Colorful Fruit Aromatherapy

Colorful Fruit Aromatherapy

Summer skin problems targeted by mint: purify the skin, balance skin oil secretion, detoxify, and eliminate blackheads.

  The mint is also known as perilla, water mint, fish herb, etc. It is a perennial perennial herb. Peppermint essential oil has a special aroma and cooling sensation. It is used in skin care products to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, shrink blood vessels, improve eczema, soften the skin, and eliminate blackheadsAcne, especially suitable for oily skin.

  Grapefruit targets summer skin problems: whitening and slimming.

  Grapefruit is probably the most abundant vitamin C in all essential oil types, and it is also the plant essential oil with the best weight loss effect.

The weight-loss effect of grapefruit oil is that it can quickly and effectively stimulate the circulation of the lymphatic system and control the flow of cellulite and body fluids.

Therefore, it has a very good exclusion function for hypertension and water retained in the body.

In addition, it also facilitates the secretion of bile, so it can digest your aunt.

Therefore, grapefruit essential oil does everything it can to reduce the weight-loss effect of targeted obesity. It also has excellent effects on honeycomb edema-type obesity due to its good drainage function.

  Summer skin problems targeted by lemon: It can regulate oil secretion, firm skin and antibacterial, improve dull skin and microvascular dilatation.

  Lemons are native to Malaysia and brought to Europe by the Arabs.

Lemon contains organic acids such as citric acid, malic acid and hesperidin. It also contains vitamin C, B1, B2 and various nutrients such as niacin, sugars, and volatile oils. It has the function of preventing and eliminating skin pigmentation., Is the beauty of the skin smooth and soft.

  Green tea / tea tree targets summer skin problems: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, calms the skin, and has the effect of astringent pores.

  Green tea essential oil can invigorate the spirit, stabilize cell and tissue functions, reduce fatigue, shorten sterilization, and remove odors; tea tree essential oil is extracted from tea leaves, and 100% pure tea tree essential oil is generally not used directly. It should be reduced and used on the skin.Good for treating acne and small wounds without leaving scars after use.

  Sweet orange targets summer skin problems: whitening, moisturizing, improving skin sensitivity and promoting cell regeneration.

  Sweet orange essential oil has a warm and sunny nature, which can dispel tension and stress and improve insomnia caused by anxiety.

Sweet orange is rich in vitamin C, which can moisturize the skin, calm the skin’s pH, promote collagen formation, and pay attention to sun protection after use.

Interpersonal Relationships-Intercourse with Heterosexuals

Interpersonal Relationships-Intercourse with Heterosexuals

When we have problems with the opposite sex, is that because the opposite sex hurt us?

This makes us hostile about the opposite sex, which makes us nervous, and as a result feels bad, we form a judgment on ourselves, making ourselves feel that we ca n’t, and it leads to problems in communication with each other.

    And getting love from the opposite sex is a way to eliminate this fear of the opposite sex, but how to make the opposite sex like yourself?

    I think this may be the case: First of all, you can go out slowly only if you have the conditions and the opposite sex dare to associate. In the interaction, you will find the friend and love of the other person. These kindness and love can help you to eliminate the fear of the opposite sexpsychological.

    Second, express your desires normally.

Men are always impulsive to women. Don’t suppress it.

In fact, how many girls look at themselves to judge whether they are liked by many people, she thinks that she is beautiful and likes us — we will not hate him.

Men look at women and women look at men basically the same. In fact, if men express a genuine interest in socializing, women are very willing and willing to socialize.

Just like a child because her parents like and love her, she also likes herself and feels pretty.

Make women feel good, so let women like to associate with you.

    Third, get close, run away, and attack.

These are normal human-to-human interactions.

Everyone is the same. We are the same whether we are communicative or not communicative. You can correctly understand that human beings are close to each other, evading, and attacking. This correct thinking can make us ourselves and relax ourselves.Peace with women.

    Third, it follows the rules of limitation in communication, which help communication.

For example, the aforementioned counterparty may not really like each other, but we need to conform to these norms of observing each other’s interpersonal relationships, because that will allow us to obtain good interpersonal relationships, and good interpersonal relationships is our desire in our hearts, so that does not let usFeeling stress.

When dealing with people with personality masks, we ourselves exist in others, then you are actually a kind of adaptation.

This is a natural application of psychotherapy theory.

When you are interacting with the opposite sex, the restriction rule can make the other person’s heart unburdened. Similarly, you can relax your mood, so that you can achieve a concord atmosphere.

    Fourth, the ability to guide ideas.

This is man’s reason.

That is the key force that attracts women to make her like to interact with you, and it is the root cause of women to worship you.

The ability to guide thought is also the power of any interpersonal relationship.

It has our wisdom.

    Fifth, emotional drive.

It is to know how to stimulate, awaken, and guide the other side to produce positive emotions, which are the emotions needed for interpersonal relationships.

    Sixth, interpersonal problem-solving skills.

It requires us to experience the brakes to gain experience. These experiences will become our thoughts, and our consciousness will gradually become our intuition. Then we have acquired a good ability to deal with interpersonal relationships through training, then improve andThe relationship between the opposite sex will become easy, and our relationship with the opposite sex will be very good.

    Seventh, the ability to use language.

We need to master our understanding of human psychology, and to put ourselves in place to think. Through this mirror of the opposite sex, what we see and change the language that we use to guide and guide the thinking of the opposite sex can be warmed and melted.The heart of the opposite sex allows us to truly interact with her. When we can walk into each other’s heart, we are more than just a friend. Maybe you who are unmarried and have no girlfriend, you can find a woman who likes and appreciates each other.friend.

    Eighth, any interpersonal relationship requires a sense of trust, that is, a sense of security.

That’s the power we can prevent our own spiritual power while letting us get support from others.

If we are not alone, we only know how to use our power.

Sense of security is a feeling that we can trust others. If we can make the opposite sex feel that we are trustworthy people and let the opposite sex feel cope, then we can have good interpersonal relationships.

    Ninth, any relationship stems from goodwill.

Favor is made through some contact and communication as well as grace.

Need some words, some small things, some small things, to make others like us, then of course our interpersonal relationship with the opposite sex will be very good.

    This kind of interpersonal relationship gains experience in the experience, so that you have changed your understanding, you are confident, and interpersonal communication is already an automatic procedure for your survival.

What can a diabetic friend eat?

How much to eat

What can a diabetic friend eat?
How much to eat

With diabetes, every doctor asks us to control our diet. What is best to eat?

How much can I control my sugar?

  It’s simple, more than 20 foods a day.

However, these 20 kinds of foods cannot all be the same kind of food, but some more.

Grain, vegetables and fruits, meat, eggs, milk beans, oils and fats, four types of food should be eaten every day, a total of more than 20 kinds, so that it is good for health.

In addition, the total energy should not exceed the body’s requirements.

  I have a basket of vegetables, a plate of “four, one, two, two” a day a fruit, a pound of vegetables a day.

A fruit weighs four or two to half a catty, and the image is as big as a tennis ball; a catty of vegetables a day, green leafy vegetables, and melons can be used. A catty refers to raw weight, not after cooking.the weight of.

In this way, the vitamins that the body needs are basically enough to precipitate fibers.

  One egg a day.

Maybe some elderly people worry that eating egg yolk will make their plasma too high. In fact, international academic organizations of hypertension, including the Hypertension Society, recommend that it is safe to eat whole eggs less than five a week.

  A bag of milk a day.

If you’re fat, you can drink low-fat milk; if you’re lean and don’t have high blood fat, drink plain milk or full-fat milk.

If you have osteoporosis and want to add more calcium, it is safe to drink two bags a day, and two bags of milk 500ml a day for the elderly is safe.

  Two or two meats a day.

It also needs to be adjusted according to your body shape: if you are fat, eat less; if you are lean, you can eat two or two, or even two or three.

  Two spoonfuls of oil a day.

With a small porcelain spoon for soup, a spoonful is 10 grams.

Use a few spoonfuls of oil to cook several dishes a day.

Two spoonfuls of oil are basically no shortage of nutrition for diabetic patients.

The amount of porridge and soup bowl I eat is equal to the height, weight, and weight, unless it is particularly short and Yao Ming. Generally speaking, most of us recommend a replacement amount of about 1400 to 2000 kcal.

The common 1400 kcal can “bowl”, which means eating about four or two grains a day, 1600 kcal means an average of five or two grains a day, 1800 kcal means an average of six or two grains, and 2,000 kcal means an average of seven or two grains.

  It’s the same as eating food, we also have to distinguish what food to eat.

For the elderly, we recommend eating a few whole grains appropriately, that is, so-called coarse grains without shelling, such as oatmeal, buckwheat, corn kernels, etc.

However, eating coarse grains also depends on your physical fitness.

If you are a very thin person, or the digestive function is not very strong, we recommend thick and thin.

Because eating the coarse grains alone, the digestive function of the stomach will be reduced, while the digestive juice secretion of the elderly will be reduced, the digestive function will be poor, and the stomach will be uncomfortable after eating the coarse grains, so one meal a day is enough.

And too thick will affect the absorption of iron, calcium and protein, so we talk about thickness matching.

  Pay attention to dry and thin mix.

Although for doctors with type 2 diabetes, doctors don’t recommend everyone to drink porridge. It is considered that drinking porridge can cause blood sugar to rise faster, but what needs to be told is that drinking porridge can cause blood sugar to fall faster after peaking.

Similarly, 50 grams of rice made from rice and boiled rice porridge, when the one hour after eating, the blood sugar of the porridge drinker is high, but after two hours, the blood sugar of the rice eater is high, and the porridge drinker is reduced.Already.
If you judge based on the glycemic index that food affects your blood sugar, and your rice has a glycemic index that exceeds that of porridge, then you do n’t have to drink porridge every day, and of course you do n’t have to drink porridge every day.

When drinking porridge, first master the dry and thin mix, and second, do not drink pure white rice porridge. Mix white rice with other beans and cook them. This can help everyone to reduce food and make them healthier.

  Tips The amount of meals on the plate on the 1st is not hard. One “four one, two two”-one fruit, one pound of vegetables, one bag of milk, one egg, two or two meats, two spoons of oil, plus four to six twoFood.

It’s all about “raw weight”, not “cooked weight”.

One, two, two is not intuitive enough. You can borrow a staple food measuring tool-a standard measuring cup with a tick mark on it. It is very easy to eat according to your amount!  Tip 2 Can I drink 5 barrels of beer?

  Nut foods have a lot of oil and fat. Pay attention to this snack, avoid “small and broken”, and prevent “eat too much without paying attention”.

Alcohol, in principle, we do not recommend drinking, if you really want to drink, please note that a beer is equivalent to half or two grains!

Some old sugar friends are not convinced, then I drink five barrels of beer, ca n’t I eat food?

No, because alcohol tends to lower your blood sugar, and it can’t be more than two times a week, otherwise the effect of hypoglycemic drugs will be disrupted.

If you drink liquor occasionally, in general, one or two at 38 degrees or two and a half at 56 degrees, the corresponding grain (about half of two grains) should be reduced.

  Tip 3 How much will my blood sugar rise with this meal?

  Reasonable diabetes is a basic treatment in the overall treatment of diabetes, but it is not difficult to eat, “difficult to get to the sky.”

Make cooking easier and make your life easier, so do n’t just consider “how much blood sugar will I get after eating this meal”.

May wish to think more about how today’s fish-flavored shredded pork is less oily and delicious, or create a soothing environment for yourself, put some favorite music, and carve a small turnip flower; or make a soup noodle today, in vain, With a small black-faced bun, and make a carrot . In short, size control, structural adjustment, healthy eating, happy eating!

Diet and health: corn blood pressure relies entirely on corn

Diet and health: corn blood pressure relies entirely on corn

Brief content: Corn must contain a lot of nutrients and medicinal substances, such as tartaric acid, malic acid, bitter glycosides, poly-dosing, β-sitosterol, stigmasterol and so on.

Since ancient times, corn has had a wide range of applications in the past.

It is also recorded in “Minnan Materia Medica” and the like that corn must have the effect of stopping bleeding and diuresis.

However, people’s understanding of corn whiskers has been limited to its diuretic swelling effect, but it is still a good medicine for treating diabetes.

  The spring is windy and rainy, the climate is dry, and the temperature changes are erratic.

Decreased immunity and defense functions of the human body, easily causing some common diseases in spring.

Therefore, a reasonable adjustment of the diet is suddenly very important.

How can I eat the nutrition and improve my immunity?

After that, the family has specially collected health information about spring diet and health care to help you survive this spring.

  When people try various kinds of hypoglycemic foods, they ignore the corn whiskers – the “waste” that we throw away when we eat corn.

In fact, corn must have a very good hypoglycemic effect. As long as the majority of diabetic patients use it a little, it can completely turn waste into treasure.

  Corn must contain a large amount of nutrients and medicinal substances, such as tartaric acid, malic acid, bitter glycosides, poly-dosing, β-sitosterol, stigmasterol and the like.

Since ancient times, corn has had a wide range of applications in the past.

It is also recorded in “Minnan Materia Medica” and the like that corn must have the effect of stopping bleeding and diuresis.

However, people’s understanding of corn whiskers has been limited to its diuretic swelling effect, but it is still a good medicine for treating diabetes.
In southern China, corn is often used to add lean pork soup to treat diabetes. This record is found in Lingnan Medicine Collection.

In addition, there are similar contents in many folk remedies, or the use of corn must be soaked in water, or the corn must be porridge to eat, have achieved good results.

  Ji Guo, director of the Department of Food Nutrition and Safety at the College of Food Science, China Agricultural University, told reporters that the method of using corn sugar to reduce sugar has been widely circulated among the people. This in itself indicates that corn must have a certain hypoglycemic effect, but it is currently necessary for corn to lower blood sugar.There is not much scientific research.

Some studies have pointed out that it may be that the saponins in the corn whiskers play a hypoglycemic effect.

On the contrary, corn must not be used as a substitute for hypoglycemic drugs. If you take the hypoglycemic drugs and replace the corn mustard for adjuvant treatment, it may have a good effect.

To prevent Qiuzao recommended 4 beauty soup_1

To prevent Qiuzao recommended 4 beauty soup

In Chinese medicine, people’s health is closely related to changes in the climate and the external environment. The dry climate in autumn will have a great impact on people’s metabolism, and it is easy to get sick if they are not careful.

In the sun in the autumn sun, the constitution of people who have just been “tortured” by the scorching heat in the summer is pinched by the scorching heat and the dry autumn weather in the early autumn, so it is easy to get sick.

  In autumn, the dry climate is very easy to suffer. People often have symptoms of yin deficiency and fire, such as dry mouth, dry lips, dry and bleeding lips, dry skin, dry throat, thirst, dumbness, constipation, and less urine.

Others may experience dry cough symptoms, such as dry cough with less sputum, blood in the sputum, and so on.

In order to prevent dryness in the autumn, do not eat or eat dry and hot wounded products, such as fried fish, fried fish, fried chicken, fritters, pepper, spiced powder and so on.

Usually you can drink more, eat more Shengjin Runzao soup.

  About 100 to 150 grams of fresh Sydney pear stewed with rock sugar, peeled, washed and put in a stew pot, add an appropriate amount of rock sugar and water.

After stewing for 1 hour, drink water and eat pears.

Function: Ziyin lungs.

  Fresh cabbage and jujube soup As the saying goes: The fire in October is dirty, and the cabbage soup is inseparable.

Appropriate amount of fresh cabbage, 2-3 jujubes, put in the clay pot together, the old fire soup, clean and not dry, sweet and delicious.

  1 Sydney tremella soup, 30 grams of tremella fuciformis, 5 grams of Fritillaria, moderate sugar.

Remove the white fungus, remove the roots, remove the impurities, wash it into small pieces, peel the pear, remove the seeds, and cut into multiple pieces. Put the white fungus slices, Sydney pieces, fritillary, and sugar in the same pot and steam for 30-40 minutes.

Take out and serve on a plate.

This soup nourishes yin and clears lungs, eliminates phlegm and reduces fire.

  The sesame fungus soup is cooked with about 10 grams of black sesame seeds. Put them in a pot together with the fungus foamed with warm water, add water to cook, and add a little sugar for cooking.

Sesame has a good moisturizing effect, especially suitable for those who have a dry stool.

Ten Workplace Amulets

Ten Workplace Amulets

When many people hear “office politics,” the first reaction is to avoid fear and be afraid of getting caught in the office. They are unwilling to get involved in the office. But unfortunately, people with this idea do not recognize themselves and followThe fact that others are on the same boat.

     Those office workers who want to protect themselves and keep their ears clean are not only seeking benevolence, staying away from the circle of right and wrong, and may even lose their work somehow, and it is not clear why.

You don’t need to follow others to cause trouble, but don’t think that you can stay away from cleanliness because the office storm never has eyes.

  Office survival depends on the intelligent office environment. Since the environment is composed of people, the behavior of each individual will inevitably affect other people’s ideas, the overall atmosphere, and the progress of work. I want to shine in the workplace. In addition to a little talent, it is more important.There are also many invisible abilities such as personality, emotional quotient (EQ), socializing, and so on.

Talent and professional ability can only add points to your competition when you are new to the workplace. When you formally become a warrior in the working arena, the ability to really survive you is actually: intelligence.

The test of office politics is the ability of office workers to adapt, coordinate and so on.

     Every enterprise has the difficulty of limited resources and the problem of uneven distribution. It is not surprising to use some means to increase the individual’s competitive advantage.

Every company has two types of organizational structure: the formal organizational structure can be represented by diagrams, and the informal organizational structure is the interpersonal relationship. To illustrate, office politics is nothing more than making friends that are good for your career.Resentment among colleagues.

     Office workers should be aware of the fact that political behavior in the office is the norm. It is strange that there is no political activity. Those who close their eyes and pretend that there is no office politics are no different than crossing the road without looking at traffic lights or when a typhoon strikesBut not paying attention to the news of heavy rain and earth and rock flow is just as dangerous.

  Make good connections and never complain. Therefore, as you overcome your fear of office politics, it is better to let go of all disdain and helplessness, and join in and enjoy office politics.

Office politics is difficult to master but not complicated.

What is office politics?

It’s an attitude of dealing with others, it’s difficult to cope with the advancement and retreat, it is indispensable to hurt people, and indispensable to prevent others. In short, it is to make friends, especially those who can be at the core of power, such as yours.Boss, be your mentor.

     General office politics are divided into two categories.

One is the Office of Heiheology, which teaches people how to achieve success by any means. They are outstanding, even if they are intriguing, cheating and cheating, and sacrificing their friends. The other is like Carnegie, who looks at it from a more optimistic and positive perspectiveWorkplace politics.

The two approaches are different from person to person, so you don’t have to be too wasteful. The ideal attitude is to “moderately participate” in office politics, but you also need to know how to protect yourself from time to time.

  For this reason, the career emergency room especially fell into Huangquan and fell to Huangquan. He asked for 10 workplace amulets for readers and published office political albums twice.

Even if it is not effective, you have to see each one to experience it.

  The first amulet-there is no typhoon in office politics: stay away from things and be indifferent: be kind to others and be smart, but the truth is that there is no real neutral country on the planet and there are no people in the office who can protect themselves.There is no so-called “typhoon eye” in the storm circle to hide.

     Many people naively believe that as long as they are professional and down-to-earth, and do not cause trouble, one day the boss will notice my piece of jade, but the end result is often contrary to expectations, because professionalism is not the only indicator of promotion, hidingBehind the computer, not communicating with colleagues will not make you a leader, manager.

  Others say that office politics is an intrigue that only exists at the top. It has nothing to do with our employees at the grassroots level. In fact, the management has political science at the management level, and the grass-roots employees also have political questions at the grass-roots level.

     Since the organization is a combination of people, everyone has their own priorities and interests. If you ca n’t learn how to coordinate the relationship between people, do n’t be fooled.

     Office workers should be aware of the fact that there is no onlooker in office politics. This is a game where you will be automatically judged without leaving the competition.

For those who want to be alone, the end may be forgotten by everyone, and even one day you have to roll your feet.

     We are definitely not advocating office workers to make waves in the office. Every battle must be with you. You don’t have to end the scuffle, but you must stay informed and respond to changes.

  The second amulet-you have created a team, and the team can also achieve you: openly small groups should: try to save a network of passbooks. The well-known accountant Ruan Lufang Zhou on the island led a team of 109 people to change jobs, causing a shock in the accounting profession.Ruan Lu’s team accounted for one-eighth of the performance of the old owner Zhongxin United Accounting Firm, and the annual visa income was as high as 1.

800 million Taiwan dollars.

This is the best alternative for each other to complement each other.

     It ‘s always a difficult dilemma to engage in a small circle in the company. Confucius said: “The gentleman is not a group”, but the team work requires everyone to work together. If you want to fly Huang Tengda without the help of your team, it will be difficult to achieve.
To recognize the success of the team is the success of the individual. The higher the individual’s contribution to the team, the greater the weight in the team. In addition, remember to attribute credit and glory to the team’s partners.

     If you are a newcomer who still understands the situation, don’t rush to set up your own small group or join other people’s circles, in case you accidentally commit a high-level taboo, step on someone else’s territory, or even choose the wrong side station,Then don’t want to mess around in the office.

The first thing is to first understand the partisan ecology in the company. The suggestion of conscience is to maintain a good relationship with each colleague. Try not to be labeled with factional labels. Unless the environment is strong and weak, of course, choose “watermelon.””Big side”!

  The third amulet-saliva is misfortune. Beware of misfortunes. Spoil the mouth from mischief: spread the rumors: but ask others about personal matters, don’t show off your personal plight. Be careful not to share your own private affairs in the office, or spread gossip among colleagues.This kind of behavior will unconsciously push yourself into a dangerous situation.

But you should definitely open your ears and seal your mouth tightly. “Ear pouting” is not only an adult teaching children, but also one of the survival methods of the office jungle.

     Gossip has always been the common topic of communication between colleagues. Especially in the tea room and toilet, these two “personal rooms” are often the largest distribution center for rumors and the “secret garden” where everyone talks about their bosses.

However, even if you have suffered a lot in the office, and you are full of bitterness, you should not complain to your colleagues for two reasons. The complaint sounds like a stink. Everyone can avoid it.The office is not where you look for a psychologist. Some people think that exchanging thoughts with each other is the guarantee of the alliance between the two, but what if two people cease to be friends one day?

The secrets of the past became the handle of the other party.

     Therefore, no matter how good your personal relationship with your boss or how deep your relationship is, don’t go public in the company.If you are in good conditions, work hard, and produce beautiful results, you don’t want the results of your hard work to be attributed to the “special relationship” with your boss!

In case there is a misunderstanding or friction between you and your boss, and someone who knows you knows, it is hard to guarantee that it will not be a substitute for the topic being used or the hype, and it will not do you any good.

     You can listen more to gossip, but not more.

The so-called “worry comes out of the mouth”, saliva is a veritable “worry,” whether it is placed in your own private affairs or reciting the right and wrong, you may embed yourself into the danger of losing words, but also have some danger.Be proud to be the center of the gossip, explore the gossip everywhere, and beware of being used.

  The fourth amulet-take responsibility, but do n’t blame it: dodge the blame, let the soles of your feet greasy: take the responsibility at the appropriate time, and show the sincerity to solve the problemA well-trained hand is always able to push the work easily, and the responsibilities are pushed to the ground, like slippers.

There must be uneven work and rest in the workplace, and you ca n’t guarantee that you never make mistakes at work. At this time, the ownership of responsibility often causes friction and unhappiness among colleagues. If you make mistakes, a good attitude can make up for all your mistakes.But do n’t rush to push the blame on others. When you say “it ‘s all your fault”, do n’t forget to point out only the index finger, and the other four fingers are pointing at you. The worst thing is that you have committed it yourself.It’s wrong to try to cover up the facts. To lie, one has to use a hundred lies to round the first lie. Who can be sure that every lie can be knitted seamlessly?

  It is impossible for people not to make mistakes, and your boss also knows this. Sometimes, the courage to admit mistakes will leave a deep impression on colleagues and supervisors, and build a responsible image. But admitting mistakes should be justified.I do n’t know, I’m afraid that I will become the king of the black pot.

     Sometimes helping the boss to carry a black bag is also a way of retreating, but how to carry a black bag?

Who can I help?

It ‘s all about learning. The black pot is well backed. One day, when the boss turns over, you also follow the chickens and dogs to rise to the sky;

  Fifth Amulet-Are you a bright spot or a dark spot in the workplace?

  Don’t: One person can do all the credit. Should be good at performance. Inviting merit to the LCD at the right time. When choosing an LCD screen, you are most afraid of buying defective products with bright or dark spots.

If you want to be a “first-class star” in the workplace, naturally you need to do more to improve your visibility.

     If you think you are a work place, do n’t be so stupid and wait for the appearance of Bole, naively thought that working hard will eventually become famous all over the world. You must know that Bole also often faces self-care injuries or is waiting for it.Their Bole.

A moderately prosperous way to create opportunities for yourself and help your personal career.

     The so-called “man needs clothes, and Buddha needs gold clothes.” In modern society, all goods are sold by packaging, not to mention that in a highly competitive workplace, you don’t want to “sweat” and be “salted” by others.
When you make a certain achievement or complete the task ahead of time after hard work, don’t forget to do personal public relations. The meeting occasion is a rare stage, timely grasp the opportunity of occurrence, show your personal ability, and only be able to speak with a voice.Come to the boss’s attention.

  However, if the front is too strong, it may lead to jealousy. If you treat your colleagues in a timely manner, you can win favor. It can also be considered as buying a policy. “Blessed are everyone, but it is difficult to be your own.”With your boss, improve and mention your contribution, the boss remembers you, colleagues appreciate you, next time you have a chance, your brightness will be revealed!

Don’t be afraid that others will criticize you for your great achievements. If your efforts are not seen by your colleagues and supervisors, then you should worry about your talents being buried.

  Office politics is difficult to master, but it is not complicated. In short, it is to make good connections. You do n’t have to follow others to cause trouble, but do n’t think that you can stay out of cleanliness because office storms have never beenDoes not have eyes.
  The career emergency room unit was particularly poor and Huangquan fell, and asked readers for 10 workplace amulets. Continuing the office politics topic launched by the career emergency room last week. Occupation will today exclusively disclose the last 5 workplace amulets for you.Can be good fortune and avoid danger in the workplace.
Even if it is not effective, you have to see each one to experience it.

  The sixth amulet-treat your peers as teammates, but not your opponents: crowded out, people are always crowded out: it is better to have one more friend than one to have the same age and the same conditions in the same office is an annoying thingEveryone will compare the two of you. Slowly, people who have no heart knot will also be infected with unnatural emotions.

In fact, the colleagues in the office are originally a cooperative and competitive relationship. If you look at it from a different perspective and look at the competitive relationship with a healthy mindset, when your colleagues’ ability is getting stronger and stronger, it is tantamount to improving you invisibly.

What’s more, in the era of competition, we should not limit our eyes to colleagues under one roof. Instead, we should treat the global elite as real competitors. In this way, we naturally do not need to treat colleagues as “enemy”.
  With a small amount of measure, people who crowd out colleagues will certainly be crowded out by others; it will be difficult for a colleague to stand in the office when facing colleagues who face obstacles to their future.

For those who have a competitive relationship with themselves in the office, do not prevent trying to praise him or ask him to do a small favor, it can often magically resolve each other’s hostility. In the workplace, reducing the value of an enemy is better thanAdd a friend.

  A more positive attitude should be to put energy on challenging higher goals, the real enemy will always wait for ambush outside your sight, why not save the strength of internal competition over development?

  Seventh Amulet-You can have ambitions, don’t show your bogey: Exaggerate, talk everywhere: high performance, low profile Everyone wants to make the first day, but in the office, if they reveal their ambitions for a career or position too much,It is generally acknowledged to defy colleagues, bosses, and make colleagues wary of you. Even the boss has to worry about whether you secretly beat his high position, beware of you, or even upset you and outsource.

  It is a good thing to make a big move and try to be strong. You can have ambitions but not reveal them. Be strong in everything and seek performance. Instead, you will have a strange vision. You may be confused. Is it wrong to be positive?

Basically, positive is a work attitude that is worth encouraging, but it should be manifested in the work within the branch. If you are active enough to cross the border and snatch others’ jobs, you will make others feel threatened by the impact of the company, look at the past or compare your mindSmall people will even pull your hind legs secretly, playing small movements to hinder your work.

  Everyone has ambitions, but unfortunately the promotion has always been that there are too many monks.

The best way is to do your job properly and maintain excellent performance, but keep a low profile and don’t give others a sense of threat. “Able people” can do big things, not big words.

  The eighth amulet-companion like a tiger and a bogey: every time you slap a horse, Ai Meiyi: not humble, not courageous, courageous to communicate and not afraid of conflict.

  In front of the boss, you don’t have to be conscious of the dwarf to communicate with your superiors. As long as you consider “time, location, and harmony,” most of the time, you will succeed.

The so-called time is “opportunity”. Don’t pick the boss to talk to him when he is angry, he will only touch his nose for nothing.

Geography is an “occasion”. If it is not appropriate to happen in a public place, it is best to find the boss’s free time in private, or use the noon to invite the boss to have lunch outside.

Renhe is a “topic”. You must first understand the personality of your boss before you know where to apply it.

  In addition, do n’t think that only when you spit the boss ‘s groove can you challenge the authority of the boss. When the boss scolds someone, sometimes your explanation will only make him more angry. Sometimes, when the boss is angry and swears,Hippie smiled and said to him, “Thank you!

“Instead he made him angry for a moment.   The so-called “high altitude is too cold”, sometimes the boss in the high position will feel lonely, and there will be unknown bitterness. If you can put yourself in the position from the perspective of the boss, maybe you will find a suitable entry point and let the boss see you.Such as close friends.

  The ninth amulet-the higher level performance, the more urgent the slower to avoid: quick merits and gains, criminal infringement should be appropriate: take it slowly, faster If you have a boss who does not seem to be capable, not only can not help you grow in your career,Still stuck your way to promotion, it really makes people jump.

If he feels that you are his potential enemy, I’m afraid he will still be against you everywhere. If he is self-assertive or dedicated, he may want to contact his boss directly beyond his boss.The behavior is not uncommon and may be encouraged and praised by the organization, but in Eastern society, it is a taboo for soldiers.

  You surpassed your boss and put forward your own planning ideas, thinking that the boss puts forward your courage and talents. You do n’t know how to do this, offend your boss, your colleagues are disdainful. The boss also thinks that your planning ideas are not good, and you are not a person.

  Some roles can only be played by people sitting in a certain chair; some decisions can only be made by people with a certain identity; in some cases, only certain types of people can lead the way.It will be counterproductive. It is better to perform the appropriate role in the organization and wait for the lights of your own.

  The tenth amulet-adapt to extra work when flying outside the sky. Don’t be afraid to say no, it’s better to be a slave worker: Mark the bottom line and properly evaluate. When your boss tells you that you are not in the job, there are usually two situations. One isIdentify with your ability and give you the challenge of transcending your position; the other is that he fakes public welfare and treats you as a young girl, asking you to help him handle personal matters.

  The ideal situation is that you do a good job and perform well, and get the feedback you deserve in the future, such as a new position or new job opportunity, or you have helped the boss in private, he will return in the futureYou alone.

But things may not be as good as you think. Some of you took on extra work and thought that you would be appreciated by the boss. As a result, the boss was not used for nothing, or you were treated as a free Filipino maid., Pick up and drop off the child and temporary nanny for him.

  It is also possible that your colleagues will help you in private with emotional intelligence. You are embarrassed to say no. You are worried that rejection will affect your relationships. You think that this will strengthen the friendship of your colleagues.
  To help in private, you can only do it occasionally, and you need to let the other party know that you are selling him, and you ca n’t raise his appetite. When you refuse, you still have to understand and say no. When the other party knows your bottom line,Naturally, they will not be tempted again and again.

  There is a case where you should do extra work even without compensation, and that is when you want to focus on a certain position without relevant background or any advantage.

For example, you are now just a switchboard lady, but you want to be a business person in the company. You can express to the supervisor that you are willing to work in the business without pay. When you have certain experience and also prove your ability to the head of the department, naturallyOpportunity transfer to formal business.

Acupressure can add sexual interest

Acupressure can add sexual interest

Once I chatted with an old Chinese medicine doctor and asked this question gently. He said that he could try acupressure.

He said that the reason why people lose their sexual desire in winter is because their subconscious mind requires people to be at a standstill in order to avoid transfer and loss.

In addition, the cold weather can be surprisingly dull and sexual excitement is difficult to form.

Acupoint massage can speed up the blood gas movement in the body and stimulate the secretion of human hormones, thereby improving “sexual interest”.

From a psychological point of view, the husband and wife massage each other, which is of great help to the relationship between the two.

  I thought he was very reasonable, so I borrowed the book from him, because there are illustrations on the book that can help me figure out the location of each acupoint.

Once I have made these preparations, I will start to implement them.

  There was no good show on TV that day, and his wife went into the bed to watch fashion magazines as usual.

I walked to her, bearing her shoulders and saying, “I have learned a few hand acupressure and want to try it on you.

“She closed the book, and she was not very happy.” Is there anything wrong? Take your wife for an experiment, but you can figure it out! ”

“I quickly explained:” This is a very good massage for the body, both fitness and beauty.

“Of course I didn’t tell her what I meant, because I knew that she would definitely not accept it.

I said to her: “For so many years, I have been thinking of ways to warm your hands and feet in winter. Now I heard that acupressure can be done, so I learned it specially, now I will give you a try.

The wife listened to me and her shoulders were tender and she kissed me on the shoulder.

  I let him continue to sit on the bed and read a book. I sat behind her and let her rest her head in my arms. Then I found the first acupuncture point on the auricle about one centimeter above her ears.That is the reflection area of the human kidney. Stimulating this acupuncture point can promote human blood gas movement.

I symbolize the two index fingers and squeeze gently on her acupoint.

  After two or three minutes, I stopped.

His wife joked and said, “It seems nothing happens.

“I said,” It was just the prologue. The drama hasn’t started yet.

“I let her lie on the bed, and found Shenshu Point between the second and third quarters of her lumbar spine.

I used the thumb of my right hand to contract the acupuncture point, and made a gentle turning pressure, first turning 60 times in the clockwise direction and then turning 60 times in the counterclockwise direction.

  The wife said, “It seems nothing happens.

But let you massage, this waist is really comfortable.

I said, “That’s right.

You will be more comfortable next.

“Then I let her turn over and lie on her back.

But when I touched Guan Yuan acupoint 5 cm below her belly button with my thumb, she suddenly giggled: “You are the itch of others.”

“I stood up and said,” Don’t move, I’m a doctor now, you are a patient, and you must cooperate with the treatment obediently.

When she saw this, she pretended to live and laugh squarely, but her eyes gradually became enthusiastic.

  When I pressed the Zhongji point 5 cm below her Guan Yuan point (where it was already close to her sensitive area), she suddenly made a slight gasp.

I looked intently, and saw her eyes turning, her face flushed, and she seemed a little emotional.

Of course, I am a little emotional.

It seems that the massage has at least a little flirting effect, and no matter what the healing effect is, I think like that, instead of stopping the work at hand, I continue to massage the Zusanli and Sanyinjiao points on her calf.

I penetrated according to the strength required by these two acupoints. After pressing, I really felt a little tired, and no matter whether her hands and feet were hot, she lay down in the bed.

  The wife knew that I was tired, turned around and held me, while the other hand touched my forehead.

Contrary to the icy hand I was familiar with, I found that the hand touching my forehead was so warm and cute.

So I hugged her.

  Maybe after 3 minutes, maybe just 30 seconds, I found her twisting close to my lower body.I know this is a signal from her.

I don’t feel tired at all.

On this cold winter night, we feel both warm and romantic.

  Since then, I have a round of massages for my wife every night before going to bed-of course not all for pride.

Later, she also learned to recognize those acupuncture points. Often it was after I massaged her that she would also serve me.

With the increase in the number of massages and the Chinese medicines I took for her, her complexion gradually improved, and she did not even hide in the bed during the day, and her hands and feet became cold.

  The hand warmer I bought for her in the past has been thrown into the corner of the closet and became a dusty “relic”, just like it has been far away from our “sex hibernation”.

  Knowledge link: How to perform acupressure massage The basic techniques of acupoint massage are: single index finger clenching (holding into a fist, using the back of the first knuckle of the index finger as the point of force), thumb push (the hand is naturally unfolded, with the belly of the thumb as the forcePoint), double thumb clasping (with two thumbs overlapping and acting as a point of force).

Use basic techniques to knead around the expected acupoints and massage 3 acupoints.

5 minutes, or 20 times to the left and 20 times to the right, repeat 5 times.

The technique is from light to heavy, from light to deep, then from heavy to light, from deep to shallow, and the massage is completed.

2 times a day.

  What are the precautions for acupressure? First of all, pregnant women should not perform acupressure.

In addition, you must be persistent to be effective.

Before getting acupuncture massage, avoid obesity, fatigue, and maintain a good mood.

If you have any physical discomfort after performing acupressure, you should consult your doctor.

  Some acupoints have the effect of improving sexual function Zusanli: located under the knee metatarsal bone, in the lateral depression of the metatarsal ligament, that is, the four fingers below the knee joint, is an important acupoint that can prevent a variety of diseases and strengthen the body.

It has the effects of regulating the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi and invigorating qi, and nourishing kidney and impotence. It can be used to treat male impotence, premature ejaculation, female libido, and weak spleen and stomach.

  Qihai: It is located on the front midline of the lower abdomen, and the middle and lower umbilicus1.

5 inches, has the effect of nourishing qi and helping the yang, regulating menstruation and regulating the classics, and can be used to treat men’s enuresis, impotence, nocturnal emission, synovial ejaculation, women’s amenorrhea, metrorrhagia, bleeding, and neurasthenia.

  Guan Yuan: On the front midline of the lower abdomen, 3 inches below the umbilicus, it has the effects of replenishing qi, replenishing the kidney and strengthening the spleen, and can treat men with hypofunction, premature ejaculation, loss of appetite, and fatigue.

  Middle pole: on the front midline of the lower abdomen, 4 inches below the umbilical cord, it has the effects of warming the Yang, taking Jin to stop the leftovers, and can treat men and women with low sexual function, impotence, enuresis, and inferiority.

  The door to hit: on the posterior midline of the waist, in the depression of the second lumbar spinous process, it has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, warming the kidney and aphrodisiac, and can treat men’s impotence, nocturnal emission, women’s removal, enuresis, frequent urination, irregular menstruation,And strong back pain, cold hands and feet.

  Taixi: recessed behind the foot.

When the internal refractive index is the depression between the Achilles tendon.

It has the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood and nourishing liver and kidney.

It is used to treat nocturnal emission, impotence, irregular menstruation, and can also treat diabetes, hypertension, and prostatic hypertrophy.

  Yongquan: At the bottom of the foot, the depression in the front of the foot when rolling the foot, at the intersection of the front 1/3 and the back 2/3 of the line between the 2nd and 3rd toe seam heads and the heel.

With heat-clearing and sedative effects, it is used to treat premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission and other symptoms, and can also be used to treat dizziness, insomnia, headache and so on.

  Shenshu: Under the spinous process of the second lumbar spine of the waist, open 1 side by side.

5 inches, has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing kidney and nourishing kidney, and has completed the treatment of nocturnal emission, impotence, enuresis, irregular menstruation, leucorrhea, ‘low back pain, waist and knee weakness, dizziness, tinnitus and other symptoms.

  Sanyinjiao: In the calf area, the foot of the inner reset foot is 3 inches above the edge of the osteophyte.

It has the effects of warming the kidneys and aphrodisiac and strengthening qi.

Can be used to treat nocturnal emission, impotence, irregular menstruation, metrorrhagia, and infertility.

The benefits of practicing Tai Chi Kung Fu fans can improve physical functioning

The benefits of practicing Tai Chi Kung Fu fans can improve physical functioning

After dinner, I will always see some middle-aged and old people practicing Tai Chi Kung Fu fans, because Tai Chi fans are anaerobic sports, and the amount of exercise is small. It is very suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. Let’s take a look at the Tai Chi Kung Fu fan.the benefits of.

  Taijiquan’s movements are generous, slow and soft, soft and soft, with the guiding action of the mind, in line with the physiological and health requirements of the human body, can promote the metabolism of the human body, and can also adjust the mood of the human.

Calm in the sense of God and mood, nature, Shen Shu body loose, good for the health of the body.

The difference between the characteristics of Tai Chi and other sports is that the body is relaxed, the mind is quiet, and the physiology is completely immersed in the exercise, so that the brain and the body and the mind are quiet and balanced.

Eliminate the tension of the mind, sorrow, fear, morbid psychology, can regulate the body, make the mood happy, calm, improve immunity, enhance physical fitness, health and longevity.


It can improve the physical function: many movements of Tai Chi fans require higher respiratory system, fast rhythm in exercise, and aerobic metabolic process with large load can stimulate the movement of internal organs. Through long-term exercise, it can make people’s oxygen.The intake increases, the breathing deepens, the number of times decreases, the respiratory muscles increase, and the boots improve the function of the respiratory system.


Improve the spirit of the face: cultivate self-confidence, Tai Chi fan is a very strong performance of the sport, should have a deep sense of performance.

Therefore, self-confidence suddenly becomes very important, building confidence, dare to challenge, and passion from the heart, in order to make the action more powerful.

  3, to stimulate expressiveness: In the Tai Chi fan movement, it stimulates the interest of sports and creates a platform for self-expression.

Through the beautiful body posture, the individual’s sports passion and vitality are fully expressed, and good emotional control is achieved, and the ability to express themselves is improved.

  4, improve people’s balance ability and prevent osteoporosis.

  5, has a bodybuilding role.

In terms of body shape, what are the benefits of practicing Tai Chi fans: height, weight, hips have no significant changes, waist circumference changes significantly, indicating a reduction in the amount of body.

Especially for women, it won’t become thick.

The most important health soup in winter


The most important health soup in winter

Drink some hot soup in winter, both delicious and healthy.

Wang Daokun, chief physician of the Department of Gastroenterology, Affiliated Hospital of Gansu College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, told us that putting a few pieces of dried tangerine peel in the soup can not only improve the taste, but also relieve the stomach disease and treat the cough.

銆€銆€Chenpi, in fact, is the skin of the orange we usually eat. The longer it is placed, the stronger its effect, hence the name Chenpi.

銆€銆€Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Chenpi tastes hard, warm, has the effect of warming the stomach and dispelling cold, qi and spleen, suitable for people with stomach fullness, indigestion, loss of appetite, cough and other symptoms.

Modern research shows that the tangerine peel contains a large amount of volatile oil, orange peel and other components, and its volatile oil has a mild stimulating effect on the metabolic tract, which can promote the secretion of digestive juice, eliminate internal gas and increase appetite.

When adding soup, add about 10 grams of dried tangerine peel.

銆€銆€Need to be reminded that the tangerine peel is warm and dry, there are dry cough without phlegm, dry mouth and other symptoms of yin deficiency constitution should not eat more.

In addition, fresh orange peel does not have the vitamin effect of dried tangerine peel. In addition, because the surface of fresh orange peel is contaminated with pesticides and preservatives, these chemicals are harmful to human health. Therefore, it is not possible to use fresh orange peel instead of dried tangerine peel.

Adjust Yin and Yang sleep regimen


Adjust Yin and Yang sleep regimen

Good sleep is good for health, can improve physical fitness, enable people to have a healthy body, and enjoy a harmonious and happy life.

But an online sleep survey showed that 80% of urban adults sleep unhealthily.

Sleep can adjust yin and yang, and how to have healthy sleep. Experts give everyone a satisfactory answer.

  Sleep is related to the change of natural yin and yang in the Nei Jing: “The yin and yang, the way of heaven and earth, the outline of all things, the parents of change, the beginning of life and death, and the house of gods.

“This shows that the law of yin and yang is suitable for everything in the universe.

Human beings living between heaven and earth must follow the laws of nature.

  Experts say that there are four seasons in a year, and rhythms in the four seasons. The yin and yang of the human body are accompanied by corresponding rhythms, and there are also obvious rhythms.

For example, in the spring when all things recover, people can go to bed late and get up early, and gradually recover; in the summer, everything should be up late, and people should also go to bed late and get up early, and work hard; in the autumn, the vegetation and withering, the yang energy converges.Yang Qi sinks, people should go to bed early and get up late, and don’t consume excessive Yang Qi in the body.

Adapting to the changing seasons of yin and yang in the four seasons will bring great benefits to our health and help us to avoid the invasion of diseases.

  There are many classic articles on sleep regimen in Treasury of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the main point of which is the balance of yin and yang.

“Lingshu · Interrogation”: “Weiqi travels in the day and day in the sun, and in the middle of the night in the yin.

“During the day, it is Yang during the day, and it is Yin at night. Sleep is related to Weiqi walking. During the day, Weiqi walks on Yang Zeyu (wake), and on the night it enters Yin (阴 sleep).

This passage not only tells us the mechanism of sleep, but also explains why we fall asleep at night.

  Sleep is an important means of balancing yin and yang. The invention of the electric light illuminates the night world. Humans work at sunrise, and the habit of resting at sunset has been changed since then.

Today, the accelerated pace of life and the popularity of the Internet have deprived more people of the world of sleep time.

For example, an expert said that a famous cartoonist had to stop interrupting his comic creation because he had too much work in his youth and didn’t pay attention to rest.

After seeing a doctor in Chinese medicine, the doctor told him to sleep well while prescribing the prescription.

As a result, the cartoonist’s physical condition improved greatly after two years of insisting on a normal schedule.

  He said that this is because when the body’s yin and yang are in a relatively balanced state, they can have health.

“Su Wen · Ang Tong Tong Tian Lun” said: “Yin Ping Yang secrets, the spirit is the rule;

“When awakening, yang is active, which is the process of yang consumption. It is a long-term deprivation of sleep, excessive consumption of yang penetration, imbalance of yin and yang, and disease will occur.

This shows the nature of sleep for human health.

  How to improve the quality of sleep by taking a “midday nap”?

Experts tell everyone that insisting on a “midday nap” can improve the quality of our rest.

He explained that the “noon consciousness” is divided into “noon consciousness” and “noon consciousness”.

Child hour refers to 23 hours to 1 two hours.

This is the yin and yang meeting, when the water and fire are in trouble, it is called “heyin”.

This time is the day when the yin is the heaviest. It can nourish the yin most and sleep best. It can do more with less.

  Noon refers to 11 to 13 o’clock. It is also the time when the yin and yang are transferred. It is called “Heyang”. It is the time when the yang is the strongest.

Therefore, lunch break is also a good sleep regimen, but it should not be too long, so as not to affect the night rest.

  Because sleep is related to physical fitness, sleep also varies from person to person.

8 hours of sleep meets the needs of most people. Depending on their physique, some people may sleep longer, and some people may have too much sleep.

He reminded the elderly that through the decline of energy and physical strength, the elderly should not only ensure sleep time, but also pay attention to sleep quality.

In a sense, adequate and sweet sleep is the foundation of healthy longevity.

  Normal life is conducive to sleep and health. Sleep is related to diet, and how much to eat at dinner.

Especially those who have stomach problems or overeating dinner know that it is difficult to have a comfortable and comfortable sleep at night.

Traditional Chinese medicine says that “when you have a stomach discomfort, you feel restless.”

  Expert analysis shows that the stomach seems to be two parallel lines that do not intersect with sleep. How can it affect sleep?According to Chinese medicine, the stomach is lowered, and the stomach is lowered.

People who suffer from stomach problems or eat too much dinner have an upset stomach and are unable to get into sleep and affect sleep.

Therefore, in order to sleep better, dinner should not be full.

  Exercises performed for a certain period of time before bedtime should not prolong mood swings.

Experts suggest that you can sit quietly, take a walk, watch slow-paced TV, listen to slow music, etc. before going to bed, so as to help the body gradually calm down.

Jing is born with yin, while Yin Sheng is embarrassed.

In addition, soaking your feet with warm water before going to bed can speed up the blood circulation of the lower limbs, promote the intersection of the heart and the kidney, and embrace the yin and yang, and sleep can reach the best state.