4 healthy habits that harm your health, you must have done it

4 “healthy” habits that harm your health, you must have done it

Now that everyone’s material level has come up, health consciousness has also followed suit. Even when they go out to eat, they don’t forget to ask the boss to put a plastic bag in the tableware.
As everyone knows, these seemingly healthy eating habits are actually harmful to health.
Set disposable plastic bags for cutlery. Some restaurants will take the initiative to put a disposable plastic bag on all of their cutlery in order to highlight the “hygiene” of our restaurant.
This is not only unsanitary, but also severely harmful.
  Most of the disposable renewable plastic bags currently on the market are made of polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene, and even recycled and processed by waste plastic collected at garbage stations. They contain toxic stabilizers, andNot disinfected and may contain germs.
Oily foods or foods with temperatures above 50 ° C in this bag may cause lead poisoning.
用纸巾或毛巾擦拭餐具和水果  质监部门公布的抽查结果显示,很多品牌、种类的纸巾都未经消毒或消毒不彻底,它们和毛巾一样存在着大量细菌,如果拿来擦拭餐具或食品,很Easily adheres to items.
  The tap water used in China is strictly sterilized. The tableware and food washed with tap water are basically clean. Wiping with paper towels or towels that have not undergone strict disinfection will cause secondary pollution.
用纱罩罩食物防蝇  不少家庭习惯把纱罩罩在食物上,这样虽然能防止苍蝇直接落到食物上,但苍蝇停留在纱罩上仍会留下带有病菌的虫卵,这些虫卵极易Falling out of yarn holes and contaminating food.
Try to put food in flies-free rooms or certain cabinets and refrigerators.
Rotten fruit can be easily rotten and eaten fresh foods such as fruit.
Some people throw away the rotten places without throwing them away, and eat the bad ones.
In fact, this behavior is not desirable and should be thrown away.
Bacteria and microorganisms in the rotten part of the fruit have multiplied in large quantities, and the mold can cause mutations in human cells and cause cancer.

Office Fitness: Stairway Aisle Office Chair

Office Fitness: Stairway Aisle Office Chair

Office workers always regret that they are busy with work and have no time to exercise.

Therefore, World Heart Day specially put forward the theme of “Working towards health”, advocating that everyone to exercise in the workplace anytime, anywhere.

  Experts point out that the most important part of “workplace health” is exercise. The most suitable places for exercise in the office are stairs, aisles and office chairs.

  As long as the stairs are not very urgent, for health, commute time, give up the elevator, climb the stairs.

Sports therapist determined that if you run up and down the 6-story stairs 2?
3 trips, which is equivalent to jogging on flat ground 800?
1500 meters of exercise.

You can also go up the stairs every hour during work.

  In the aisle working hours, you can also take time to do a gym exercise at any time in the aisle, expand your chest, rotate forward, bend over, lift your thighs, do a stretching exercise, take a few deep breaths.

In addition to stretching your whole body muscles, you can also feel happy.

  The office chair can also move.

I have been at my desk for a long time and my neck is uncomfortable. Let’s stretch the cervical spine.

Sit on the chair with your back straight, head forward, back flexion, left flexion, and right flexion several times; turn your head to the left to overlap, restore and turn right again; turn your head around the ring for one week, and turn to the rightLoop around for 1 week.

Keep on for 5 minutes every day, and cervical disease will stay away from you.

  These simple little movements, as long as they persist, can not only exercise the body, but also relieve stress and relax the body and mind.

Work and exercise, this is the highest state of movement.

Yoga makes the body your language

Yoga makes the body your language

Yoga is as soft as a girl’s body and a beautiful slender waist is the dream of every woman.

In fact, you don’t have to go to the gym to jump and jump, and cultivate your body and mind quietly and quietly. The traditional and ancient mysterious yoga can bring you unexpected gains.

  Elegant environment, fresh air, hear the crisp sound of flowing water, after doing facial treatment, a set of yoga should be the best arrangement.

  Key details: Yoga needs to shrink and soothe the cracks in a peaceful state of mind. There is no aerobics, gymnastics, postures, or stretching your ligaments. There is almost no possibility of injury.

Yoga is full of relaxation, you need to eliminate any distractions, meditate, focus all your attention on the feelings of each of your movements, and at the same time you can overwhelm your mind to any part.

The fracture is to your most comfortable position, you can control it wherever you can, don’t force yourself to feel uncomfortable.

  Yoga practice is very beneficial to a person’s muscle system, mental system, endocrine system, and digestive system.

Yoga exercises can relax the muscles after you finish the equipment, help stretch the muscle lines, make the body more even and beautiful, and have the effect of quiet nerves. A lot of people will reduce fatigue after practicing.

Focusing on practicing yoga can also balance various glands in your body, soothing from physiology to psychology; a large number of forward bending, backward, twisting, oblique abdomen, squeezing and other movements in yoga movements can massage peopleThe internal organs are very beneficial for digestion.

Some yoga postures can also treat diseases such as gallstones and lumbar muscle strain.

  Although there are no strong ligaments, yoga has the potential to help soften the body.

People of different ages and genders, once they routinely do yoga decomposition, regard it as a way of life, and it will not be difficult to discover the physical changes in a few weeks.

In addition to self-cultivation, yoga also pays attention to the cultivation of the mind, which is very helpful for peace of mind and enhancing endurance in life.

  Yanyan Advertising Design I have never practiced yoga before, nor have I thought about going to practice yoga.

By chance, I went to Maryanna for a part of the class and all of a sudden I liked the atmosphere around yoga. The teachers and students were very quiet, the light was a bit dim, and the music was very softly permeated in the air.

It’s not intense aerobic exercise, but it can also make you sweat.

You can fully stretch the muscles that you usually can’t move, but you will not feel tired.

  What I have studied most about yoga is that it can completely relax you. By adjusting your breathing, you can make your mood quiet, peaceful, and impatient.

It is great for the entire physiological regulation, and it is good for people who are in a sub-health state.

I think it is very suitable for white-collar sports such as us who have been in the office for a long time.

  It’s the most natural thing to get up and stretch in the morning.

But now bedside can also do yoga.

Here are the four steps for bedside yoga: Wake up your muscles for two to three minutes of deep breathing.

Inhale and contract the abdomen.

Exhale and realize that your nose is being brought to the spine.

  Fracture of the body: During the preparation for exercise, it can promote the flow of oxygen in the muscles.

  Benefit to the spirit: Gain a calm and peaceful mental state.

  Increase alertness Lie on your back with your legs together and extend to both sides.

Bend your right leg and rest on your left leg.

Turn your head and look at your right arm.

Hold the state for 10 seconds per second.

Do it in another direction.

  Fractures on the body: tibia, chest and neck.

Stimulate digestion.

  Benefits to the spirit: active nervous system, increased alertness.

  Increase confidence lie flat on the bed, feet close together, toes forward.

Smaller diameter, over head, keep separate, shoulder width.

The elbow is straight along the fracture of the fingertips; the legs are sunken along the toes.Hold for 10 seconds per second and breathe normally.

  Arthritis to the body: stimulate circulation and breathing; improve posture.

  Spiritual benefits: Increase self-confidence and build a sense of inner strength.

  Lie on your back with your hands on your back, palms facing each other.

Reach over your head, keeping your palms facing each other.

Bend your right leg, with one foot against your left leg.

Don’t compress or compress your legs. Place them as comfortably as possible.

Do this for 10 seconds.

  Fractures on the body: fractures and qualitative fractures, fractures and back.

  For mental arthritis: create a calm, positive appearance; increase attention.

  Time: Yoga can be practiced at all times except meals; preferably three or four hours after a meal.

  Early morning or evening is a good choice.

  In the evening, movements are generally more flexible than in the morning, so yoga postures will be more effective.

  Exercises in the evening can help to relieve the fatigue of the day and restore energy.

  Location: The location of the practice is especially important for yoga.

In troubled cities, people find it difficult to find pastoral or forest to practice, so you should choose a quiet, clean, comfortable and airy room as soon as possible.

  Floor mats: Choose a mat made of natural materials with a suitable thickness. It is not too soft or too hard. The mat must support your spine.

  Clothing: Because yoga has a large amount of twisted and twisted torso and limb movements, it is best to wear loose clothing, bare feet, and remove watches, belts or other accessories before starting exercises, which may hinderaction.
  Diet: Yoga should be done on an empty stomach.

Try to practice after three or four hours after a meal.

  Try to avoid eating foods that are too greasy, spicy, and prone to hyperacidity; eat 30 to 40 minutes after the exercise.

Practical: New baby full care tips

Practical: New baby full care tips

New Baby Full Care Tips Your incredible new baby is finally here-cute, naive and totally dependent on you to provide everything he needs.

You have a lot to learn-feeding, exhaling, taking a shower, comforting-but don’t panic.

Everything is simple.

  To help you, here are the references for the first few weeks.

  Practical: New baby holistic care tips Use it when you are embarrassed and curious or need to be determined.

Keep in mind that in order to keep your baby safe and comfortable, you need to master some basics, the other thing is that you have to adjust your skills (and) well and listen to your instincts.

  Of course, if your new baby’s diaper is skewed a little, if you wash his toes before he is convenient, or if you don’t know the name of the small placenta on his neck, he won’t mind.

  Everything he needs is what you can best give him-your love.

Oops, oops This is an unchangeable fact: babies cry.

Don’t guess for yourself, but try to find out what’s wrong.

Is he wet?

Are you hungry?




Sometimes babies cry in order to relieve tension.

If you have looked at all of these, find one or two tips to comfort him: · Place the child close to your ears so that he can hear your heartbeat.

  · Quiet everything, dim the lights, turn off the TV and take a deep breath yourself.

  · Try repeating rhythmic movements-rocking, shaking or swinging.

  Give him sucks-breasts, pacifiers, and even your little fingers.

  · Massage him.

Gently stroke his abdomen or rub him back and forth on his stomach.

  Put him in his back pocket and take him out for a walk.

  · Have him sit in a scooter or trolley.

  · Give him a warm bath.

  Sing to him, play light music or make “pure” noises, like the sound of a clothes dryer.

  · Wrap him comfortably with a standard baby blanket.

  Is it tiny to own and embrace?



of course.

Is it delicate?

it’s not true.

You still need to learn something about holding your newborn so she will feel safe in your Bray.

  Always: · Support your head with your hand or all over her neck.

  Put your baby in a position she is satisfied with.

Sometimes she needs a little space, sometimes she needs to hold it closer to make her feel safe.

  · When you suspect a baby is picking something, bend your knees instead of bending over.  When approaching your child to others, bring her meaningfully closer to you.

  · Put him underneath before putting him down.

  Never: · Pull her into a jerking exercise.

Smooth motion is best.

  Keep your child in your back pocket while you are cooking, cutting vegetables, or other potentially dangerous activities in the army.

  Have the right to have a child in the car; always use a buckle to secure the baby seat on the back seat of the car.

  · Shake the baby-even playing.

Babies under six months of age are prone to “shaking baby syndrome”-bleeding from a brain injury, spinal cord injury, eye injury, and even death-as a result of shaking their heads.

  Basic methods for getting close to children ※ Getting close is not a task that can be completed or impossible at one time.

  ※ It is a natural process that gets close to your child.

  ※ Many people say that early intimacy is important, but in fact, you can start and continue at any time.

  ※ Of course the sooner the better-you think your relationship has a major start-but don’t toss yourself if the environment starts to be difficult.

  ※ Whenever you care for your baby, you have the opportunity to be close to him.

  ※ That’s easy: Take some time with him, and you show him your love immediately, often and completely.

  ※ Catch him, make skin to skin contact, look into his eyes, speak to him, take him with you, and have the opportunity to take him back to sleep.

  ※ Give the father enough time to convert to the child and caress the child, thus forming a strong attachment relationship.

Why children are tired of school-

Why are children tired of school?

“I hit and hit, and scolded, but it didn’t help me at all. I really had no choice but to think of giving him psychological counseling.

“A father took his son a long way to do psychological counseling.

“He was a freshman this year, but he just didn’t want to go to school anymore. My mother and I mentioned that it was useless to persuade them.

In fact, his grades have always been very good. In junior high school, he was still the first in the class.

But somehow, he just didn’t want to go to school.

At first he said that because the school management was too rigid, the schoolwork burden was too heavy.

I took care of the relationship and spent money to get him to a nearby big city for high school.

That school is a well-known school of humanistic management. The curriculum is relatively loose, and it also respects the personality of students.

In the first month, he told me that the school was good, the teachers were good, and the school environment was good, and I was very satisfied.

But only one month ago, he came back, saying that he was not interested in studying, and he was reluctant to go to school again.

“Dad said.

The son of the army is 17 years old, not tall, sitting there, his eyes flickering around . the first round: “Why don’t you want to go to school?

“I started interviewing the army.

  ”I’m not interested in studying. School life is too monotonous.

I think the outside world is more exciting.

“He told me that he had already planned, and the school was determined not to go back.

He is going to learn computer repair, and he will open a small shop by himself every month, and gradually grow bigger, and finally make a brand all over the country.

He said he was reading a book on marketing.

In the fourth grade of the elementary school, Junjun entangled his parents in a local computer training class and passed the junior exam.

Since then, the army has become obsessed with computers and is confident of its talent in this area.

“Listen, you have planned your life.

So what are you doing now?

What have you done to achieve your goal during these months at home?

“Basically, I didn’t do anything. I didn’t get up until 12 o’clock every day, and I watched TV at 12 o’clock or even later.”

During the day, I mainly play computer.

Jun Jun admitted that he was extremely dissatisfied with his current situation, and had no idea and no confidence despite his thoughts.

“If my father and mother support me, I will have confidence.

As long as I am a person who wants to cast things, research things can definitely be cast.

“Junjun is very sure of this.

“If I don’t insist on going to school, they won’t be able to take me. In the end, they will still agree with me to open a store.

“Second round: In front of the army, I asked the army’s father, what do you think of the child’s choice?

  Dad had something to say and stop, maybe the psychiatrist here was his last hope: “I don’t agree, I don’t think that way will work.

You have no ability to take care of yourself at all.

And they rarely talk to others actively. When you go to Shanghai these days, you will be asked for directions.

How can your situation make a small shop run well?

That is harder than your studies for many years.

Besides, the economy is relatively backward and there are very few people with computers. Such a small shop will not have any business.

Junjun realized that he had strong immunity to his father’s words. Although he was silent, he was obviously not convinced.”You say that the school environment is too boring, learning is tedious, and the outside world is wonderful. So what is the main attraction of the outside world?

“I asked him.

  ”I like to go shopping, go to the supermarket, there are a lot of fun, delicious, and a lot of electronics.

I like to eat delicious food, and I just want to hurry to make money myself.

Going to school and then going to college, it’s like going over a mountain for me, I don’t want to go over.

“Parent’s words:” Teacher Sun, I think the child is like this, there must be my reason, but I never knew what was wrong?

I used to be quite confident. Many colleagues around me were very strict with the children. They just hit and kept scolding them, asking them to be number one and number one in their studies.

But I have always been good at his personality development, and provided him with a relaxed environment as much as possible. I told him that you only need to do your best in your studies. The grade is not very important, but he is very smart and learns well without effort.
  ”He said he liked computers, and I bought them no matter how expensive they were.

He values wearing, and if you do n’t like the clothes, you wo n’t even wear them.

I won’t blame him, though I feel bad about money.

His pocket money has always been more than other children, I think he will be happier this way.

  ”He said the high school where we were studying was stressful and the management was too dead, and I admit it.

The taste of test-based education there was too heavy, so I asked someone to say hello to the people in their school. First of all, I waived morning exercises and evening self-study, and later I waived morning self-study.

It should be said that he was much less stressed than other classmates at that time.

He said that the school’s education did not respect individuality and that he was very individual.

I think that’s right. I can’t suppress his personality development and send him to the school later.

But he is still like this, I don’t know what to do?

  ”His mother and I are both ill. We were both reluctant to spend money to see a doctor. The doctor said that his mother’s body was not suitable for work.

But for his fucking insistence on going to work.

You see, now you have to give him money to open a shop.

But if it continues like this, his mother and I can’t hold on to collapse.

  ”These days in Shanghai, he watches TV every night at 12 o’clock, sometimes at 2 or 3 o’clock.

I won’t get up in the morning and won’t get up until 12 o’clock.

I don’t think he would be able to skip breakfast like this every day, and then he would break his body.

I called him in the morning and he didn’t even care. I had to drag his head and drag his back to pull him up.

My waist is not good, it will hurt when I do this, not to mention moving him like this, but there is no way to move it.

  ”Teacher Sun, I’m not afraid of your joke. My child has no sympathy. We are all like this, and he is indifferent.

When he’s in a bad mood, he doesn’t even bother you, and he never knows how much money he spends.

Once a classmate celebrated his birthday, he asked me if I wanted money to buy a very expensive gift for the classmate. I said that you also know that it is not easy for parents to make money, can you buy him a cheap one?

If he doesn’t, he just wants to make trouble with you.

Sometimes I tell his mother that it is better to have this child than not.

  ”Mr. Sun, you said what was wrong with me, you tell me, I’d better talk to the people around me, let them take me as a warning.

“Jun Jun’s father said tiredly.

“Third round:” Dad said, your mother is not well, but in order to make more money, she is still working hard.

How do you feel about this situation of mom?

“I asked the army.

  ”I wish I could make more money.

“Why don’t mom and dad have confidence in your own shop?”

Is it because they are too young to worry about them?”Jun Jun thought about it and said,” No.

They felt that I was spoiled and could not suffer.

“Do you disagree with their judgment?”

“Yes, I don’t think they have the ability to see many things clearly.

The army does not trust that his parents can effectively guide his life.

He only scored 50 points on their judgment.

I ask him why?

He said that I felt that their own lives had failed and their own destiny had not been mastered.

  Sun Xinlan’s psychological answer has always clearly remembered a plot in “The Growing Trouble”.

Jason and Maggie want Mike, his son who is graduating from high school, to go to college, but Mike wants to work.

So Jason wanted to take his son to the university he had studied in, maybe that environment would arouse his longing.

On the plane, a mother was in labor, and Jason was the only doctor on the plane, although he was a psychologist.

When the child was born, Mike, who shared his father’s joy, suddenly thought, “He (dad) knows more or I know more.

He said that going to college must have his reason.

“So Mike decided to go to college.

Every child will be rebellious, there will be contempt, and time to deny authority.

But this does not mean that the child lacks basic trust in his father.

Mike has adolescent rebellion, but also has basic trust in the adult who raised him.

If the child does not have this basic trust in the parent’s abilities, then the child will not feel secure and confident.

  Love without principles is doting.

It is often difficult for a child who is doted to build a healthy self.

He will not be very confident, because many things are done by his parents, learning from actions, completing tasks and gaining experience, the chance of confidence is greatly reduced.

His personality will not be very independent but willful and dependent.

His psychology is like a stream of water flowing everywhere, which is difficult to be constructive.

Children need parents and adults need proper guidance.

However, the child is also an independent individual. In a certain sense, he can take the lead and accept the guidance of the parents.

A child who grows up under the spoils can repeatedly break through the parents’ defense line, and will regard the “parents as defeated men.” He no longer respects him from the bottom of his heart, nor believes that he has the ability to guide and transform himself.

Therefore, children who grow up in doting often do not have a sense of security and lack trust in others.

In the subconscious, his feeling is that in this world, he can only rely on himself, and he has no extra energy to care and care for the people around him.

  Junjun’s father said: Yeah, I don’t understand him at all.

He does not sleep at 11 or 2 in the evening, standing in the yard to look at the sky and the stars.

He said that at this time, the world was very quiet and he was very peaceful.

I don’t understand why the stars are so beautiful if you don’t sleep so late.

And Jun Jun said to me: After going to junior high school, one day he suddenly started thinking: Why am I alive.

He found that before, his life was arranged by his parents and adults.

Now he wants to be his own master and no longer be a chess piece at the mercy of others.

  Parents have a desire to love their children, but not every parent has the ability to love.

We say that caring for a child means caring for his health, whether he is doing well or not, and whether he will be successful in the future.
We did not enter the heart of the child, nor did we know how to enter.

If love cannot soothe the heart and open the heart, it is all pale and superficial.

Eight types of food suitable for girls to eat during the period can be detoxified

Eight types of food suitable for girls to eat during the period can be detoxified


Beans Foods High-fiber soy and peas help to reduce the symptoms of congestion in the uterus, thereby reducing the pain of dysmenorrhea.

Because legumes can be digested by the collapse of ketones, the amount of water in the feces and feces is increased.

Once excreted, the body removes excess fluid, allowing normal digestion and reducing constipation and diarrhea.

Bean foods are also vitamin B.

Vitamin B can effectively relieve dysmenorrhea and menstrual fatigue.

Although the beans eat more will be fart, but as long as you eat less, eat slowly, gradually increase the amount of food, or take some digestive enzymes after eating, fart can be avoided.


Calcium, magnesium and potassium in green vegetables and green vegetables can alleviate and prevent dysmenorrhea.

These minerals can also relax people’s emotions and reduce irritability.

Dark green vegetables also contain vitamin K.

Vitamin K is one of the essential substances for blood clotting and preventing excessive bleeding.


Omega-3 fatty acids In the human body, there is a substance called prostaglandin, which is a hormone-incorporating substance that participates in the mechanism of muscle contraction and dysmenorrhea.

An effective way to prevent prostaglandin secretion is to eat salmon, walnuts and flaxseed.

Because these foods contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids.

A study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 1995 showed that women who preferred Omega-3 foods during dieting were replaced by menstrual discomfort during menstruation compared to other women who did not regularly consume such substances.


Pineapple A report by the US Department of Agriculture’s Human Nutrition Research Center found that young women with insufficient manganese intake had a 50% more menstrual period than women with normal intake.

Preliminary report The researchers suggest that women need to increase their own manganese substitutions to reduce menstrual discomfort.

The fruit has a high manganese content, and the most abundant manganese is pineapple.

Pineapple also contains high levels of pineapple enzymes.

This enzyme helps to relax muscles and prevent menstrual cramps.


Ginger tea, chamomile tea is another source of manganese.

According to researchers at the US Department of Agriculture’s Human Nutrition Research Center, women should try to avoid caffeine tea.

Because caffeine can cause menstrual discomfort.

However, ginger tea can help relieve nausea and bloating.

Chamomile tea can also eliminate muscle contraction fractures and relieve tension, thereby reducing the anxiety that women have during menstruation.


Excessive water retention in the body is the primary cause of uterine congestion, leading to dysmenorrhea.

Increasing the amount of drinking water is one of the best ways to effectively reduce water retention.

This seems a bit contradictory. Since it is necessary to reduce the retention of body fluids in the body, why increase the amount of drinking water?

In fact, if there is not enough water, our body may over-retain excess water. Drinking water is more beneficial to the excess water.


A study by a British doctor of whole grains found that 70% of women said that eating a small amount every three hours during the menstrual period and rest in bed within one hour can effectively alleviate the symptoms of menstrual discomfort.

Researchers say that grains are mixed with magnesium.

Magnesium can reduce nervous muscle tension and relieve symptoms of dysmenorrhea.
In addition, whole grains may also be combined with vitamin B and vitamin E to help eliminate fatigue and depression.

Yogurt contains active lactic acid bacteria, which is also a good source of calcium.

According to experts, the average amount of women who need to drink yogurt is 600 mg.

If it reaches 1300 mg during menstrual loss and stagnation, it may help to relieve menstrual discomfort.

However, since arachidonic acid is contained in meat and dairy products (the acid aids in the production of prostaglandins, prostaglandins are one of the causes of dysmenorrhea symptoms).

), women should choose other calcium supplements, such as broccoli, kale, canned salmon, and calcium fortified foods such as cereals and juices.

Top 10 Myths of Bodybuilding Nutrition

Top 10 Myths of Bodybuilding Nutrition

Mr. Larry, the first Olympics in 1965.

“Ninety percent of bodybuilding comes from nutrition,” said Scott. Shawn in 1993?

Ray also said the same: “I can easily complete strength training and other training happily, but there must be certain rules for diet and supplementary food supplementation.

“High-level professional bodybuilders will weigh out, measure or calculate every meal they eat.

In order to make the most progress for general bodybuilding enthusiasts, do nutritional supplements need to be so precise?

The answer is yes.

Accuracy is not necessarily that high, but nutrition is indeed one of the key factors for success.

Without a scientific nutritional supply, bodybuilding will become a bland strength training, and for bodybuilders it will blame them for being eliminated in the future.

  Modern bodybuilding nutrition is scientific, and it is necessary to obtain the correct nutrition method by identifying the wrong nutrition method. Here is to play this role.


The excessive introduction of excessive diet can cause excess accumulation.

Excessive food is the primary wrong way of nutrition.

What kind of feeling will the strong muscles obtained after hard training be covered with a thick layer of misfortune?

Obviously, if you are overweight, you should eat less, and eat less to reduce weight.

Please note that if you only eat less and still maintain your original diet, you will lose some weight, but the proportion of muscle will not change.

  If you want to reduce traces and keep your muscles strong, in addition to performing aerobic exercise, you must emphasize reasonable nutrition, eat a certain amount of protein, small amounts and trace amounts, and learn some nutritional knowledge.

To understand the nutrients in food, master the nutrition standards.

In order to gain muscle, you need protein; in order to maintain strength and athletic ability, you need weight; in order to lose a small amount and get a better appearance of the body, you need a certain amount of nutrition, but you should not overdo itthe difference.

Everyone is different. Try it yourself.


Inadequate diet Inadequate diet is as harmful as overeating.

Without proper nutrition in the diet, it is impossible to build fit muscles.

Enough protein, carbohydrates and trace amounts are necessary for muscle training.

You need underlying foods to build muscle, and you need to supplement them in large quantities.

A bodybuilding trainer with normal cardiovascular function needs extra nutritional supplements because of additional metabolic needs.


Inadequate protein intake Protein is the most important source of nutrition for muscle growth.

The problem is ingesting pure protein, and protein and adults usually coexist in food. The main protein foods such as meat, poultry, and cheese are rich in large amounts.

Protein intake of bodybuilders should be based on non-fat or low-fat foods, such as skim milk, egg whites, fish, and skinless poultry.

Steak, etc.

These foods provide plenty of pure protein.

People should take 1-1 per pound of body weight per day.

5 grams of protein, you can divide the food into 4 to 8 servings and eat at intervals.


Not preparing a budget for yourself is a very important technique.

To build bodybuilding, you must prepare yourself.

And most bodybuilders, including some female athletes, do not cook for themselves, which is a big mistake.

You should know that relying on others, or canteens, or fast food restaurants, cannot meet the needs of bodybuilders to eat less, eat more, and eat rich in nutrition.You have to strictly control your diet and create a variety of meals creatively, otherwise your diet will be extra monotonous.

Peeled and visceral food is food for bodybuilder training and rest days, but you have to be imaginative and creative so that fish and egg whites don’t become monotonous.

If you want to change from monotony to richness, you have to read a book, find a recipe and then make your own careful preparation.


It is very necessary to plan a nutrition record without nutrition records, which records what foods are effective, how the muscles feel after eating, what foods are not effective, etc.

If you persist for a long time, you will correctly adjust, correct, and wisely evaluate and adjust food nutrition based on previous data to maintain optimal nutritional intake.

Therefore, it is necessary to make nutrition records, such as the time of eating, the basic intake of food types, protein, sugar, trace amounts, potassium, sodium, calcium, vitamins, etc., as well as your physical condition.

Therefore, you also need to buy a book on food nutrition, armour to consult.


Too much faeces and sugar faeces are the most highly transformed foods, producing 9 kcal per gram of migration, and are the most difficult to digest and easiest to store.

Although Dayang and other body tissues need some fat ribs, the amount is very small, and the mildness contained in low-fat food is usually enough.

Sugar is most easily converted into feces in the body, and low-fat foods may also contain sugar, which will also be transformed into feces after eating more.

Some sports drinks and sports nutrition products are sugary, so don’t eat more and drink more.

In general, the daily intake of aunts must not exceed 15% of the total conversion.


Inadequate drinking water The human body contains 67% of water.

Water molecules are involved in metabolism throughout the body.

Drinking more water can keep the microvessels clean and unobstructed.

The body’s cell tissues are often cleaned, and transitional muscle cells are regenerated.

Take 2 drinks per person per day.

3 liters of water is good.


Lack of normal balance to maintain positive nitrogen balance in the body to provide conditions for muscle growth.

How can this be done?

Eat once every 2-3 hours.

Eat small amounts regularly throughout the day, and your body will absorb nutrients most effectively.

Eat high protein and carbohydrates, and preferably at equal intervals.

How to eat once every 2-3 hours?

A nutritious bread with a cup of skim milk provides 50 grams of protein and 50-100 grams of glucose.

How long does it take to eat a sandwich or a protein drink?

How much time does it take to eat one fruit and one chicken breast?

Obviously, if you are well prepared, nothing will be affected, and it is easy to do it.


Improper food imbalances at every meal are everywhere in the world today, and diet is no exception.

Nutritionists say that food balance is different from food balance.

Bodybuilding believes that the best food balance is to eat refined protein, starch and cellulose-containing pastes, in small amounts, and the ratio varies from person to person.

Some people are sensitive to carbohydrates and can’t eat more glucose containing yarrow, otherwise it will make the sebum too thick; some people eat potatoes and rice very well.

Human metabolism has its own characteristics, and it cannot be uniform. The eating ratio can be adjusted by itself, as large as: 50% carbohydrate, 35% protein, 15% aunt.

The goal is to reduce your aunt and gain muscle.

How to achieve 50:35:15?
The easiest way is to take a plate with 50% rice or potatoes, potato, and the other half with chicken drumsticks, fish or beef. Don’t worry about 15% of your aunt. The above food already contains enough aunts.

The perspective of supplementary food is based on the above principles. There are still some breaks and shortcomings. Adding some supplements will complete it.

Some people think that supplementary nutrition is expensive, and they are afraid that it will conflict with the meal.

Wrong, if possible, do n’t prevent taking some high-protein powders, multi-vitamins, beef liver tablets, etc., because they will greatly help your recovery, increase training intensity, and improve your physique.

Beauty anchor Chen Haiyin yoga weight loss experience

Beauty anchor Chen Haiyin yoga weight loss experience

In order to appear in front of the audience with the best posture, Chen Haiyin, the beauty anchor of Taiwan Dongsen, has been practicing yoga for 6 years, and everyone has witnessed that her good figure is shaped by yoga.

Let her share with you the yoga experience of thin lower body today, to help everyone thin legs and thin waist.

  Recently, she went to PURE YOGA in the East District of Taipei to ask a professional teacher Jing to learn simple yoga. In just 1 hour, she had been screaming and kept saying, “I ‘m sore, I can’t do it, my feet are shaking” and other painful cry, sheHe said, “It looks like a simple movement. It’s really hard to do. Just a series of movements. I feel that my legs, arms, stomach, etc. are working hard.

Under the guidance of her teacher Jing, she changed from heroic, half-moon, three-corner, half-fish, and boat-style; she made more expressions and said, “Well, it’s sour!”

“But for the sake of beauty on the camera, she still tolerated the limbs that could not balance quickly. In the end, she was highly praised by the teacher:” Sure enough, there is still practice or poor.

Her husband is not interested in practicing two-person yoga. Chen Haiyin revealed that girls can easily become abdomen after 30 years of age, especially Oriental girls are more likely to have pear-shaped body, so she increased her practice of yoga to modify the lower body lines and avoid unnecessary growth.

  She moved from Zhongtian to Dongsen last June. She was so busy that she could hardly continue to practice. She was annoyed and humiliated: “I have been under a lot of pressure for about half a year. I used to practice it twice a week on average and almost stopped it. I plan to return to normal repairs this time.I hope I can restore my previous level as soon as possible.

“Will you find a husband to practice double yoga?

She shook her head: “No, the boys don’t seem to be interested in yoga.

“Simple bodybuilding 5 strokes half-moon (longitudinal lengthening) Open your feet with a long width, inhale your hands upwards, exhale your right hand and hold your left wrist, inhale the spine to stretch (extend), exhale forward to the left, and your body towardsOn the upper right, the pelvis is stable, staying, and the abdomen is thighing hard.

  Efficacy: Helps modify the side lines and beautify the tight trunk.

  Twist the right foot and stride backwards at 3 corners, with your toes aligned, inhale with your right hand, lift your breath, twist your palms together, stay, and press your abdomen thighs firmly.

  Efficacy: Helps digest and modify body lines, strengthens thigh muscles, and strengthens core (abdomen) strength.

  The half-fish twisted seated position is stable, one foot crosses the other foot, inhale, and the other hand goes to the upper body side (with inhalation). When exhaling, the hand catches the bent foot, and the hands are folded. Efficacy: help the digestive system, improveSeated.

  Heroic feet are steady, hands on hips, one foot forward, feet steady, upper body leaning forward, back feet moving parallel to the floor, pelvis upright, abdominal thighs compressed hard.

  Efficacy: help the thigh strength, and modify the lines of the abdomen.

  The palm of the boat is stably behind, with her chest open, her feet 90 degrees off the ground, and her abdomen and thighs being forced.

  Efficacy: Strengthen the strength of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

Pros and cons of practicing yoga on an empty stomach

Pros and cons of practicing yoga on an empty stomach

The popular yoga asanas require fasting practice. Generally, two hours before and two hours after practice are not allowed to eat, and some require three hours before practice.

You ca n’t eat for two hours before practicing, and practice yoga for one hour. With this requirement, practitioners can only practice yoga for the third hour before meals and the third hour after meals.

According to people’s general meals and meal times, and modern people’s daily habits, it is difficult for people to find the right time to go to yoga studios and gyms for yoga classes.

  Most people are still sleeping in the third hour before breakfast. For breakfast at seven, it is four in the morning, and for breakfast at eight, it is five in the morning. At this time, getting up to practice yoga is not suitable for some modern people.Likely, the third hour after breakfast, I must be at work.

Now the third hour before and after, of course, it is also working time.

The third hour before dinner is usually at work, and the third hour after dinner, the yoga hall and gym are closed.

  In this case, if you want to meet the dietary requirements for practicing yoga, and have time to practice in yoga studios and gyms, only those who do not need to work can do it.

Those who need to work to support their families have to disrupt normal eating hours and habits to cope with it, and many yoga practitioners are dizzy and hungry.

Confusion, abnormalities, irregular diets, and frequent droughts will inevitably cause damage to the functioning of the human digestive system.

  One of the most important reasons for the hot yoga is that it is said to be able to lose weight.

Yoga asanas do not determine the function of weight loss, and few people practice yoga to lose weight successfully.

A few people who lose weight due to yoga practice are usually hungry and thin because of their diet. Many people suffer from impaired digestive system and suffer from gastrointestinal diseases.

  Now it is clear that a few people succeed in practicing yoga to lose weight because of the death and digestive diseases caused by practicing yoga, which has nothing to do with asanas.

  I mentioned earlier that I ca n’t eat or drink for two hours before or after practicing yoga. This is a general requirement.

In order to make weight loss better, there is also a requirement that you must not eat and drink for three hours before and after yoga practice, plus one hour of yoga practice. This means that you must not eat or drink for a total of seven hours before and after, but also strictly control the amount of food and vegetarian food.Yoga diet.

If you are hungry, you still need to do the physical work of yoga, coupled with controlling food intake and vegetarianism, your body will soon be ruined. As long as you can hold on, it is not difficult to lose weight with such pinch.

It’s just a great deal of damage to health.

  So how to control and control the diet when practicing yoga?

You can’t practice yoga when you’re full, and you can’t practice when you’re overweight.

According to how long you don’t eat or drink before practicing yoga, you don’t need to rush the line for two or three hours.

It is also the same meal. The so-called weight-loss diet that eats big fish and meat and a few leaves, one hundred and eighty grains of rice, and a small mouthful of soup cannot be compared.

The former has to be digested for a long time, and sometimes disappears after a while.

As long as you can maintain a state of no obesity and fullness while practicing yoga, drink an appropriate amount of water, beverages, milk, etc. for half an hour before the exercise. There is no problem after the exercise, as long as the body returns to normal, you can eat normally.enough)

When should I listen to prenatal education music


When should I listen to prenatal education music

Prenatal education music once a day?
2 times every 15 minutes?
20 minutes, choose when fetal awakening with fetal movement.

Generally it is more suitable before going to bed at night. It can be played directly by the radio cassette player. The radio cassette player should be about 1 meter away from pregnant women and the sound intensity is 65 decibels?
70 decibels are in degrees.

You can also use the fetal education microphone and place it directly on the right part of the weight of the pregnant woman’s abdominal wall. The size can be based on the intensity of the sound heard by the adult through the palm of the hand, which is equivalent to the intensity of sound that can be heard in the womb.debugging.

Pregnant women with thick abdominal walls can have a slightly larger volume; pregnant women with thin abdominal walls should have a smaller volume.

The rhythm of prenatal education music should be gentle, smooth, without lyrics, and the mood of the music should be gentle and sweet.

But be careful not to put the recorder directly on the belly wall of the pregnant woman for the fetus.

While listening to music in the crowd, pregnant women should also listen to pregnant women’s special tapes with psychological inducements through headphones, or choose various music that they like, and change the content of music performance to associate the scenes, and strive to achieve a relaxed mood.To adjust the mentality and enhance the effect of prenatal education.

When does prenatal education music listen?

1, pregnant women from the 26th week of pregnancy to the fetus to listen to prenatal education music, no more than 20 minutes each time, 1-2 times a day.

2. Use a recorder to play the sound, and the pregnant woman is away from the speaker 1.

5-2 meters, the sound intensity of the speaker is 65-70 decibels; 3, if you use headphones to play on the abdominal wall of pregnant women, the headphones can be 60 decibels.

Pregnant women are actually “appreciating” while listening to music.

Because the tension of hypertension is in a period of rapid development, listening to music more is beneficial to the development of artistic cells in obese right brain.

Earn music education earlier than infants and young children, and develop and use the right brain earlier will help children grow up.

After birth, continue to study and live in a musical atmosphere, and carry out complications caused by the child’s intelligence and acceptance.

Prenatal education music must be scientific, intellectual and artistic.

Do not violate the physical and psychological characteristics of pregnant women and fetuses, nor do they rigidly infuse the distance theory, and achieve the goal of prenatal education in an educational and entertaining environment.

Don’t choose those music that are noisy and too fast. They are not suitable for your meditation to eliminate the worrying emotions, nor are they welcomed by the baby. You can choose the quiet, melodious and conducive to reverie.