Yanghe Shares (002304): Fourth-quarter revenue was slightly lower than expected, saving foreign markets continues to exert force

Yanghe Shares (002304): Fourth-quarter revenue was slightly lower than expected, saving foreign markets continues to exert force

Event: The company announced the results report for 2018 and realized a real operating income of 241.

22 trillion, with the same increase of 21.

10%; net profit attributable to mother 81.

5.0 billion, an increase of 22.


Q4 revenue was 31.

5.6 billion, an increase of 3.

82%, net profit attributable to mother is 10.

6.6 billion, an increase of 1.


Affected by the macro economy, the fourth quarter revenue was slightly higher than expected.

There are two main reasons for the 18Q4 revenue growth rate: 1) The Mid-Autumn Festival has a certain impact.

In terms of time, the 17th Mid-Autumn Festival is at the beginning of October, and the 18th Mid-Autumn Festival is at the end of September. The 17Q4 revenue base is relatively high. In addition, the 18Q4 company actively controls the price of goods sorting products, resulting in a decrease in 18Q4 revenue growth rate.

If Q3 and Q4 are combined, the income growth of Q3 and Q4 in 18 for the same period in 2017 is 14 in the same period.


2) According to grassroots research, due to macroeconomic impact, since the end of 18 years, the business needs of some regions in the province have eased, thereby improving the company’s mid-to-high-end product growth rate.

In terms of products, the company’s short-term dream blue growth rate is more than 50%, the sky blue small double-digit growth, the sea blue large number growth, dream blue in the blue classic income ratio increased to 1Above 3, the improvement of the overall product structure is still more significant.

The new Jiangsu market is developing, and the nationalization process can be expected.

In 19 years, the company still faced certain sales pressure inside the province, especially the Nanjing market was faced with a positive resistance from this world. It is expected that the domestic revenue saved in the spring will be basically the same as the same period last year,深圳桑拿网 and some regions have a slight margin.

Key markets outside the province, such as Shandong, Jiangxi, and Henan, have performed well. The overall growth rate of the markets outside the province is expected to be around 20%, and the company’s nationalization process is progressing smoothly.

At present, the proportion of income outside the province has reached 50%, and it is expected to surpass the province in 19 years.

After years of brand building, the company’s Haitianmeng single products have formed a national brand influence, and the company’s growth has long ceased to rely on a single provincial market, and has achieved flowering growth outside the province.Resistance to risk.

Although the growth in the province is under pressure in the short term due to the intensified competition, the company has the advantage in 深圳桑拿洗浴网 brand and market operation capabilities, and is expected to stand out from the adjustment of the industry, and has great potential for national development.

Earnings forecast and grade: The net profit forecast for 18-20 years is slightly reduced, and the adjusted EPS is 5.

38 yuan / 6.

29 yuan / 7.

25 yuan, corresponding to 20 for PE.

43X / 17.

48X / 15.

16 times.

We are optimistic about the company’s medium- and long-term development potential and maintain a “Buy” rating on the company.

Risk Warning: Nationalization Progress Exceeds Expectations, Macroeconomic Growth Speeds Up

Tielong Logistics (600125) Annual Report Comments: Performance Meets Expectations, Optimistic about the Company’s Continuous and Steady Growth

Tielong Logistics (600125) Annual Report Comments: Performance Meets Expectations, Optimistic about the Company’s Continuous and Steady Growth
Event: The company achieved operating income of 156 in 2018.38 ppm, an increase of 33 in ten years.8%; net profit attributable to mother 5.08 million yuan, an increase of 53 in ten years.5%.Of which 18Q4 operating income was 35.96 ppm, an increase of 14 years.6%; net profit attributable to mother 1.0 ppm, an increase of 88 in ten years.3%. In the 18 years, the freight volume of the Shaying Line increased steadily, and the settlement method was reformed to improve the profit center of freight.In 2018, the total number of sands on the line reached 5,440, with an annual increase of +8.42%; gross profit from railway freight and port logistics business4.42 trillion, ten years +92.57%, one of the reasons for the increase in profit is from the increase in freight volume, and the second is due to the reclassification of revenue and costs due to changes in settlement rules. We estimate that the new clearing house will contribute about 1 of gross profit.9 trillion, accounting for 58% of the expected increase in gross profit. Special container capacity expansion, real estate thickening profits, commissioned processing will control the scale.In 2018, the company’s special box delivery volume was +38 for two years.The special case business maintained a rapid growth of 6%; the special case production capacity was on the rise, and the special case purchase volume in 2017/2018 was 1.7/2.10,000 boxes, as of the end of the year, the number of special boxes has increased to 80,000, and the box structure has continued to be optimized, and the development prospect is broad.76 ppm, + 21% a year, gross margin increased by 0.95pct, special case will become an important profit point of the company.18 years of real estate business sales, good repayment, realized 0 gross profit.6.7 billion, +60 per year.2%, as of 2018H1 Dalian, the removal rate of Taiyuan real estate projects was 89.2% and 37.5%.18 years commissioned processing business to achieve gross profit1.6.8 billion, up from +37.3%, 南京桑拿网 according to the company’s 2019 business plan, the commissioned processing may control the scale and reduce operating risks. Looking at the “revolution of iron” effect over a long period of time, the sandy line has high elasticity to promote release.The maximum capacity of the Shaying Line is 8,500 tons, and there is still 40% of the capacity utilization space. Since 2018, the “transit iron” has accelerated, which will continue to drive the supply of goods to the railway, and the highly flexible achievements of the Shaying Line are released. Investment suggestion: With the accelerated advancement of “transit to iron”, we are optimistic about the high profit elasticity of the company’s Sakai line. At the same time, as the leader of special containers, the container business has grown steadily and has ample space. In the future, railway reform and state-owned enterprise reform will also bring huge imagination to the company.Adjust the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.47/0.53/0.58 yuan, PE is 19x, 16x and 15x respectively, given “overweight” rating. Risk reminders: Macroeconomic growth risks, slower than expected implementation of transit railways, changes in railway freight rates

Seven medicines pricing spectrum

Seven medicines pricing spectrum

In addition to health in spring, one more thing to do is to resist fatigue and spring difficulties.

Today, I will introduce to you some drug prescriptions that can relieve fatigue and resolve spring sleepiness. You can add these foods to your normal diet to drive away spring sleepiness.

  Guizao egg soup 10g angelica, 10 jujubes, 2 eggs, wash the angelica and cut into small pieces, pit the jujubes into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and then boil the eggs. After the eggs are cooked, remove the shells, useThe clean needle pierces 10 small holes around the cooked eggs. Put it back and cook for another 10 minutes. You can drink the soup and eat the eggs.

  Plasma essence jujube soup 15 grams of astragalus, 10 grams of huangjing, 6 jujubes, decoction.

One dose per day, treating weakness and weakness in qi and fatigue.

  Walnut Danshen bergamot drink 5 walnuts, 6 grams of bergamot slices, 10 grams of salvia, mash the salvia, bergamot decoction, walnut kernels, white sugar into mud, add in the danshen bergamot soup, and cook for 10 minutes on low heatThis.

  Yam longan steamed turtle with yam 35g, longan meat 15g, soft-shelled turtle, first boil the turtle with boiling water, cut and wash, remove the internal organs, and then infuse the casserole with yam, longan, cooking wine, salt, shallot and gingerThe chicken broth is stewed and cooked until ready to eat.

  1 pigeon with ginseng and ginseng soup, 20 grams of codonopsis, 30 grams of astragalus, and yam yam, cut the white pigeon meat into a casserole, cook with codonopsis, astragalus, and yam and add water with the right amountSeason with salt, MSG, ginger and spring onion.

  100 grams of yam walnut porridge, 50 grams of lentils and 50 grams of walnut meat, 60 grams of rice. Wash and slice the yam into the pot with lentils and walnut meat, add the appropriate amount of water, add salt after the porridge is cooked,Monosodium glutamate, ginger and spring onion are seasoned.

  500g stewed rabbit meat, 20g red dates, cut the rabbit meat into pieces, add wine, dip in salt for 20 minutes, put the rabbit meat under the bowl, add ginger, shallots, pepper and other spices and fry until cooked.Edible.

4 healthy habits that harm your health, you must have done it

4 “healthy” habits that harm your health, you must have done it

Now that everyone’s material level has come up, health consciousness has also followed suit. Even when they go out to eat, they don’t forget to ask the boss to put a plastic bag in the tableware.
As everyone knows, these seemingly healthy eating habits are actually harmful to health.
Set disposable plastic bags for cutlery. Some restaurants will take the initiative to put a disposable plastic bag on all of their cutlery in order to highlight the “hygiene” of our restaurant.
This is not only unsanitary, but also severely harmful.
  Most of the disposable renewable plastic bags currently on the market are made of polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene, and even recycled and processed by waste plastic collected at garbage stations. They contain toxic stabilizers, andNot disinfected and may contain germs.
Oily foods or foods with temperatures above 50 ° C in this bag may cause lead poisoning.
用纸巾或毛巾擦拭餐具和水果  质监部门公布的抽查结果显示,很多品牌、种类的纸巾都未经消毒或消毒不彻底,它们和毛巾一样存在着大量细菌,如果拿来擦拭餐具或食品,很Easily adheres to items.
  The tap water used in China is strictly sterilized. The tableware and food washed with tap water are basically clean. Wiping with paper towels or towels that have not undergone strict disinfection will cause secondary pollution.
用纱罩罩食物防蝇  不少家庭习惯把纱罩罩在食物上,这样虽然能防止苍蝇直接落到食物上,但苍蝇停留在纱罩上仍会留下带有病菌的虫卵,这些虫卵极易Falling out of yarn holes and contaminating food.
Try to put food in flies-free rooms or certain cabinets and refrigerators.
Rotten fruit can be easily rotten and eaten fresh foods such as fruit.
Some people throw away the rotten places without throwing them away, and eat the bad ones.
In fact, this behavior is not desirable and should be thrown away.
Bacteria and microorganisms in the rotten part of the fruit have multiplied in large quantities, and the mold can cause mutations in human cells and cause cancer.

Extreme emotional teens_2

Extreme emotional fear

My husband is a small official in the unit. He usually has zero entertainment. He rarely spends time with me shopping malls, traveling, etc., let alone chatting with me.

Although I have a house, a car, and a housekeeper, I feel very empty and boring.

Sometimes I really want a lover who loves me and hurts me.

  (Ms. Zhuhai Sun) In daily life, people are very sensitive to drought due to lack of food.

However, many people have overlooked another type of drought, which is the emptiness and loneliness of the mind, which is difficult to become, and the state of mental weakness.

Psychologists call this “emotional fatigue.”

Emotion is the psychological state of joy or unhappiness generated by a certain military activity.

It is inevitable to encounter joy and sorrow in life.

The happiness and pain of such families, the success and failure of their careers, the sorrow and joy of people, etc. Without these, people will lose their sweet and bitter emotional experience.

What Ms. Sun shows is one of emotional obesity.

  Generally speaking, emotional drought has a lot to do with whether people’s lives are rich or not.

Emotional fatigue often arises among people who are rich in life, idle and comfortable, and who are not pursuing. They are carefree in appearance, but diminished in vitality, feeling numb, and depressed.

  Women over 30 years of age will have a sense of crisis. If Huarong loses color, youth is no longer, and there is not much progress in career, the psychology will easily lose balance.

At this time, the woman was suspicious of marriage because of emotional fatigue, and even Hongxing went out of the wall.

  Emotional obesity is an unhealthy state. It can make women lose confidence in marriage and family, and treat life with indifference.

For greater emptiness, they either hang around playing cards or looking for extramarital affairs, and then they are still at a loss.

Therefore, the most important thing is to have confidence in your marriage and family. When you realize that everything your husband handles truly loves you, your emotions will quietly leave you.

In addition, diversion methods can be used to attract emptiness in the mind in a diligent manner.

If you make achievements in your career, you will have a sense of accomplishment.

When you develop passion for life with acceptable things, where will there be emotional drought?

  It’s a good idea to cultivate a passion for life and build a social circle that suits you.

Try to let yourself live in the crowd, share your hardships with your relatives, friends, colleagues, and transform your soul into vibration.

You should also cultivate a hobby to enrich your soul and find the joy of life from it.

Whether singing or playing the piano, or writing and drawing, you will enter a new realm and effectively eliminate emotional fatigue.

When you feel idle, you can watch TV, read a book or listen to music.

In this way, you have emotional “nutrition” that will make you live a full life.

What to eat with eggplant will make you sick

What to eat with eggplant will make you sick

Eggplant contains a variety of vitamins, proteins, sugars and minerals.

In particular, eggplant is rich in vitamin P, and the portion with the highest content is the junction of the purple epidermis and the flesh. Therefore, the eggplant is classified as purple.

  The content of vitamin P in 100 grams of purple eggplant is as high as 720 mg or more.

Vitamin P can enhance the adhesion between human cells, improve the fragility of fine blood vessels, and prevent small blood vessels from bleeding.


hzh {display: none; }  此外,茄子中的皂苷具有降低血液胆固醇的功效,与维生素P协同,可提高微血管的弹性,有利于心血管病的防治。   Eggplant is delicious and nutritious, but who can help it better play a therapeutic role?

And who is not right about temper?

  Eggplant + crab crab may harm gastrointestinal eggplant + crab = diarrhea crab meat cold, eggplant sweet cold and slippery, these two foods are cold.

  If eaten together, the stomach and stomach will be uncomfortable, and serious diarrhea may be caused, especially for those with spleen and stomach deficiency.

  Eggplant’s perfect companion eggplant + bitter gourd = ideal vegetable for cardiovascular patients, bitter gourd has the effect of relieving fatigue, clearing eyesight, nourishing qi and yang, and delaying aging.

  The eggplant has the effects of removing pain and promoting blood circulation, clearing heat and swelling, relieving pain and diuresis, preventing rupture of blood vessels, calming blood pressure and coughing blood.

  It is an ideal food for cardiovascular patients.

  Eggplant + meat = stabilize blood pressure, prevent purpura. Eggplant can be eaten with meat, which can supplement blood and stabilize blood pressure.

  In addition, eggplant is rich in vitamin P, which has a good effect on preventing microvascular rupture, effectively prevents cardiovascular disease, and also helps the complications of purpura.

The addition of vinegar and tomatoes helps to maintain the vitamin C and polyphenols in it.


Cold eggplant strips Long eggplants are cut into strips, placed in a bowl, and steamed in a steamer for 10 minutes.

  Remove and control the moisture, add salt, vinegar, garlic, sesame sauce, coriander leaves and other cold sauce.

  Be careful not to squeeze out the juice of the eggplant to avoid losing nutrients.

A little thicker sesame sauce will remove excess water.


Tomato, fried eggplant, big round eggplant, diced in half, and garlic into rice.

Put 2 tablespoons of oil in the pan, add garlic rice, stir-fry with eggplant, and add 1 spoon of vinegar.

  Cover with low heat and simmer for two minutes. Add salt when the eggplant is soft, add some diced tomatoes, turn it a few times, put some MSG or chicken essence, and place on a plate.

Pay attention to the remaining oil when serving.

  The temperature of these two cooking methods does not exceed 120 ° C, the amount of oil consumed is small, and the loss of vitamins and flavonoids is relatively large.

What can a diabetic friend eat?

How much to eat

What can a diabetic friend eat?
How much to eat

With diabetes, every doctor asks us to control our diet. What is best to eat?

How much can I control my sugar?

  It’s simple, more than 20 foods a day.

However, these 20 kinds of foods cannot all be the same kind of food, but some more.

Grain, vegetables and fruits, meat, eggs, milk beans, oils and fats, four types of food should be eaten every day, a total of more than 20 kinds, so that it is good for health.

In addition, the total energy should not exceed the body’s requirements.

  I have a basket of vegetables, a plate of “four, one, two, two” a day a fruit, a pound of vegetables a day.

A fruit weighs four or two to half a catty, and the image is as big as a tennis ball; a catty of vegetables a day, green leafy vegetables, and melons can be used. A catty refers to raw weight, not after cooking.the weight of.

In this way, the vitamins that the body needs are basically enough to precipitate fibers.

  One egg a day.

Maybe some elderly people worry that eating egg yolk will make their plasma too high. In fact, international academic organizations of hypertension, including the Hypertension Society, recommend that it is safe to eat whole eggs less than five a week.

  A bag of milk a day.

If you’re fat, you can drink low-fat milk; if you’re lean and don’t have high blood fat, drink plain milk or full-fat milk.

If you have osteoporosis and want to add more calcium, it is safe to drink two bags a day, and two bags of milk 500ml a day for the elderly is safe.

  Two or two meats a day.

It also needs to be adjusted according to your body shape: if you are fat, eat less; if you are lean, you can eat two or two, or even two or three.

  Two spoonfuls of oil a day.

With a small porcelain spoon for soup, a spoonful is 10 grams.

Use a few spoonfuls of oil to cook several dishes a day.

Two spoonfuls of oil are basically no shortage of nutrition for diabetic patients.

The amount of porridge and soup bowl I eat is equal to the height, weight, and weight, unless it is particularly short and Yao Ming. Generally speaking, most of us recommend a replacement amount of about 1400 to 2000 kcal.

The common 1400 kcal can “bowl”, which means eating about four or two grains a day, 1600 kcal means an average of five or two grains a day, 1800 kcal means an average of six or two grains, and 2,000 kcal means an average of seven or two grains.

  It’s the same as eating food, we also have to distinguish what food to eat.

For the elderly, we recommend eating a few whole grains appropriately, that is, so-called coarse grains without shelling, such as oatmeal, buckwheat, corn kernels, etc.

However, eating coarse grains also depends on your physical fitness.

If you are a very thin person, or the digestive function is not very strong, we recommend thick and thin.

Because eating the coarse grains alone, the digestive function of the stomach will be reduced, while the digestive juice secretion of the elderly will be reduced, the digestive function will be poor, and the stomach will be uncomfortable after eating the coarse grains, so one meal a day is enough.

And too thick will affect the absorption of iron, calcium and protein, so we talk about thickness matching.

  Pay attention to dry and thin mix.

Although for doctors with type 2 diabetes, doctors don’t recommend everyone to drink porridge. It is considered that drinking porridge can cause blood sugar to rise faster, but what needs to be told is that drinking porridge can cause blood sugar to fall faster after peaking.

Similarly, 50 grams of rice made from rice and boiled rice porridge, when the one hour after eating, the blood sugar of the porridge drinker is high, but after two hours, the blood sugar of the rice eater is high, and the porridge drinker is reduced.Already.
If you judge based on the glycemic index that food affects your blood sugar, and your rice has a glycemic index that exceeds that of porridge, then you do n’t have to drink porridge every day, and of course you do n’t have to drink porridge every day.

When drinking porridge, first master the dry and thin mix, and second, do not drink pure white rice porridge. Mix white rice with other beans and cook them. This can help everyone to reduce food and make them healthier.

  Tips The amount of meals on the plate on the 1st is not hard. One “four one, two two”-one fruit, one pound of vegetables, one bag of milk, one egg, two or two meats, two spoons of oil, plus four to six twoFood.

It’s all about “raw weight”, not “cooked weight”.

One, two, two is not intuitive enough. You can borrow a staple food measuring tool-a standard measuring cup with a tick mark on it. It is very easy to eat according to your amount!  Tip 2 Can I drink 5 barrels of beer?

  Nut foods have a lot of oil and fat. Pay attention to this snack, avoid “small and broken”, and prevent “eat too much without paying attention”.

Alcohol, in principle, we do not recommend drinking, if you really want to drink, please note that a beer is equivalent to half or two grains!

Some old sugar friends are not convinced, then I drink five barrels of beer, ca n’t I eat food?

No, because alcohol tends to lower your blood sugar, and it can’t be more than two times a week, otherwise the effect of hypoglycemic drugs will be disrupted.

If you drink liquor occasionally, in general, one or two at 38 degrees or two and a half at 56 degrees, the corresponding grain (about half of two grains) should be reduced.

  Tip 3 How much will my blood sugar rise with this meal?

  Reasonable diabetes is a basic treatment in the overall treatment of diabetes, but it is not difficult to eat, “difficult to get to the sky.”

Make cooking easier and make your life easier, so do n’t just consider “how much blood sugar will I get after eating this meal”.

May wish to think more about how today’s fish-flavored shredded pork is less oily and delicious, or create a soothing environment for yourself, put some favorite music, and carve a small turnip flower; or make a soup noodle today, in vain, With a small black-faced bun, and make a carrot . In short, size control, structural adjustment, healthy eating, happy eating!

How to care after the phimosis surgery?


4 big care methods for phimosis

How to care after the phimosis surgery?
4 big care methods for phimosis

Many men pay attention to the problem of face. Many people who combine the phimosis feel that they are not dignified. They can’t normally have sex. They are very distressed. In fact, many phimosis problems can be cured, but what kind of care is needed.However, we understand the psychological care of phimosis.

Phimosis related care knowledge Now the phimosis surgery is a very common operation, and not a very large operation, the patient’s psychology must not be nervous, to relax and actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, below we look at the phimosis care knowledge: foreskin phimosisThe health care is very important. You must always do a partial cleansing. The foreskin must be turned over and washed, and the scales and irritations of the sheets are caused.

And remember to turn back after washing, so as not to cause incarcerated phimosis.

If circumcision is performed, the penis should be cleaned with warm boiled water or 1:5000 potassium permanganate solution 3 days before surgery.

In addition to pay attention to the above medication after surgery, to prevent penile erection bleeding and inflammation, should also pay attention to the drying of the dressing dressing, in case of being wet by the urine should be replaced in time, usually 5-7 days to remove the line.

5 major care methods for phimosis trauma 1. Pay attention to the rest of the phimosis after surgery, generally need about 7-10 days recovery period, according to the specific situation, generally 7-10 days to remove the line, the patient needs rest, after the operationAlthough it does not affect the work, it is recommended to work as little as possible. It is best to take a few days at home, because work will cause local friction and irritation.

Although this operation is not a major operation, it has been a little painful to just cut the foreskin glans.

2, to maintain the penis of the hygienic male phimosis patients after wearing the phimosis surgery to wear loose breathable underwear, to maintain the health of the penis, daily cleaning to avoid infection of bacteria, should pay attention to not wet the drug when urinatingIf it appears to be soaked, it is necessary to change the drug in time.

3, avoid spicy spicy food after phimosis surgery must pay attention to avoid spicy spicy food package, while adults should insist on the best less color during recovery, otherwise the natural physiological response will make you suffer!

After the operation, the patient can resume sexual life.

4, it is best to avoid sexual impulses. The penis is easy to erect at night. After the operation, if the penis is to be erected at night, the wound may be very large, so it may hurt at night, but the operation is generally a minor operation.The problem is not that big.

When urinating in advance, try to avoid getting wet dressing. If the dressing is contaminated by urine, it should be replaced in time.

If it is a married man, it is necessary to pay attention to the need for the couple to separate after the operation and try to avoid sexual impulses.

Related recommended phimosis cure rate and what is related to modern medicine how to cure phimosis phimosis caused by what to recommend good phimosis tracking of 9 kinds of therapeutic side phimosis surgery should pay attention to what phimosis intervention care guide

What kind of fruit to eat after delivery? Six kinds of fruits suitable for maternity


What kind of fruit to eat after delivery? Six kinds of fruits suitable for maternity

Apple: Apple is sweet and cool, and it is mainly carbohydrate.

Rich in malic acid, implanted with acid, vitamins, pectin and minerals, can prevent and treat scurvy, ecdysis, make skin lubricated and shiny.

Its viscose and fine fiber can absorb and eliminate bacteria and toxins, can absorb the intestines, stomach, fluid, appetizer and heat, especially for the treatment of maternal diarrhea.

Apple can also lower blood sugar and cholesterol, which is conducive to postpartum recovery of pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome, diabetes and liver dysfunction.

In addition, apples contain a lot of potassium salts, which can be combined with excess sodium in the body and excreted from the body. Therefore, it is beneficial to eat apples with low potassium and excessive salt intake.

Pear: Pear is sweet, cold, contains a lot of water, has the effect of clearing fire and dispelling heat, moistening the lungs, relieving cough and removing phlegm and diuresis.

Postpartum wind-heat cold, cough and more phlegm should be eaten more, urinary phlegm and phlegm, more pears can make the urine clear, smooth.

Orange peel: orange is sweet and sour, warm, contains a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin C, and rich in calcium, can protect the condition of capillaries, make the skin soft and prevent skin wrinkles in the postpartum, can avoid certainThe beauty effect.

Orange peel contains phospholipid citrate and vitamin D. Soaking water can relieve cough and phlegm, smooth stomach appetite and reduce swelling and itching, and can promote the absorption of calcium by infants, prevent the occurrence of rickets in children, and increase maternal resistance to severe cold.Force, the mother who suffers from cold and cough after cold, has the effect of enhancing drug treatment.

Use orange core 20 per day?
30 capsules of smashed water can prevent breast swelling from developing into mastitis.

Hawthorn: Hawthorn contains a lot of carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., of which the calcium content is the crown of the fruit.

It also contains behenic acid, citric acid, malic acid, fructose and flavonoids. It has the effects of dispersing phlegm and eliminating phlegm, removing phlegm and detoxifying, refreshing the brain, stopping the stomach and appetite, and lowering blood pressure and blood cholesterol.

It has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on maternal spleen and stomach, liver dysfunction and poor oil tolerance.

Banana: Banana is sweet, cold, contains a lot of phosphorus, iron and cellulose, has lungs and intestines, and has a blood pressure-lowering effect. It is the first choice for constipation.

Lychee: Lychee is sweet, warm, has spleen and liver, cough and nourish the nerves and relieve thirst.

Can reduce the production of dew, especially for postpartum liver and spleen weakness.

Jealous health is risky, some people are not suitable


Jealous health is risky, some people are not suitable

Jealous health has gradually become a trend, a variety of vinegar drinks colorful supermarket shelves.

But eating and drinking is risky. Not everyone is suitable for this kind of health. Some people should be very careful when they are jealous.

1, fasting people should not be jealous, your chronic chronic and strong, not suitable for drinking vinegar on an empty stomach, so as not to stimulate excessive secretion of stomach acid, damage the stomach wall.

Drink vinegar between meals and meals, or one hour after a meal, rather than stimulate decomposition, and help digestion.

2, fractures to avoid jealousy during fracture treatment and rehabilitation should avoid jealous.

Vinegar can soften bones and decalcify, and destroy the dynamic balance of calcium in the human body, which will promote the arousal and aggravation of osteoporosis, so that the injured limbs are sore, the pain is aggravated, and the fracture can not heal.

3, allergies and low blood pressure refractory vinegar can cause such people to have allergies and rash, itching, edema, pain and other symptoms.

In addition, patients with low blood pressure vinegar will lead to lower blood pressure and headaches, dizziness, systemic weakness and other adverse reactions.

4, patients with gastric ulcer and hyperacidity should not vinegar thoroughly corrode the recombinant mucosa of these patients and aggravate the development of ulcer disease, and vinegar itself is rich in organic acids, which can make the digestive organs secrete a large amount of digestive juice, thereby increasing stomach acid.The digestive effect causes the ulcer to worsen.