[How to make meat floss for babies_How to make meat floss for babies_Baby meat floss]

[How to make meat floss for babies_How to make meat floss for babies_Baby meat floss]

Many people like to eat meat floss, because compared to other direct meat products, meat floss is more suitable for some desserts or pasta, and meat floss will be endlessly delicious.

Many parents also choose to eat floss when they feed their babies, but they are very afraid that the floss bought outside will affect the baby’s health. So how should you make floss for your baby?

How to make pork floss for babies

And the meat floss needs to dehydrate the meat, and the finished nutrients are concentrated. At the same volume, the protein, iron and other minerals contained in the meat floss are higher than the lean meat itself!

Commercial floss adds a lot of fats and sugars, as well as chemical additives such as preservatives, to increase the taste, turning its own healthy food into “junk food”.

So making floss by yourself, controlling condiments, without additives, is a good healthy food.

When can I eat floss?

Complementary food can be eaten when it can be added to meat. The previous view was that baby food supplements should start with vegetable and fruit purees, and slowly add meat, egg yolks, etc., but the latest parenting view is that supplementary food supplements and adds someFood does not reduce the risk of allergies.

Therefore, floss can be eaten after adding complementary food. It is recommended to add it together with baby rice cereal.

Supplementary food for babies under one year old should be salt-free and oil-free, and try to eat only the original flavor of the food; babies after one year old can add a small amount of salt and gradually transition from a light diet to an adult diet.

So today I introduced two kinds of meat floss, one is eaten by babies (small baby version) before one year old, without any condiments; the other is eaten by babies (big baby version) after one year old, with a small amount of condiments added.

[Baby Edition]The tools you need are also very simple: bezels and knives, cooking sticks, 200 grams of lean meat.

Cut the lean meat into pieces that are no longer than 2 cm wide (easy to beat with a cooking machine); after the water is boiled, add the meat particles, remove the foam, and cook for 5-10 minutes.Drain the meat (I wiped it off with kitchen paper), put it in a cooking machine and break it; break into such finer particles; heat the pan, pour the meat in a dry, oil-free state and stir-fry untilStir-fry, slightly discolored, low heat all the time (can’t fry too much to avoid meat burns), it is best to fry in a non-stick pan; stir-fried meat particles are then put into a cooking stick and continue to stir; use a high-speed stall like this, about 15In seconds; the meat floss is ready to be pulled?
Is the meat rich?
[Big Baby Version]The big baby version is the same as the little baby version in the same method and steps, except that some seasonings are added in the middle to make the meat floss instead of taste.

Materials and tools: 200 grams of lean meat, 3-4 slices of ginger, peppercorns, vegetable sticks and cutting boards. Cut the lean meat into pieces that are less than 2 cm wide; boil water in the pot, pour the meat pieces, and water againRemove the froth after boiling, add ginger slices and peppercorns, cover and cook for about 10 minutes; remove the meat particles (be careful not to mix in peppercorns); dry the meat with kitchen paper, pour it into the cooking machine and stir it.Early fine granules; pot roasted meat, pour a portion of oil, and pour in the meat and stir-fry. Add some salt and soy sauce during the frying process. You can also add a little sugar, low heat all the way, keep frying to prevent the meat from burning;Fry until the jerky, slightly discolored, remove it, pour it into the cooking stick again, and stir into finely ground pork at high speed; the finished pork floss will be brighter and yellower than the baby’s oil-free and salt-free version, but of course it can also taste, seasoningHow much should be selected according to age, the younger the baby, the lighter the better.

Finally, I will explain a question that everyone cares about the most: How long can a good pork floss last?

Floss is a semi-dry food, which has a longer shelf life than fresh food, but it should not be too long because there are no additives.

Frozen pork floss is placed in a sealed jar after cooling down, and can be kept in the refrigerator for about 10-15 days, so you should not do too much at once, and eat it as soon as possible?