[Sautéed Beef Noodles]_How to do _ Homely

[Sautéed Beef Noodles]_How to do _ Homely

Beef is a kind of meat that is very common in our daily life, and it is also a kind of meat that people like.

Beef is rich in protein, amino acids, minerals and trace elements.

Regularly eating beef has a certain effect on enhancing the body’s disease resistance, promoting bone development, nourishing the body, and delaying aging.

Beef is rich in texture and has many methods. Stir-fried beef noodles is a method people prefer. Ingredients: beef, onion, red pepper, salt. Production steps: materials are prepared-ginger garlic, old soy sauce, beef, onion, red pepper.

Slice the beef first and slice it to a thickness of approximately 2cm.

Cut into diced beef balls.

Add ginger garlic and salt and marinate for about a quarter of an hour.

Add cooking oil to the wok.

Sauté the beef noodles in the pan and stir-fry while spreading, so that the beef noodles are evenly heated.

The flesh color was transferred to the old soy after it was born.

Finally, add the diced onion and diced red pepper and stir-fry. After 5 minutes, you can put it on the pan and serve.

Pay attention to the uniform size of beef kernels, which are more uniform when heated, marinate before frying, the taste and taste will be better!

The nutritional value of beef1. The protein provided by beef contains all kinds of amino acids. The proportion of various amino acids is basically the same as the proportion of various amino acids in human protein. The sarcosine in it is higher than any food.

2. The trace amount of beef is very low, but it is a source of low-fat linoleic acid and a potential antioxidant.

3. Beef contains minerals and vitamin B group, including niacin, vitamin B1 and riboflavin.

Beef is also the best source of iron needed every day.

4. Beef also contains carnitine.

The benefits of eating beef1, muscle growth beef is particularly effective for muscle growth and strength.

In the first few seconds of training, sarcosine is the source of muscle fuel. It can effectively supplement adenosine triphosphate, which makes the training last longer.

Among them, carnitine is mainly used to support the aunt’s metabolism and produce branched chain amino acids, which is an amino acid that plays an important role in bodybuilding athletes’ muscle growth.

2. Increasing immunity beef can help you strengthen immunity, promote protein metabolism and synthesis, thereby enhancing the body’s recovery after stressful training.

3. Promoting the rehabilitation of beef can improve the body’s resistance to disease, and it is convenient for people who grow and develop after surgery and recuperate after illness to supplement blood loss and repair tissues.

4, iron and blood iron is an essential element for blood production, and beef is rich in iron, eating more beef is helpful for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia.

5. Zinc contained in anti-aging beef is a beneficial synthetic protein, an antioxidant that can promote muscle growth, and has positive significance for anti-aging and cancer prevention; potassium contained in beef has anti-disease effects on the cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and urinary systemsEffect; the contained magnesium can improve the efficiency of insulin anabolic metabolism and help the treatment of diabetes.

6, warm stomach cold winter beef can warm the stomach, is the best tonic in this season.

[Practice of Shrimp and Black Fungus Bean Paste]_Homemade Practice of Shrimp and Black Fungus Bean Paste _Practice of Shrimp and Black Fungus Bean Paste _Practice of Shrimp and Black Fungus Bean Paste

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Gujing Liquor (000596): National high-end high-volume national strategy is stable

Gujing Liquor (000596): National high-end high-volume national strategy is stable

The company’s recent situation On Monday we participated in the company’s shareholder meeting and grassroots research on the Hefei, Luzhou market:

The company’s high-quality base wine production capacity meets the needs of the next high-end rapid volume, internal potential space is connected, and multiple old production areas resume production and focus on high-quality wine production.


Firmly sub-high-end as the core, the nationalization strategy remains unchanged, continuous three-dimensional marketing and promotion, and short-term non-profitability as the core demand.

Brand height and consumer base have improved significantly in the past two years.


The terminal transaction prices of major sub-high-end products such as Gu 8 have decreased in Hefei and other places, and the channel spread has narrowed.

The company took the initiative to control the goods in the second quarter.

Commenting on the trend of sub-high-end popularization, the company’s saturated aggressive marketing is helpful for the card at this price.

The consumption of liquor in mainstream banquet seats in several cities and cities in Anhui is rapidly increasing to 200?
The 300 yuan upgrade has become a popular choice.

Gujing’s sub-high-end revenue scale and brand influence began to significantly exceed the province’s boundaries. Dense product layout and fine channel operations can continue to grasp the possibility of sub-high-end expansion in Anhui.

In 18 years, Gujing’s high-end sales volume was about 8,400 tons, accounting for only about 60 inches of liquor consumption in the province1.

4%, has continued to improve space.

The strategy of markets outside the province has changed and margins have improved.

Change the past budget model based on fixed income for income, focus on the appropriate expansion of Yu Sulu’s scale expansion, and find that the cultivation of brands and consumers does not 杭州桑拿网 pursue a rapid increase in income in the short term.

The company stated that the market adjustment in Henan is effective, and the current marketing thinking is correct, and the company is expected to continue to grow.

The cost reduction structure improves the effectiveness. We expect that the gross profit margin in 19 years will be basically the same every year, and it will continue to increase steadily slightly next year.

At the same time as the second high-end burst growth in the first quarter of 19, the gross profit margin decreased year by year1.

5ppt, mainly due to the one-time increase of multiple costs in the second half of last year, including insufficient production due to environmental protection and limited production, coal to gas, and the increase in the number of employees.Improve gross margin performance.

It is recommended to maintain a sustainable forecast and maintain a target price of 140.

5 yuan, the target price corresponds to 19/20 33.


3xPE, current price corresponds to 19/20 26.


3xPE, target price has 24% growth space, maintain recommendation.

Risk If the product price system continues to decline, it will have an impact on channel profits and brand image.

Sinoma Science & Technology (002080): Wind power volume drives high growth performance and smooth operation of glass fiber

Sinoma Science & Technology (002080): Wind power volume drives high growth performance and smooth operation of glass fiber

Investment Highlights Event: The company disclosed the 2019 first quarter report, reporting and realizing operating income26.

USD 5.6 billion, an annual increase of 27.

40%; net profit attributable to mothers2.

15 ppm, an increase of 45 in ten years.

20%; net profit after deducting non-return to mother 2.

00 ppm, an increase of 52 in ten years.

72%, basic profit income is 0.

17 yuan.

Opinion: The heavy volume of wind power business has driven Q1 performance beyond expectations.

In Q1武汉夜网论坛 19, the company’s revenue reached 26.

560,000 yuan, an increase of 27 in ten years.

40%, net profit attributable to 2.

15 ppm, an increase of 45 in ten years.

20%, a historical high level.

We estimate that the reported growth rate is affected by the improvement of the wind power market. The company ‘s wind power blade sales may increase by nearly 100%. At the same time, considering the upgrade of the product structure and the gross profit margin, the estimated profit level is 40-50 million yuan.The business boom drove the company’s overall performance upward.

We believe that after the company’s blade business has experienced a product update transition period in 2018, its profitability is expected to bottom out in 19 years, and high demand for overlapping demand will bring considerable growth to the company.

Fiberglass business developed steadily.

The downstream demand of the fiberglass business is supported by lightweight vehicles and electronics.

In 2018, the company’s glass fiber output exceeded 80 inches, and the production was increased by 12 on the F06 line, which has the largest single-line production capacity at the end.

Therefore, the actual annual production capacity of the company’s glass fiber has exceeded 90 inches.

Considering that the company’s maximum production capacity of glass fiber products has been maintained at more than 90% for a long time, and the increase in glass fiber production capacity in 19 years has increased by about 12%, we expect that Q1 glass fiber sales growth will increase by about 10%.

With the normal operation of the F06 line in 19 years, overall, the company’s glass fiber product profitability tried to continue to improve.

The effect of scale appears, and the profit rate continues to increase.

In the end, the company continued to adjust its product structure, expand the production capacity of mid-to-high-end products, and at the same time, the appointment of intelligent equipment combined with the change in scale effect, so that the company’s production costs have fallen steadily, and the overall gross profit margin has remained high since it bottomed in 16 years.

In Q1 19, the company’s gross profit margin was 18.

56%, slightly decreased to 0 in the past.

61pct, net interest rate 8.

38%, an increase of 0 every year.

58pct, mainly due to the year-on-year decline in the Q1 rate of 1 year.

61pct up to 18.


Including sales expenses3.

95%, rising by 0 every year.

03pct, financial expenses3.

94%, a decrease of 0 every year.

69pct, overhead cost 10.

51%, a decrease of 0 every year.

94pct, the scale effect continues to appear. Investment suggestion: The company is a leader in blades, binding high-quality wind turbine customers, and has maintained a leading level in reducing the volume for many years. It is expected that it will significantly benefit from the increase in industry demand and the increase in the market share of leading companies.

At the same time, the downstream demand for glass fiber has steadily increased, and lithium batteries have been staggered with the release of production capacity, and profits are expected.

We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent for 2019-2021 will be 13 respectively.

7.1 billion, 16.

3.8 billion and 17.

750,000 yuan, corresponding to the closing price of PE on April 23 is 11.


9 and 9.

1x, maintain the level of “prudent increase” and continue to be bullish.

Risk warning: downstream wind power recovery is less than expected, lithium film business advances less than expected, market competition intensifies

Ski jump can lose weight

Ski jump can lose weight

Ski jump Ski jump can strengthen the lines of your legs (thighs, hips and calves), making everything you do, from climbing stairs to skiing, easy. At the same time, these actions can also accelerate your blood circulation.


Feet are extended tightly, the elbows of the territory are slightly bent, and the palms are facing inward.

The positive pole is bent 4 to 6 feet while swinging backward.


Jump up to the left while turning 30 to 45 degrees to the right in the air.

Take care to keep your tibial joints, fractures and feet at the same angle.


Use your toes to land, bend slightly, and lower your heels.

Stop, then jump up to the right, while turning your entire body to the left in the air.

Continue as if you were sliding down the slope of a snow mountain.

  Daily exercise frequency: In the first week you do, do 10 jumping exercises every other day, and then add 5 jumping exercises every week until you can do 50 jumping exercises each time.

Bits of life detailing slim legs remind: if you have problems with alignment, hip joints, feet or front.

There is nothing better than my favorite yoga to help you relax and regain your strength.

  Action A.

Dog Punch Down Dog Punch Down Exercise can strengthen and break your entire body from head to toe.

After standing all day, I like to feel comfortable after doing this exercise.

Kid’s exercise can soothe your back and shoulder nerves.

  Place your hands and feet on the ground, your hands lightly in front of your front and under your lumbar spine.

Bend your feet and land on your toes.

  Keep your palms pressed to the ground, straighten your legs and lift your waist joint up.

Note that your heels should be slightly off the ground.

  Pull your core position towards your spine.

Let your body form a “V” shape, taking care to keep your tail straight and your tailbone up.

  Keep doing this for 3 to 5 deep breaths.

Go back to the kneeling position, and repeat it twice. Note that you should gently drop your heel to the ground each time.

  Reminder: Seriously doing this action will be tiring, but it doesn’t matter, your aunt consumes a lot of it because of this, it has a good effect on hip lifting and abdomen.

  Action B.

Kneel on the ground, pull your stomach toward your spine, while sitting on your heels, lean your chest against your thighs.

  Put your forehead on the ground and turn your body into a double body, so that your cascade is behind you, with your palms facing up.

Take 5 or more deep breaths and relax.

  Additional exercise: Add a black hair hip exercise, keep straight in front of you, palms down.

  The above exercise requires you to meditate carefully, listen to the elegant music, leave all your worries behind you, and want to be the brightest star on PARTY?

Satisfy your wishes.

6 ways to eat celery health

6 ways to eat celery health

Celery has certain pharmacological and therapeutic value.

Modern pharmacological research shows that celery has the effect of lowering blood pressure and blood lipids.

Because their roots, stems, leaves, and seeds can be used as medicine, they are called “medicines in the kitchen” and “medicine”.

Because of the high calcium and phosphorus content of celery, he has a certain sedative and protective effect on blood vessels, and can strengthen bones and prevent pediatric myelopathy.

Eating celery often, especially celery leaves, is very beneficial for preventing hypertension and arteriosclerosis, and has an adjuvant therapeutic effect.

Celery can be fried and mixed; boiled and boiled; even a small amount of drink.

  Here are a few different ways to eat celery health: 1.

Fried dried celery: 25O grams of celery, 300 grams of dried tofu, light onions, and appropriate amounts of ginger.

Wash the celery and cut off the roots, cut into sections; cut the shredded tofu, cut the onion into sections, and ginger and shoot loose; set the wok on a hot fire, pour in peanut oil, and cook until 70% hot.Add tofu and stir-fry for another 5 minutes. Add celery and stir fry.

The dish is fresh and delicious, has the effect of lowering blood pressure and smoothing the liver, and has a laxative effect, and is suitable for complications such as hypertension and dry stool.


Celery with walnuts: 250 grams of celery and 50 grams of walnut kernels.

Cut the celery into filaments, put it in a boiling water pot, remove it, and put it in a dish. Put the washed walnut kernel and some refined salt, and sesame oil into the mixture.


Celery previous rice porridge: 40 grams of celery, 50 grams of previous rice, and 5 grams of light green.

Pour the peanut oil in the pot and heat, scallion, add rice, water, salt, and cook into porridge.

This dish has the effect of clearing away heat and water, and can be used as an auxiliary food therapy for patients with hypertension and edema.


Jujube in celery pot: 200-400 grams of celery, 50-100 grams of red dates, take soup in portions.

In addition to treating hypertension, it can also treat acute jaundice hepatitis and cystitis.


Celery gravy: 150 grams of celery, 50 ml of cream, 150 ml of milk, and an appropriate amount of flour.

Boil the celery with 150 ml of water, add salt, cream and 2 spoons of flour into the milk, pour into the celery soup together, and serve immediately.

This soup is light and palatable, delicious and appetizing.


Fresh celery apple juice: 250 grams of fresh celery, 1-2 apples.

Place fresh celery in boiling water and blanch for 2 minutes, chop and squeeze green apple juice, 1 cup each time, 2 times a day.

Can lower blood pressure, calm the liver, sedate, dissolve, and antiemetic, diuretic.

It is suitable for patients with hypertension, dizziness, headache, facial flushing, and mental excitement.

Three rules of toes, stay healthy forever

“Three rules” of toes, stay healthy forever

Poor maintenance of both feet can easily lead to various diseases.
Because the toes are farthest from the heart, some people’s hypertension is caused by microcirculation disorders in the toes or ankle joints, and even colds start from the feet.
The Yongquan point in the center of the foot can not only exhaust turbid gas underground, but also absorb clear gas from underground.
  People rarely move their toes consciously.
Therefore, many diseases are caused by less toe activity, such as pain in the feet, numbness of the toes, sweating, corns, foot pads, heel pain, heel cracks, phlebitis, varicose veins (especially standing workers), etc.
  Toe exercises is to move your toes in a certain way to improve human health.
Toe exercises are divided into three parts: dynamic, static, and independent exercise. We can also call it the “three rules” of toe exercise.
  The first big rule: When standing still, both toes are tilted upwards or alternately.
Sitting on the toes is the same as above.
Especially when using a computer or in a radio, television or other work environment with high electromagnetic field strength, not only manual, but also toes should be swayed with force to enhance the bioelectricity in the body to resist the interference of the external magnetic field on the body’s micromagnetic field balance.
  When you go to bed late and get up early, you can set aside a certain amount of time, scratch your back with your toes or press the back of your two toes with your big toe-bounce down 100-200 times.
  The second big rule: When walking at every turn, the toes are tilted up once each time the feet are off the ground. You can also do this when jogging, and when you go up and down stairs.
When riding a bicycle, when you step on the pedals forward, press your toes down once, and when you lift the pedals from bottom to back, you can tilt your toes up once.
This action is not difficult and has no side effects. If you persist for a long time, you will gain something.
  The third major rule: People who have toeds on their toes independently of their age can easily fall when walking or standing without exercising their ability to move independently. One of the reasons is that the speed of cerebellar atrophy has accelerated.
The center of human balance is in the cerebellum, and it is easy to overcome this shortcoming by often practicing independent movements.
Middle-aged and elderly people are unstable when they first practice Taijiquan.
Therefore, if the elderly want to delay cerebellar atrophy, they should practice independent movements (beginners need to be close to the table or wall to prevent falling), as follows: 1.
One leg is independent, the other leg is flat, and the lower leg naturally sags.
With the ankle joint as the axis, the toes are tilted upwards, and at the same time, the feet are tilted upwards, and then pressed downwards to return upwards once.
Repeat this action 16 times.
Then change the other leg to stand on its own, flatten the other leg, and repeat the same action as above, or do several times on the left leg.
Then exchange the other leg for independence, flatten the other leg, the lower leg will naturally sag, take the ankle as the axis, kick the shuttlecock inward, then turn outward, return to turn inward once.
Do this 16 times.
With the ankle joint as the axis, use the foot to rotate the foot inward 16 times.
The action is the same as above, but the direction is changed to rotate outward.
  After the independent stability is enhanced, you can do the first action and the second action together.
With the exercise of independent movement, the stability will be stronger, you can do three movements or four movements together.
With the enhancement of stability, you can also increase the forward or split pedal (toe up, step forward with the heel).
  After independent exercise, you can delay cerebellar atrophy and relieve natural aging.
After the stability is strengthened, it will not be easy to fall.
  Toe health law is suitable for everyone.
It’s better to start from middle and young age.
People who cannot go out due to climate change (high wind, rain, snow) or other reasons can also practice at home.

The illusion of skin care makes your face rotten!


The illusion of skin care makes your face rotten!

Using “illusion”, we hide our shortcomings and create beautiful alternatives.

However, you know that if you have a psychological illusion during the skin care process, it will be a serious problem.

Take a look at the sixteen types of skin care illusions here, and ask yourself how many of them.

  1. Any soap will irritate the skin: At present, there are many types of soaps on the market, most of which contain moisturizing ingredients, which will not dry the skin like in the past. Many soaps launched by companies are mild in nature and can also be used to clean the face.

  2, your skin care products should come from the same series: the key to the choice of skin care products is to see if it suits your skin. You don’t have to stick to the same series of the same brand. Use whatever you think is good!

  3. If you do n’t use makeup, just use water to clean the skin: In fact, water can make the skin fresh and moisturized, but it ca n’t clean the skin. Oil stains will cause the towels to wash your face. You need to use some cleanser that can degreaseproduct.

  4, skin desquamation is not a disease: people with oily skin who clean too much or use shrinkage repair water will cause the surface layer of the skin to dry and appear to peel off.

However, regardless of your skin type, desquamation along the hairline can be dermatitis, and double scaling on the nose can be eczema.

If the skin continues to be dry and desquamated, we recommend that you see a doctor.

  5. Anti-wrinkle cream can remove wrinkles: What anti-wrinkle cream can really do is just to nourish the skin, temporarily make the skin smooth and smooth the fine lines.

In addition to the generation of wrinkles, in addition to the greatest impact of time, ultraviolet light is a lethal killer, so to prevent aging, comprehensive sun protection is the best policy.

  6, the skin is always not clean enough: Many people think that the more frequently the face is washed, the hotter the water temperature is, it will help the skin, which will result in a “plateau face” and the skin will become dry and sensitive.

In fact, washing once in the morning and evening is enough.

  7, oily skin does not need to use body lotion: oily skin will also encounter the problem of dryness, especially in air-conditioned rooms, so it is necessary to add proper moisturization.

There are also many refreshing moisturizers, especially suitable for oily skin.

  8. Natural skin care products are most suitable for sensitive skin: skin care products made from plants and herbs are really good, but it is wrong to think that they are most suitable for sensitive skin.

Because you may be allergic to certain chemical products, and it is entirely possible that you are allergic to plant pollen.

  9. Need to use eye cream after 25 years old: Unless you are 20 years old, you may also need eye cream, because the skin around the eyes is very thin and is one of the first places where wrinkles appear.Moisturizing, easy to dry, and ordinary moisturizers may be too greasy, so that eyes become swollen and produce traces.

  10, face repair liquid can close pores: do not think pores are a door, you can open and close at will.

The beauty liquid or shrinkage water only slightly shrinks the skin and makes the pores look small. This effect will not last for long, and the skin will return to its original state.

  11. The black objects on the cotton ball are all dirt: Black objects always look scary, especially when you rub the cleansing lotion, it becomes the best way for the counter lady to promote the product.

In fact, some of the blacks reflected on the cotton balls are dirt, and some are only residual cosmetics, dead skin bacteria and oil.

  12, conditioner can repair split hair: after the hair splits, it is impossible to heal by conditioner, the only alternative is to cut off the split ends.

  13. Regular skin care in beauty salons: it can promote healthy skin care, deep facial cleansing, promote blood circulation, relax you and get psychological satisfaction. If you think your skin will be significantly improved for medical treatment, you will probably be disappointedOh!

  14. Everyone should use repair water: Repair water works well to remove residues after cleansing, but if you do n’t wear makeup or use a cleansing surface that is easy to rinse, you do n’t need to use repair water.

  15. The more moisturizer you apply, the better: how much the skin needs to absorb the moisturizer, if you apply it too much, only pores will appear, and acne and eye swelling will occur.

So, start with less.

  16, blackheads can only be removed by squeezing: the correct cleaning method can prevent acne, it is best to use formyl peroxide acne treatment equipment to dry them off, do not advocate the use of squeezing.

Ten Workplace Amulets

Ten Workplace Amulets

When many people hear “office politics,” the first reaction is to avoid fear and be afraid of getting caught in the office. They are unwilling to get involved in the office. But unfortunately, people with this idea do not recognize themselves and followThe fact that others are on the same boat.

     Those office workers who want to protect themselves and keep their ears clean are not only seeking benevolence, staying away from the circle of right and wrong, and may even lose their work somehow, and it is not clear why.

You don’t need to follow others to cause trouble, but don’t think that you can stay away from cleanliness because the office storm never has eyes.

  Office survival depends on the intelligent office environment. Since the environment is composed of people, the behavior of each individual will inevitably affect other people’s ideas, the overall atmosphere, and the progress of work. I want to shine in the workplace. In addition to a little talent, it is more important.There are also many invisible abilities such as personality, emotional quotient (EQ), socializing, and so on.

Talent and professional ability can only add points to your competition when you are new to the workplace. When you formally become a warrior in the working arena, the ability to really survive you is actually: intelligence.

The test of office politics is the ability of office workers to adapt, coordinate and so on.

     Every enterprise has the difficulty of limited resources and the problem of uneven distribution. It is not surprising to use some means to increase the individual’s competitive advantage.

Every company has two types of organizational structure: the formal organizational structure can be represented by diagrams, and the informal organizational structure is the interpersonal relationship. To illustrate, office politics is nothing more than making friends that are good for your career.Resentment among colleagues.

     Office workers should be aware of the fact that political behavior in the office is the norm. It is strange that there is no political activity. Those who close their eyes and pretend that there is no office politics are no different than crossing the road without looking at traffic lights or when a typhoon strikesBut not paying attention to the news of heavy rain and earth and rock flow is just as dangerous.

  Make good connections and never complain. Therefore, as you overcome your fear of office politics, it is better to let go of all disdain and helplessness, and join in and enjoy office politics.

Office politics is difficult to master but not complicated.

What is office politics?

It’s an attitude of dealing with others, it’s difficult to cope with the advancement and retreat, it is indispensable to hurt people, and indispensable to prevent others. In short, it is to make friends, especially those who can be at the core of power, such as yours.Boss, be your mentor.

     General office politics are divided into two categories.

One is the Office of Heiheology, which teaches people how to achieve success by any means. They are outstanding, even if they are intriguing, cheating and cheating, and sacrificing their friends. The other is like Carnegie, who looks at it from a more optimistic and positive perspectiveWorkplace politics.

The two approaches are different from person to person, so you don’t have to be too wasteful. The ideal attitude is to “moderately participate” in office politics, but you also need to know how to protect yourself from time to time.

  For this reason, the career emergency room especially fell into Huangquan and fell to Huangquan. He asked for 10 workplace amulets for readers and published office political albums twice.

Even if it is not effective, you have to see each one to experience it.

  The first amulet-there is no typhoon in office politics: stay away from things and be indifferent: be kind to others and be smart, but the truth is that there is no real neutral country on the planet and there are no people in the office who can protect themselves.There is no so-called “typhoon eye” in the storm circle to hide.

     Many people naively believe that as long as they are professional and down-to-earth, and do not cause trouble, one day the boss will notice my piece of jade, but the end result is often contrary to expectations, because professionalism is not the only indicator of promotion, hidingBehind the computer, not communicating with colleagues will not make you a leader, manager.

  Others say that office politics is an intrigue that only exists at the top. It has nothing to do with our employees at the grassroots level. In fact, the management has political science at the management level, and the grass-roots employees also have political questions at the grass-roots level.

     Since the organization is a combination of people, everyone has their own priorities and interests. If you ca n’t learn how to coordinate the relationship between people, do n’t be fooled.

     Office workers should be aware of the fact that there is no onlooker in office politics. This is a game where you will be automatically judged without leaving the competition.

For those who want to be alone, the end may be forgotten by everyone, and even one day you have to roll your feet.

     We are definitely not advocating office workers to make waves in the office. Every battle must be with you. You don’t have to end the scuffle, but you must stay informed and respond to changes.

  The second amulet-you have created a team, and the team can also achieve you: openly small groups should: try to save a network of passbooks. The well-known accountant Ruan Lufang Zhou on the island led a team of 109 people to change jobs, causing a shock in the accounting profession.Ruan Lu’s team accounted for one-eighth of the performance of the old owner Zhongxin United Accounting Firm, and the annual visa income was as high as 1.

800 million Taiwan dollars.

This is the best alternative for each other to complement each other.

     It ‘s always a difficult dilemma to engage in a small circle in the company. Confucius said: “The gentleman is not a group”, but the team work requires everyone to work together. If you want to fly Huang Tengda without the help of your team, it will be difficult to achieve.
To recognize the success of the team is the success of the individual. The higher the individual’s contribution to the team, the greater the weight in the team. In addition, remember to attribute credit and glory to the team’s partners.

     If you are a newcomer who still understands the situation, don’t rush to set up your own small group or join other people’s circles, in case you accidentally commit a high-level taboo, step on someone else’s territory, or even choose the wrong side station,Then don’t want to mess around in the office.

The first thing is to first understand the partisan ecology in the company. The suggestion of conscience is to maintain a good relationship with each colleague. Try not to be labeled with factional labels. Unless the environment is strong and weak, of course, choose “watermelon.””Big side”!

  The third amulet-saliva is misfortune. Beware of misfortunes. Spoil the mouth from mischief: spread the rumors: but ask others about personal matters, don’t show off your personal plight. Be careful not to share your own private affairs in the office, or spread gossip among colleagues.This kind of behavior will unconsciously push yourself into a dangerous situation.

But you should definitely open your ears and seal your mouth tightly. “Ear pouting” is not only an adult teaching children, but also one of the survival methods of the office jungle.

     Gossip has always been the common topic of communication between colleagues. Especially in the tea room and toilet, these two “personal rooms” are often the largest distribution center for rumors and the “secret garden” where everyone talks about their bosses.

However, even if you have suffered a lot in the office, and you are full of bitterness, you should not complain to your colleagues for two reasons. The complaint sounds like a stink. Everyone can avoid it.The office is not where you look for a psychologist. Some people think that exchanging thoughts with each other is the guarantee of the alliance between the two, but what if two people cease to be friends one day?

The secrets of the past became the handle of the other party.

     Therefore, no matter how good your personal relationship with your boss or how deep your relationship is, don’t go public in the company.If you are in good conditions, work hard, and produce beautiful results, you don’t want the results of your hard work to be attributed to the “special relationship” with your boss!

In case there is a misunderstanding or friction between you and your boss, and someone who knows you knows, it is hard to guarantee that it will not be a substitute for the topic being used or the hype, and it will not do you any good.

     You can listen more to gossip, but not more.

The so-called “worry comes out of the mouth”, saliva is a veritable “worry,” whether it is placed in your own private affairs or reciting the right and wrong, you may embed yourself into the danger of losing words, but also have some danger.Be proud to be the center of the gossip, explore the gossip everywhere, and beware of being used.

  The fourth amulet-take responsibility, but do n’t blame it: dodge the blame, let the soles of your feet greasy: take the responsibility at the appropriate time, and show the sincerity to solve the problemA well-trained hand is always able to push the work easily, and the responsibilities are pushed to the ground, like slippers.

There must be uneven work and rest in the workplace, and you ca n’t guarantee that you never make mistakes at work. At this time, the ownership of responsibility often causes friction and unhappiness among colleagues. If you make mistakes, a good attitude can make up for all your mistakes.But do n’t rush to push the blame on others. When you say “it ‘s all your fault”, do n’t forget to point out only the index finger, and the other four fingers are pointing at you. The worst thing is that you have committed it yourself.It’s wrong to try to cover up the facts. To lie, one has to use a hundred lies to round the first lie. Who can be sure that every lie can be knitted seamlessly?

  It is impossible for people not to make mistakes, and your boss also knows this. Sometimes, the courage to admit mistakes will leave a deep impression on colleagues and supervisors, and build a responsible image. But admitting mistakes should be justified.I do n’t know, I’m afraid that I will become the king of the black pot.

     Sometimes helping the boss to carry a black bag is also a way of retreating, but how to carry a black bag?

Who can I help?

It ‘s all about learning. The black pot is well backed. One day, when the boss turns over, you also follow the chickens and dogs to rise to the sky;

  Fifth Amulet-Are you a bright spot or a dark spot in the workplace?

  Don’t: One person can do all the credit. Should be good at performance. Inviting merit to the LCD at the right time. When choosing an LCD screen, you are most afraid of buying defective products with bright or dark spots.

If you want to be a “first-class star” in the workplace, naturally you need to do more to improve your visibility.

     If you think you are a work place, do n’t be so stupid and wait for the appearance of Bole, naively thought that working hard will eventually become famous all over the world. You must know that Bole also often faces self-care injuries or is waiting for it.Their Bole.

A moderately prosperous way to create opportunities for yourself and help your personal career.

     The so-called “man needs clothes, and Buddha needs gold clothes.” In modern society, all goods are sold by packaging, not to mention that in a highly competitive workplace, you don’t want to “sweat” and be “salted” by others.
When you make a certain achievement or complete the task ahead of time after hard work, don’t forget to do personal public relations. The meeting occasion is a rare stage, timely grasp the opportunity of occurrence, show your personal ability, and only be able to speak with a voice.Come to the boss’s attention.

  However, if the front is too strong, it may lead to jealousy. If you treat your colleagues in a timely manner, you can win favor. It can also be considered as buying a policy. “Blessed are everyone, but it is difficult to be your own.”With your boss, improve and mention your contribution, the boss remembers you, colleagues appreciate you, next time you have a chance, your brightness will be revealed!

Don’t be afraid that others will criticize you for your great achievements. If your efforts are not seen by your colleagues and supervisors, then you should worry about your talents being buried.

  Office politics is difficult to master, but it is not complicated. In short, it is to make good connections. You do n’t have to follow others to cause trouble, but do n’t think that you can stay out of cleanliness because office storms have never beenDoes not have eyes.
  The career emergency room unit was particularly poor and Huangquan fell, and asked readers for 10 workplace amulets. Continuing the office politics topic launched by the career emergency room last week. Occupation will today exclusively disclose the last 5 workplace amulets for you.Can be good fortune and avoid danger in the workplace.
Even if it is not effective, you have to see each one to experience it.

  The sixth amulet-treat your peers as teammates, but not your opponents: crowded out, people are always crowded out: it is better to have one more friend than one to have the same age and the same conditions in the same office is an annoying thingEveryone will compare the two of you. Slowly, people who have no heart knot will also be infected with unnatural emotions.

In fact, the colleagues in the office are originally a cooperative and competitive relationship. If you look at it from a different perspective and look at the competitive relationship with a healthy mindset, when your colleagues’ ability is getting stronger and stronger, it is tantamount to improving you invisibly.

What’s more, in the era of competition, we should not limit our eyes to colleagues under one roof. Instead, we should treat the global elite as real competitors. In this way, we naturally do not need to treat colleagues as “enemy”.
  With a small amount of measure, people who crowd out colleagues will certainly be crowded out by others; it will be difficult for a colleague to stand in the office when facing colleagues who face obstacles to their future.

For those who have a competitive relationship with themselves in the office, do not prevent trying to praise him or ask him to do a small favor, it can often magically resolve each other’s hostility. In the workplace, reducing the value of an enemy is better thanAdd a friend.

  A more positive attitude should be to put energy on challenging higher goals, the real enemy will always wait for ambush outside your sight, why not save the strength of internal competition over development?

  Seventh Amulet-You can have ambitions, don’t show your bogey: Exaggerate, talk everywhere: high performance, low profile Everyone wants to make the first day, but in the office, if they reveal their ambitions for a career or position too much,It is generally acknowledged to defy colleagues, bosses, and make colleagues wary of you. Even the boss has to worry about whether you secretly beat his high position, beware of you, or even upset you and outsource.

  It is a good thing to make a big move and try to be strong. You can have ambitions but not reveal them. Be strong in everything and seek performance. Instead, you will have a strange vision. You may be confused. Is it wrong to be positive?

Basically, positive is a work attitude that is worth encouraging, but it should be manifested in the work within the branch. If you are active enough to cross the border and snatch others’ jobs, you will make others feel threatened by the impact of the company, look at the past or compare your mindSmall people will even pull your hind legs secretly, playing small movements to hinder your work.

  Everyone has ambitions, but unfortunately the promotion has always been that there are too many monks.

The best way is to do your job properly and maintain excellent performance, but keep a low profile and don’t give others a sense of threat. “Able people” can do big things, not big words.

  The eighth amulet-companion like a tiger and a bogey: every time you slap a horse, Ai Meiyi: not humble, not courageous, courageous to communicate and not afraid of conflict.

  In front of the boss, you don’t have to be conscious of the dwarf to communicate with your superiors. As long as you consider “time, location, and harmony,” most of the time, you will succeed.

The so-called time is “opportunity”. Don’t pick the boss to talk to him when he is angry, he will only touch his nose for nothing.

Geography is an “occasion”. If it is not appropriate to happen in a public place, it is best to find the boss’s free time in private, or use the noon to invite the boss to have lunch outside.

Renhe is a “topic”. You must first understand the personality of your boss before you know where to apply it.

  In addition, do n’t think that only when you spit the boss ‘s groove can you challenge the authority of the boss. When the boss scolds someone, sometimes your explanation will only make him more angry. Sometimes, when the boss is angry and swears,Hippie smiled and said to him, “Thank you!

“Instead he made him angry for a moment.   The so-called “high altitude is too cold”, sometimes the boss in the high position will feel lonely, and there will be unknown bitterness. If you can put yourself in the position from the perspective of the boss, maybe you will find a suitable entry point and let the boss see you.Such as close friends.

  The ninth amulet-the higher level performance, the more urgent the slower to avoid: quick merits and gains, criminal infringement should be appropriate: take it slowly, faster If you have a boss who does not seem to be capable, not only can not help you grow in your career,Still stuck your way to promotion, it really makes people jump.

If he feels that you are his potential enemy, I’m afraid he will still be against you everywhere. If he is self-assertive or dedicated, he may want to contact his boss directly beyond his boss.The behavior is not uncommon and may be encouraged and praised by the organization, but in Eastern society, it is a taboo for soldiers.

  You surpassed your boss and put forward your own planning ideas, thinking that the boss puts forward your courage and talents. You do n’t know how to do this, offend your boss, your colleagues are disdainful. The boss also thinks that your planning ideas are not good, and you are not a person.

  Some roles can only be played by people sitting in a certain chair; some decisions can only be made by people with a certain identity; in some cases, only certain types of people can lead the way.It will be counterproductive. It is better to perform the appropriate role in the organization and wait for the lights of your own.

  The tenth amulet-adapt to extra work when flying outside the sky. Don’t be afraid to say no, it’s better to be a slave worker: Mark the bottom line and properly evaluate. When your boss tells you that you are not in the job, there are usually two situations. One isIdentify with your ability and give you the challenge of transcending your position; the other is that he fakes public welfare and treats you as a young girl, asking you to help him handle personal matters.

  The ideal situation is that you do a good job and perform well, and get the feedback you deserve in the future, such as a new position or new job opportunity, or you have helped the boss in private, he will return in the futureYou alone.

But things may not be as good as you think. Some of you took on extra work and thought that you would be appreciated by the boss. As a result, the boss was not used for nothing, or you were treated as a free Filipino maid., Pick up and drop off the child and temporary nanny for him.

  It is also possible that your colleagues will help you in private with emotional intelligence. You are embarrassed to say no. You are worried that rejection will affect your relationships. You think that this will strengthen the friendship of your colleagues.
  To help in private, you can only do it occasionally, and you need to let the other party know that you are selling him, and you ca n’t raise his appetite. When you refuse, you still have to understand and say no. When the other party knows your bottom line,Naturally, they will not be tempted again and again.

  There is a case where you should do extra work even without compensation, and that is when you want to focus on a certain position without relevant background or any advantage.

For example, you are now just a switchboard lady, but you want to be a business person in the company. You can express to the supervisor that you are willing to work in the business without pay. When you have certain experience and also prove your ability to the head of the department, naturallyOpportunity transfer to formal business.

How to resolve the impact of the tragedy of life on us


How to resolve the impact of the tragedy of life on us

I often write in my article that the truth is forever No.


The truth of the tragedy of life will make us painful and painful, so it is easy for us to deny the truth of the tragedy and avoid suffering, and the most common form of denial is to strive to create “alternatives.”

銆€銆€For example, Dad is not good, it is very painful, so I am eager to change my father, but this wish has not been fulfilled, so I am eager to change the same man as Dad.

As a result, there was a violent father in childhood, and it was easy to fall in love with violent men at first sight.

There are many reasons for this result, and one very important reason is the persistence of 鈥渢ransformation鈥? which is that we have to complete a transformation dream.

The woman mentioned above had four forced repetitions of “husband hitting his wife” in his life. The first time was that Dad beat his mother, and the third time was that her three husbands beat her. The last husband was a good man.But she must first portray him as a bad man, and then go to play the game of transformation.

銆€銆€The most effective way to end this negative thought is not to play a positive game, but to accept the truth, that is, to admit that you have a bad father, accept that this is a fact that cannot be changed.
銆€銆€When the complete acceptance happens, we will automatically come up with a new idea in our hearts, but this idea is not automatically created by us, but it is automatically generated when the truth is completely accepted. This kind of thought is incredible.The power will free us from the entanglement of pain in an instant.

銆€銆€Perhaps, if the woman completely accepts that she has a bad father, she reinvents the man and completely loses interest, so the bad man’s attraction to her does not exist, she can take energy from this unfortunateFreed from entanglement.
Since then, she has had a game of positive thinking.

However, it must be the expert that the most positive “thinking” is not what her heart has come up with, but it still naturally emerges.

銆€銆€German psychologist Eckhart Tolley, desperate to the extreme at the age of 29, felt unhappy and had the idea of suicide.

However, when it was completely desperate, a miracle happened and he was relieved in an instant.

銆€銆€This miracle of Eckhart-Toli, I discussed with some high-ranking people, they unanimously admit that if he still has any thoughts of his own initiative, liberation will not happen, only full and complete acceptance can be achieved.This realm.

銆€銆€I am in the story of Z, one of the seven articles of my soul: one of the purest sorrows to help you say goodbye to the tragic past, and is called the miracle of Eckhart-Toli, she is in elementary school.When I want to commit suicide in the fourth grade, I will automatically get rid of it in total sadness.

銆€銆€Obsessed with “thinking” will be “blind” in psychotherapy, and the term is close to positive thinking, one is “positive intention” and the other is “positive imagination.”

But neither of these methods ignores the negative A and develops a positive B. On the contrary, both recognize the true communication behind the negative A and ultimately promote inner harmony.

銆€銆€And, can we induce other existences to resonate with ourselves through 鈥渢hinking鈥?

The power of the universe is too mysterious. We don’t talk about this. Let’s talk about our resonance with others.

銆€銆€Give an example of a decade of love for Xu Zhimo.

He believes that Lin Huiyin is the answer to his happy life, and he is extremely attached to her.

It is a pity that the thoughts happen in one, because Lin Hui feels that in the face of Xu Zhimo, only his “mind” exists, and she does not exist, but everyone is eager to exist, so she refused Xu Zhimo.

銆€銆€Taiwanese writer Zhang Defen wrote in her spiritual novel “Meet the Unknown Self”: Dear, there is no one outside, only you.

The meaning of this sentence is also the wish that the world you see and the world around you are your heart to guide you through.

銆€銆€This kind of view has some truth, because we really shape the world around ourselves according to our own heart.

However, in my opinion, unless we can feel the true existence of others, our thirst for happiness is always empty.

Because happiness means harmony with another person or thing, and when we are too attached to our own ideas, does others still exist?

銆€銆€In fact, a positive mind is not a supreme realm.

A better realm, in my words, is simple, in the words of the Indian philosopher Krishnamurti, it is empty silence and meditation, and in the words of the Ming philosopher Wang Yangming, it is “this heart does not move, random and move.”

銆€銆€What does that mean?

That is, there is a truth in this world. If my heart is in a state of emptiness, my heart is pure, and the truth of others and even all things will be noticed by me at the first time. Then I can make a choice.It is natural to be attracted to the perception of goodness, and to be naturally far from being aware of evil.

銆€銆€Moreover, “the heart does not move” is very important, because the heart is moving, what you see is your desire, not the existence of other beings.

銆€銆€Some people may say that a positive heart is not very good?

In doing so, my opinion is that obsessive positive thoughts will form a barrier that will prevent you from meeting the world.

For example, you are always thinking positively, the water is really sweet, which will make you always taste the sweetness when you drink water.

This looks very good.

But when a stinking water is in front of you, you will not be aware of the existence of stinky water because of the positive thoughts of “sweet water”.銆€銆€The estimated resignation of the movie “Secret”, the law of attraction is the mystery of the success of countless celebrities, including Newton and Einstein.

But at least in their laws of physics that confront the world, Newton and Einstein did not have the idea first and then argued about their own thoughts, but the result of their natural reflection when they included themselves in the field of research.

銆€銆€Several of my friends have gone to the famous spiritual classes.

When they came back, they seemed to have changed dramatically, and they were a lot more happy, but I found that they seemed to be indulging in a happy and erratic state, and their ability to perceive things around them dropped a lot.

This kind of happiness is a wall that interferes with their relationship with other things.

銆€銆€Therefore, it is good to think that things are good, and the law of attraction is fascinating, not what is great.

On the road to self-growth, addition is important, and subtraction is more important. We must know our own hearts and touch the painful content instead of simply ignoring them.

Just, understanding them is just to let them go.

Just as a pustule is already an independent existence, if you ignore it, it will become more and more serious, and once it is cut, it will have its impact on itself to the lowest point.

銆€銆€American psychologist Yalong said that he and his wife often play an “imaginary dinner” game, set up to hold a family banquet, specializing in the participants of the class, and after decades, they found that any one hasThe person in question can easily fill a table, but the only person who is truly happy can never get together.

銆€銆€This shows that it is easy to master the “law of attraction” and become a person who feels good about yourself, but it is much harder to become a guest at Yalong’s happy dinner.

(Internship Editor: Deng Biqin)