When you are older, is it easier to get insomnia?


When you are older, is it easier to get insomnia?

When you are young, you can sleep if you feel sleepy. But when you fall down, you can sleep. But when you get older, you may feel sleepy and sometimes it is difficult to fall asleep. Is it easier to get insomnia at an age? Why is it easier for you to lose sleep?

1 Age factors With the increase of age, the secretion of pineal voxels that control sleep is gradually reduced, the ability to regulate sleep is weakened, the time of falling asleep is prolonged, the time of deep sleep is reduced, and the incidence of insomnia is high.

2 Health factors increase in age, the incidence of underlying diseases increases, some diseases may affect sleep, or may lead to insomnia, such as: cough, heart palpitations, dyspnea, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis, mental system diseases.

3 Environmental factors People’s age sleep and sleep will become shallower and lighter, and the environment will become more critical and sensitive.

People who live in a clean environment are not prone to insomnia, and the rate of environmental insomnia is increased.

In addition, climate change, changes in sleeping places, indoor luminosity, and discomfort in temperature and humidity lead to insomnia.

4 psychological factors such as excessive thinking, forced to retire, isolated from society, worried about sleep, etc., resulting in insomnia, the more nervous the more easily insomnia.

There are still middle-aged and elderly people who don’t go to work like nine-to-five people like young people. Everyday daily activities are reduced, and the concept of time is becoming less clear. Therefore, it is easy to grasp the regularity of sleep, and it is more relaxed during the day.Feeling tired, the body will feel no need to rest, so overall, the elderly sleep less and less.

5 Physiological factors Sleep is an activity phenomenon in the brain, and the nerve cells in the brain will decrease with age, and the nerve activity in the brain will begin to appear abnormal, which leads to sleep disorders in the elderly. The most common manifestation isReduced sleep, which is a physiological factor.

Early waking is a common sleep disorder in the elderly. Some of the sleep disorders of the elderly are early wake up, or it may be faster to fall asleep, but wake up earlier, wake up like three or four in the morning, wake up and never sleep again.
If it is a temporary early wake up, you can try to adjust the sleeping environment first. Some make the bedroom comfortable, the bed should be slightly softer, thicker, the height of the pillow should be appropriate, the environment should be as quiet as possible, the light should be gentle, or before going to bed.Use warm water bubble feet.

After waking up early, it is not recommended to always lie in bed, you can get up and do some housework, or go out for a workout.

Because the bed is a place to rest, if you can’t sleep and lie in bed, you may form a conditioned reflex, but you can’t sleep.

If you wake up early and you can’t adjust yourself, you should seek medical advice promptly. You can take non-drug treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

Insomnia causes physical injury. Most people’s sleep disorders are difficult to fall asleep, wake up more often, and have more dreams, which leads to irritability, upset, anxiety, and temper on the second day.

Long-term insomnia causes physical injury, which not only causes emotional fluctuations and changes, but also causes psychological problems such as depression. It may also be secondary to high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases, and the body’s immunity will also decline, making it easier to get sick.

Recommended diet porridge 1 jujube previous rice porridge material: the right amount of jujube kernels, previous rice, water and brown sugar.

銆€銆€Practice: After mashing the jujube kernels, take 30 grams, wrap it in a gauze bag, add 50 grams of the existing rice, put it into the casserole, add 500 ml of water, cook on the fire until the rice is cooked, and the rice soup is thick.Can be turned off.
Then remove the gauze bag, add the right amount of brown sugar, cover it, and take it for 5 minutes.

Take it 1 hour before going to bed every night.

People with bad appetite can also try the jujube previous rice porridge to help appetite.

銆€銆€Role: jujube previous rice porridge suitable for patients with insomnia and dreams.

2 millet egg porridge material: 1 egg, 50 grams of millet.

銆€銆€Practice: Millet and eggs are one of the common foods in the family. The practice is also very simple. First cook the millet, then take out the rice soup, then beat the eggs, cook them, and put in the appropriate seasonings.

Usually you can also add jujube, lily, lotus seeds, etc., to see your personal taste, what to add to what you like.

銆€Role: In addition to the stomach can be raised in Xiaomi, adding eggs can nourish the heart and calm the nerves, mainly for the lack of blood and irritability and insomnia.