Recognize 5 misunderstandings about cleansing oil

Recognize 5 misunderstandings about cleansing oil

Are you a makeup remover?

But after using makeup remover, did your skin come up with such problems?

Don’t know why?

Let me tell you something you don’t know about cleansing oil.

  1. Not everyone needs a cleansing oil. Some girls think that even a makeup cream or light makeup also needs a cleansing oil, otherwise the makeup on the face will not be cleaned.

In fact, makeup remover oil is usually only used for heavy makeup like bridal makeup. For ordinary daily makeup, you only need to choose an appropriate makeup remover or cleanser.

In addition, the makeup remover removes the cuticle while removing the makeup. If the makeup is removed every day, the cuticle will be removed excessively, making the skin easily sensitive and fragile.

  2. Hands are the best tool for cleansing oil. Many people are accustomed to pour cleansing oil on a cotton pad for makeup removal. This will unintentionally increase the amount of cleansing oil and cause waste.It causes damage to facial skin.

The best way is to pour the makeup remover oil into the palms of both hands and massage in a circular motion.

  3. The effect of non-emulsified cleansing oil is equal to the emulsifier in the zero cleansing oil. It needs to be emulsified after being metabolized in water to exert its maximum effect.

If the cleansing oil is applied to the skin and massaged, wipe it off with a paper towel or rinse with plenty of water. The cleansing oil is not completely emulsified at this time, so it cannot be completely removed. Residual substances may also cause pores to be blocked and acne.

Therefore, it is best to rub the palm cleansing oil with water and massage it on the face to achieve the best makeup removal effect.

  4. Cleansers cannot be omitted after cleansing oil. Some MMs think that it is no longer necessary to wash with cleansing milk after using cleansing oil.

However, once the cleansing oil is left on the skin for too long, it will cause acne and oil problems, especially for oily skin and acne muscles.

So it’s best to wash it again with cleansing products, not to give acne a chance.

  5, eye, lip makeup remover can not use face cleansing oil instead of many troublesome MM likes to use a bottle of face cleansing oil to remove all the makeup including the eyes, lips.

However, the eye and lip skin have large and sensitive skin tissues. General skin cleansing oils are prone to irritation and hurt fragile skin. Therefore, you should choose special makeup products for eyes and lips and use the most gentle makeup removal techniques to prevent wrinkles.

Career Promotion

Career Promotion

The “5 great workplace killers” are: 1.
Overestimating or lacking ability to criticize (53.

3%) 2.
Failed to see the rules of the game of the company3.
Self-development awareness is not strong (44.

2%) 4.
Little is known about informal interpersonal relationships within companies (38.

3%) 5.
Unclear personal goals (31.

8%) In addition, national development potential, leadership mistakes in the enterprise and even family factors can hinder promotion.

A senior personal consultant from the German Business Consulting Association suggests that new employees should develop a realistic promotion strategy.

At the same time, it should be recognized that the progress of personal career cannot always be achieved according to the established plan.

Even when budget strength is directly proportional to work performance, there is no guarantee of promotion.

However, the more employees recognize and work for the company’s goals, the more likely they are to achieve their business goals.

  The factors that have less impact on promotion are: 1.
Too impatient (9.

4%) 2.
Lack of maintenance of interpersonal relationships outside the company (11.

2%) 3.
No gratitude to those who promoted themselves (11.

2%) 4.
Inattention to physical health and emotional stability (0%)

Seven medicines pricing spectrum

Seven medicines pricing spectrum

In addition to health in spring, one more thing to do is to resist fatigue and spring difficulties.

Today, I will introduce to you some drug prescriptions that can relieve fatigue and resolve spring sleepiness. You can add these foods to your normal diet to drive away spring sleepiness.

  Guizao egg soup 10g angelica, 10 jujubes, 2 eggs, wash the angelica and cut into small pieces, pit the jujubes into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and then boil the eggs. After the eggs are cooked, remove the shells, useThe clean needle pierces 10 small holes around the cooked eggs. Put it back and cook for another 10 minutes. You can drink the soup and eat the eggs.

  Plasma essence jujube soup 15 grams of astragalus, 10 grams of huangjing, 6 jujubes, decoction.

One dose per day, treating weakness and weakness in qi and fatigue.

  Walnut Danshen bergamot drink 5 walnuts, 6 grams of bergamot slices, 10 grams of salvia, mash the salvia, bergamot decoction, walnut kernels, white sugar into mud, add in the danshen bergamot soup, and cook for 10 minutes on low heatThis.

  Yam longan steamed turtle with yam 35g, longan meat 15g, soft-shelled turtle, first boil the turtle with boiling water, cut and wash, remove the internal organs, and then infuse the casserole with yam, longan, cooking wine, salt, shallot and gingerThe chicken broth is stewed and cooked until ready to eat.

  1 pigeon with ginseng and ginseng soup, 20 grams of codonopsis, 30 grams of astragalus, and yam yam, cut the white pigeon meat into a casserole, cook with codonopsis, astragalus, and yam and add water with the right amountSeason with salt, MSG, ginger and spring onion.

  100 grams of yam walnut porridge, 50 grams of lentils and 50 grams of walnut meat, 60 grams of rice. Wash and slice the yam into the pot with lentils and walnut meat, add the appropriate amount of water, add salt after the porridge is cooked,Monosodium glutamate, ginger and spring onion are seasoned.

  500g stewed rabbit meat, 20g red dates, cut the rabbit meat into pieces, add wine, dip in salt for 20 minutes, put the rabbit meat under the bowl, add ginger, shallots, pepper and other spices and fry until cooked.Edible.

Yoga fitness expectation norms

Yoga fitness expectation norms
Nowadays, yoga has become a sought-after fashion sport, loved by young women.

Absolutely, yoga clubs everywhere have sprung up. However, at present, fitness clubs around the world employ a variety of standard yoga instructors. Under the guidance of some coaches, those who have caused ligament strains due to improper practice, disc wear, and spine.Deformation and other “yoga diseases” are increasing.

  Yoga coach lacks unified certification. Yoga is an effective exercise method that helps people coordinate their body and spirit. It can eliminate troubles and calm the mood; increase the flexibility of the body; for diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hypotension, insomnia, cervical spondylosis, etc.There may also be better adjuvant effects.

  However, as a skillful fitness program, yoga practice is more demanding for professional coaches, and lack of proper instruction can easily cause physical injury.

  It is reported that the relevant state departments have formed unified norms and standards for yoga instructor qualifications.

At present, the standards for hiring yoga coaches in fitness clubs around the world are also varied. Various training institutions and certificates are also split. There are too many yoga clubs and fitness clubs. They are simply “produced and sold by themselves.”Conducted yoga instructor training courses and obtained the so-called “Yoga Coach Qualification Certificate”.

  More and more “Yoga sickness” However, through continuous heating of “Yoga fever”, those “yoga sicknesses” such as strained ligaments, arthritis, intervertebral disc wear, and spinal deformation caused by improper practice have gradually emerged.

Many yoga practitioners have suffered injuries due to improper practice.

There are also some people who have been practicing yoga for a long time, because of incorrect posture or excessive force, a series of problems such as degeneration and wear of the intervertebral disc have appeared.

In addition, some yoga mixed training classes allow different levels of books to be concentrated. Some books may be injured in order to catch up with higher-level books and barely make difficult moves.

  Some experts point out that this has a lot to do with inappropriate coaching by yoga instructors.

It is understood that there are a large number of gymnastics yoga instructors who have multiple positions, and often one person also works as a professor of three to five courses such as aerobics and Pilates.

The knowledge they mastered in studying skills is very general. Of the 86,000 individual types of yoga, they often can only do a small part, and they have insufficient knowledge of the theoretical knowledge of yoga practice.

In the course of practicing yoga, what we pay attention to is step-by-step, and we do what we can. Only mastering asanas without understanding theoretical knowledge will inevitably cause physical injury.

  It is reported that a unified standard is imperative. It is reported that the European and American yoga industry has established an industry alliance to develop a unified industry certification standard.

For some, national authorities are working to unify the certification of the yoga industry.

It is understood that the State Sports General Administration has selected 7 provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hebei, Shaanxi, Heilongjiang, and Zhejiang as pilots, and has established a “professional skill appraisal station unique to the sports industry”.

As a special course of aerobics, yoga also appears in the appraisal content.

The assessment of the yoga instructor is expected to replace the assessment of the aerobics instructor, and the assessment is in progress.

“Only standing door biology can guarantee the quality of the people who enter the door and the rights of the practitioners.

Now this general commercialization situation has run counter to the spiritual realm pursued by yoga itself, and has gone further and further.

“Said senior experts.

  In addition, experts remind that yoga is known as a green aerobic exercise method, and practitioners should choose to perform according to their own age, physical conditions and other specific conditions, pay attention to slowly enter the state, you can reach a state that your body can feel during practice,Do not exceed the limits of your own body, blindly pursue difficult movements, if you practice improperly, or if you are quick and quick, you may cause muscle strain.

Experts also warn people that yoga is not suitable for everyone, and people with high blood pressure, spinal disease and other diseases should consult a doctor before learning yoga; and practicing “hot yoga” will more easily lead to faster heartbeat and a lot of body water loss.Therefore, heart disease, hypertension patients and pregnant women and children are not suitable.

Easy exercise with aerobics in bed

Easy exercise with aerobics in bed

Friends who work on a daily basis can no longer deprive them of physical exercise time, and don’t be jealous of others learning several boxing techniques.

“Dojo in the shell of the snail shell”, using “one acre three inches of land” in the room for simple fitness activities, the effect is also good!

  Morning exercise on the bed aerobics 1.

Turn your head and bend your toes.

  People sometimes feel dizzy and swollen. This is caused by a sleepless night that causes the head and the muscles to become stiff, and the blood circulation to the head is poor, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the head.

  If you wake up and lie on your bed with your head turned 8-10 times to the left and right, you can also get dizzy.

  At the same time, flexion and extension of the toe joints 10-20 times can make the lower limbs move.


Stretch yourself.

  When sleeping, the body usually adopts a contracted posture. After waking up, cross your hands on the bed, stretch your palms above your head, stretch your toes straight, and stretch to your body.

  At the same time, with the action of deep breathing, repeated exercises 4-6 times to improve and eliminate fatigue and accelerate awakening.


Lie on your back.

  Lie on your back with one hand raised, with your upper body flexed flexibly, your lower limbs straightened, and each of the left and right flexion performed 6-8 times.


Lower back flexion and extension.

  After doing the above, drowsiness may have decreased, and then you can do some lower limb flexion and extension.

  To do this, bend your foot on the bed, then straighten your knees so that your knees touch the bed.

Take turns 10-15 times for each leg.


Lie on your back and bend your legs together.

  Then, straighten your calf and raise your leg with your body at 90 degrees.

Then the abdominal muscles are forced, the legs are tilted to a 45-degree angle, the feet must be bent at a right angle, and the Achilles tendon must be straight.

  Hold this position for a while, then return to the legs up position, and then do this slowly.

Repeat 15-20 times.

  Helps relieve constipation and strengthens abdominal muscles.

The effect of abdominal breathing is better than cosmetics

The effect of abdominal breathing is better than cosmetics

You can breathe for 3 minutes at any convenient place and time between work or before going to bed or waiting for the car, and the abdomen can get a good touch.

Because the hand is an external force, and you can use your own breath to mobilize your whole body.

  There is also a simple enhanced version: when on an empty stomach, your legs are slender and shoulder wide, you can bend your legs slightly, try to exhale outwards while trying to pinch your lower abdomen inward, and lift your breath upwards at the same time;The anus is tightened inward and the chin is pressed against the sternum.

Inhale slowly and the lower abdomen returns to normal. This movement is tiring. It is good to do it three times at first, and it can be added to five times later.

  If you do it often, it will become less and less difficult to retract the lower abdomen. For example, if the internal dirt is well massaged, the dirt in the intestines will be replaced outside, the waist will become thinner, and the digestive function will become betterNo constipation, no worry about insomnia.

  When standing or lying down, often press your knees and press down on your lower abdomen, which can also eliminate the gas and remove the oil and waste in the intestines.

These things are excreted from the body with their own energy. Unlike the diet pills, the human body knows what they should excrete. The medicine does not know, it only brings out some good things in the body together with some water.And the environment of the aunt’s savings in the body has not changed, and will soon pile up again.

  With a vibrant viscera, your skin has enough elasticity to reduce the downward gravity, and the forward and backward positions are not ambiguous at all.

  In fact, the yin we are talking about is relative to the anger of different internal organs, and the anger of different people is in different places.

Some people have a large stomach fire, bad breath, and heartburn; some have a hot liver and lose their temper all day long; some have a large lung fire and always have a hot cough.

  However, I think most of the sisters are not ill, but when the body is temporarily out of order, there is a bit of ignition gas, and you don’t need to take medicine in disorder.

Don’t go to work all day to eliminate any fire. It is difficult to grasp the scale when the body is on fire. It is too careless to pass, and it hurts the spleen and stomach because the medicine is too cold and cold.

It’s best to eat light and diverse foods, don’t go to extremes, and be calm.

  In addition, I would like to say a word to the sisters who smell beautiful. Although I recommend a lot of food, most of them are food.

Even though I have used some traditional Chinese medicine, I understand my constitution but I do n’t know about you. If you really want to take it, it is safer to consult a Chinese medicine practitioner.

  I personally basically do not take western medicine.

I always think that the medicine is three points poisonous. If you can solve it with exercise or food, don’t take medicine. If you can take a lot of mild medicine, don’t take fierce medicine.

8 lifestyle habits skin quickly deteriorates

8 lifestyle habits skin quickly deteriorates

Before going to bed every night, you might say to yourself: “Tomorrow is another beautiful day.

“So, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or even 10 years later?

Do you still want to be a beauty?

It’s all up to your daily beauty habits.

  1. You can’t frown when you encounter anything, frowning, it is easy to have wrinkles.

Smile, it’s less than ten years.

  2. All-night Internet access All night long is a taboo for women, Internet access is more temporary, the radiation from the computer has a lot of damage to our skin, it is easy to get old.

So think about yourself for the future, go to bed early!

  3, often basking in the sun, but many MMs like to bask, especially in winter.

But you can’t ignore the sun protection measures because it is winter, sunscreen must still be applied.

  4, smoking and drinking a small wine tasting is possible, but drinking too much is bad for the body, drinking will reduce skin moisture, and smoking will not harm the body and premature aging.

  5. Exaggerated expressions Exaggerated expressions extend the wrinkles and deepen, so be calm and calm everything!

  6, do not love sports exercise is not only good for the body, but also can make the skin healthy and balanced due to a lot of sweating, reducing the chance of aging!

  7, make-up removal sloppy Many JMS like to put on exquisite makeup for themselves and show their best side to others.

But don’t forget that behind the exquisite makeup, the makeup is carefully and carefully removed.

It is not enough to use face wash and cleansing oil, but also to do deep cleansing regularly!

  8. Don’t touch fruits and vegetables, like spicy food, barbecue, KFC, MC, but have you ever thought that these irritating foods are very harmful to the skin.

Therefore, if you want beautiful JMS, you should eat less irritating foods and eat fruits and vegetables instead of picky eaters.

Married Woman: Who will fool me?

Married Woman: Who will fool me?

The 30-year-old woman exudes the luster of motherhood all over her. Her arms are as soft as moonlight. She cleverly coaxes colleagues who have encountered difficulties in the unit. She coaxes the boys in legitimate love troubles with goodwill based on experience.Girl, she can patiently coax her father and mother who are more and more strange to hide, she can coax her naughty child with wisdom, she can also coax courageously to fight the fighting man outside . but,Who would coax her whenever she was alone?

  Colleagues are doing their own things. Boys and girls are busy talking, father and mother are playing gateball, children and children are doing their own games, and her husband loves to watch TV on football when he is fine. WhoCare about you?

Who cares about a thirty-year-old woman?

Do you need love

Do you also need someone who can coax your tired heart?

A teenager offers you beautiful flowers. What can you do besides rejecting you?

Because you understand that there is a girl who is more suitable for that teenager waiting for him somewhere in the world; a man in his thirties is telling you the most sweet words, what else can you do besides opposing it?

Because you know that these love words should be what he said to his wife; a fifty-year-old man promised to give you a mansion, what can you do besides disdain?

Because you know it’s all a low-level deal in the dark . Well, who can coax a 30-year-old woman?

You are the greatest and dryest person in the eyes of a child. You do n’t need to coax, and the child does n’t coax your technology. Anyone who is willing to coax you is not a caring and loving person, because there must beCoaxing ingredients; who do you want to coax?

Except coaxing yourself, who can give you real comfort?

  A 30-year-old woman has too many things to do. The woman said that she should cultivate her self-cultivation by the age of 40. In 10 years, all important things including love and children should be solved and arranged.I do aerobics every day and go to the beauty salon to go on vacation every week. Between the age of thirty and forty, I can bounce a few times like a grasshopper after the autumn. The most important thing after forty is to take good care of the body.Adds a burden to the young and old.

So why is a 30-year-old woman in a crisis all the time need to coax, 10 years will soon pass, no one who loves her to coax, she will be old, but in this worldWho can coax a 30-year-old woman?

Who would take the time to coax a thirty-year-old woman?

Who can really coax the woman who looks so lonely and lonely in a lively environment?

  A thirty-year-old woman often has an inexplicable sense of loneliness in the middle of the night, which is an abandoned loneliness. No one applauds her when the flowers are most exciting, and no audience when the singing is the deepest.How old a woman needs to know, to sing with her heart when she is the most lonely.

To coax a thirty-year-old woman, you need to truly appreciate her beauty, and you need to be able to communicate with her heart, otherwise, stand back!

If there is no one in the world who can really coax her, a 30-year-old woman will say that I am a landscape myself and I can coax myself.

When the thirty-year-old woman said this, her loud voice sounded full of ears of grain, and she suddenly changed abruptly in the golden wind.

Warm up and stay away from sports injuries_1

Warm up to avoid sports injuries

Core tip: Basically, for those who play sports, the younger they are, the more they like to participate in intense sports, so students, especially those who are preparing to exercise before sports, should pay attention.

  Absolutely, for those who play sports, the younger they are, the more they like to participate in intense sports. Therefore, students should pay particular attention to the groups that prepare for activities before sports.

  ”Warm up”, necessary preparations before sports “Surveys have shown that more than 80% of sports injuries are caused by sudden increase in exercise volume.

Therefore, before ordinary athletes participate in intense sports, they must actively learn from the coaches the scientific method of “warming up”, that is, preparing for activities; before entering formal sports, they must do a good job of “warming up” step by step.

In this way, the flexibility of joints and muscles of the body can be increased, and the cardio-cerebral vascular tension can be adapted to exercise. It can also enable people to “know what is in their minds” about their physical condition and moderately grasp the amount and intensity of exercise.

Only in this way can people not be easily injured in intense sports.

Shuang Dequan told reporters.

  Absolutely, for those who play sports, the younger they are, the more they like to participate in intense sports. Therefore, students should pay particular attention to the groups that prepare for activities before sports.

  In this way, I introduced some “warm-up” experience.

One is to “warm up” to move to a slightly sweaty body, even in winter.

The second is before jogging for about 5 minutes.

The third is to do freehand exercises for about 5 minutes, pay attention to the joints of the neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, knees, knees, displacement and other parts, especially pay attention to the joints and knees.

Fourth, for the intense sports or competitions to participate, first carry out about 20 minutes of easy practice.

Fifth, take a few minutes of rest after the “warm-up” activity, and then enter the official sports and competition.

In addition, at the beginning of a sport that you have never participated in, the limit of continuous activity is 15 minutes, and you can increase the amount of exercise every other day.

Children with hepatitis B will have some performance

Children with hepatitis B will have some performance

It is known that the incidence of hepatitis B is relatively wide, and in a few cases where there is never a shortage of children with hepatitis B.

So if children get hepatitis B, what will they do?

This is the knowledge that parents need to pay attention to. Once the knowledge of children’s hepatitis B symptoms is mastered, the disease can be detected early.

  After a child has hepatitis B, his personality may change.

For example, a child who was jumping around and couldn’t rest for a moment suddenly became weak and showed tiredness without activity, or the child’s spirit became worse, he didn’t like to play, and often wanted to sleep.

  The diet of children with hepatitis B also changes, and manifests as indigestion.

When eating, do not want to eat meat, do not want to see oily complications; if parents put greasy substitutes or fried foods (putting fried dough sticks, fried cakes, KFC fried chicken, etc.) in front of their children, foods they love to eat laterMay be nausea and vomiting.

Suddenly, the child’s urine becomes darker in color, as dark as overnight tea; the child’s eyes and skin are yellow, which is an early sign of acute jaundice hepatitis.

  All of the above may be symptoms of hepatitis B in children, so parents should pay attention to the personality and characteristics of children. If they suddenly notice obvious changes, this is likely to be caused by hepatitis B and other diseases, and then take the child to the hospital in time.A diagnosis is needed here.