetite again and will hurt your body, so you must eat a moderate amount of roast duck.

So how to make the remaining roast duck delicious?

First of all, you can cast duck with green peppers, or you can make the duck meat with other ingredients again to make it. It is a method that does not affect the taste of roast duck.

How to eat leftover roast duck: Fried roast duck with green pepper Ingredients: overnight roast duck, long pepper, garlic seedlings, ginger, onion, garlic, pepper powder.

Practices: 1. Garlic, ginger, flattened; shallots cut into sections; long pepper and garlic shoots cut diagonally.

2. Hot oil, scallion, ginger and garlic.

3. Stir-fry the roasted duck for about 1 minute, add a small bowl of water, add pepper powder, boil to low heat and cover with a lid, simmer for 2-3 minutes, and dry the soup.

4. Turn to high heat, fry the garlic seedlings and peppers, add some soy sauce and sesame oil, and stir fry evenly.

Tips: 1. For non-spicy friends, choose parsley and garlic seedlings instead of peppers.

2. The garlic fry is soft and the taste is not good.

How to prepare leftover roast duck: Roast duck cake Ingredients: flour, roast duck, eggs, vegetable oil, salt, soy sauce, pepper, yeast.

Method: 1. Add flour and yeast, mix with water and mix well to synthesize smooth dough and ferment into double large dough.

2. Break the eggs, fry them with a pan, and shovel them into small tins.

3, diced roast duck; diced onion.

4, mix eggs, roast duck, onion, raw soy sauce, onion, pepper, mix well, add peanut oil and mix well, add salt and mix well when packaged.

5. Knead the fermented dough more, combine small ingredients, and roll into small pieces.

6, add stuffing, wrap into a bun shape, and then put the wall with a lot of pleats down on the panel to suppress into a small round cake.

7, brush the electric baking pan with a layer of vegetable oil, press the electric baking pan to press the result button to preheat, add a little blank, cover and other dripping sounds, turn the sides and fry continuously to golden brown on both sides.

How to prepare leftover roast duck: Roast duck roasted winter melon Ingredients: roast duck, a portion of winter melon, moderate roast duck, half a bowl of pumpkin, moderate garlic cloves, two onion ginger, a little red pepper.

Method: 1. Cut the melon and pumpkin into small pieces. It should not be too thin and easy to boil.

2. Put less oil in the wok, add the shallots, crushed ginger and garlic cloves, and pour in the melon.

3, add an appropriate amount of roast duck and hot water, add pumpkin pieces, cook on high heat until the second melon can be poked with chopsticks.

4. Add the chopped roast duck pieces and cook for only five minutes. Season with red pepper and salt.

How to prepare leftover roast duck: Roast duck pizza Ingredients: 1 whole wheat pancake, roast duck amount, millet fruit 2-3, lunch meat amount, mozzarella cheese amount.

Practices: 1. Preheat the oven 180 °; roast duck, dice lunch meat;

2. Put the whole wheat pancakes on a baking sheet, and brush with a layer of roast duck.

3. Sprinkle roasted duck pieces, diced luncheon meat and millennial fruit pieces on the pancakes.

4. Sprinkle mozzarella, put in the oven, 180 °, 15min, turn off the fire in the last 5 minutes to prevent baking.

Tips: For the last 5 to 10 minutes, pay attention to the extent of the cake, turn off the fire at least 5 minutes in advance to avoid the cake being too crispy and affecting the taste.