Super capacitor stocks go up and down in batches-write a letter to Tesla asking what should be fired tomorrow?

Super capacitor stocks go up and down in batches: write a letter to Tesla and ask what should be fired tomorrow?
For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!  Dear Tesla related leaders: Hello!How is business doing recently?Is scientific research going well?Do you have good relations with US stock investors?  Since this year, every move of your company has affected the nerves of investors in the A-share market.Ternary batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, solar roofs, and related stocks have all become momentary leaders in the A-share market, and they have become tomorrow’s yellow due to rapid changes in news.  Just in the past weekend, another media reported that Tesla’s new battery independently developed is a “dry battery + super capacitor” combination. Therefore, the concept of super capacitors broke out collectively in this morning’s session, and individual stocks piled up.  Therefore, as an A-share investor, I can’t help but want to write a letter to your company, and would like to ask about your company’s technical route, does your company have a letter of trust, so that we know what technology stocks should be fired?  The concept of supercapacitors skyrocketed in early trading today, and the Shanghai Composite Index retreated 0.3%.However, there is a technology class that overcomes the outbreak of contrarian trends, and individual stocks set off a rising tide, which is the concept of super capacitors.  At noon, Tongfeng Electronics, Xinzhu, Taier, Siyuan Electric and other supercapacitor concept stocks broke the daily limit. Among them, Tongfeng Electronics broke through 4 consecutive boards.  On the surface, according to media reports, the new battery independently developed by Tesla is a “dry battery technology + super capacitor” combination, specifically explained at the Tesla Battery Conference in April.  Expansion of securities companies to follow up the research report urgently and popularize the concept of super capacitor.  The new team of BOCI Securities said that supercapacitors are energy storage devices between capacitors and batteries. They consist of positive and negative electrodes, current collectors, oxides, and stacks. They store energy in an electrostatic manner.The characteristics of fast charging and discharging also have the energy storage characteristics of batteries.  Compared with lithium batteries, the advantages of supercapacitors are: one is the long cycle life: generally it can reach more than 100,000 cycles; the other is the high power density: it can achieve rapid charge and discharge, and the general charge or discharge time is 1 second-30 seconds.  At the same time, the drawback of supercapacitors is their low energy density.Therefore, supercapacitors are suitable for high-power fields. They can be used as supplementary energy for lithium batteries during the start-stop and acceleration phases of electric vehicles. They can supplement the defects of low-current discharge performance and rapid capacity decay of lithium batteries.As a supplementary power source for power lithium batteries.  Cobalt and lithium iron phosphate plate tumbled early in the morning. Interestingly, last week ‘s Tesla battery “cobalt” and “no cobalt” storm was near.  On February 18, it was reported that Tesla plans to use “cobalt-free” Ningde era batteries in pure electric vehicles produced in Chinese factories, which directly caused extreme differentiation of the A-share new energy battery sector.Shares of the Cobalt Resources rose.  As soon as the “dry battery + super capacitor” news came out on the weekend, the cobalt and lithium iron phosphate plates that had run counter to last week were collectively “suffocated” today.As of the midday close, Columbia-related stocks Huayou Cobalt and Hanrui Cobalt both fell more than 7%, lithium iron phosphate-related stocks Defang Nano, and Xiangtan Electrochemical both fell to a daily limit.  The continuous impact of Tesla’s every move on A-share related stocks is evident.  Agency: Tesla’s localization trend is still worth paying attention to. Since the beginning of this year, the Dongcai Tesla segment has risen by about 25%, especially in the round that has rebounded since February 4. Some of the stocks in the Tesla segment have led the way.Rose two cities.  For example, Xiuqiang shares terror attacks in the 11th consecutive rally, the company announced that it is providing 北京桑拿体验网 photovoltaic roof glass products in accordance with Tesla’s requirements; the merger of molding technologies recorded 15 up-and-down stops in 19 trading days, and the company announced that Sun Company was Tesla型号 Y前后保险杠总成和门生物学的供应商。In addition, Ningde, the leader of the new energy automotive industry, has repeatedly set new historical highs.  The BOCI Securities Automotive team believes that the potential of Tesla’s localization rate from 30% to 100% is worthy of attention.  BOC International Securities stated that Tesla Shanghai Construction started construction in January 2019 and completed the initial construction in October. Model 3 was put into production in small quantities at the end of the year and external delivery began in January 2020. The domestic production progress continued to exceed expectations.Driven by factors such as cost reductions, the domestic potential market for domestic Model 3 / Y is expected to reach millions of vehicles.  It is recommended to pay attention to the great possibility that Tesla’s localization rate is from 30% to 100%.Among them, domestic suppliers will benefit significantly.The target of auto parts selection mainly focuses on the value of supporting bicycles, income elasticity and potential breakthroughs in the three main lines. The battery industry chain mainly focuses on the Ningde era and related industrial chains.  Editor: Pu Hongyi