[How to cook the leftover roast duck]_How to make_Homely

[How to cook the leftover roast duck]_How to make_Homely

Although the roast duck is delicious, you should not eat too much at one time, otherwise you will affect your appetite again and will hurt your body, so you must eat a moderate amount of roast duck.

So how to make the remaining roast duck delicious?

First of all, you can cast duck with green peppers, or you can make the duck meat with other ingredients again to make it. It is a method that does not affect the taste of roast duck.

How to eat leftover roast duck: Fried roast duck with green pepper Ingredients: overnight roast duck, long pepper, garlic seedlings, ginger, onion, garlic, pepper powder.

Practices: 1. Garlic, ginger, flattened; shallots cut into sections; long pepper and garlic shoots cut diagonally.

2. Hot oil, scallion, ginger and garlic.

3. Stir-fry the roasted duck for about 1 minute, add a small bowl of water, add pepper powder, boil to low heat and cover with a lid, simmer for 2-3 minutes, and dry the soup.

4. Turn to high heat, fry the garlic seedlings and peppers, add some soy sauce and sesame oil, and stir fry evenly.

Tips: 1. For non-spicy friends, choose parsley and garlic seedlings instead of peppers.

2. The garlic fry is soft and the taste is not good.

How to prepare leftover roast duck: Roast duck cake Ingredients: flour, roast duck, eggs, vegetable oil, salt, soy sauce, pepper, yeast.

Method: 1. Add flour and yeast, mix with water and mix well to synthesize smooth dough and ferment into double large dough.

2. Break the eggs, fry them with a pan, and shovel them into small tins.

3, diced roast duck; diced onion.

4, mix eggs, roast duck, onion, raw soy sauce, onion, pepper, mix well, add peanut oil and mix well, add salt and mix well when packaged.

5. Knead the fermented dough more, combine small ingredients, and roll into small pieces.

6, add stuffing, wrap into a bun shape, and then put the wall with a lot of pleats down on the panel to suppress into a small round cake.

7, brush the electric baking pan with a layer of vegetable oil, press the electric baking pan to press the result button to preheat, add a little blank, cover and other dripping sounds, turn the sides and fry continuously to golden brown on both sides.

How to prepare leftover roast duck: Roast duck roasted winter melon Ingredients: roast duck, a portion of winter melon, moderate roast duck, half a bowl of pumpkin, moderate garlic cloves, two onion ginger, a little red pepper.

Method: 1. Cut the melon and pumpkin into small pieces. It should not be too thin and easy to boil.

2. Put less oil in the wok, add the shallots, crushed ginger and garlic cloves, and pour in the melon.

3, add an appropriate amount of roast duck and hot water, add pumpkin pieces, cook on high heat until the second melon can be poked with chopsticks.

4. Add the chopped roast duck pieces and cook for only five minutes. Season with red pepper and salt.

How to prepare leftover roast duck: Roast duck pizza Ingredients: 1 whole wheat pancake, roast duck amount, millet fruit 2-3, lunch meat amount, mozzarella cheese amount.

Practices: 1. Preheat the oven 180 °; roast duck, dice lunch meat;

2. Put the whole wheat pancakes on a baking sheet, and brush with a layer of roast duck.

3. Sprinkle roasted duck pieces, diced luncheon meat and millennial fruit pieces on the pancakes.

4. Sprinkle mozzarella, put in the oven, 180 °, 15min, turn off the fire in the last 5 minutes to prevent baking.

Tips: For the last 5 to 10 minutes, pay attention to the extent of the cake, turn off the fire at least 5 minutes in advance to avoid the cake being too crispy and affecting the taste.

[Jiaodong shepherd’s purse with small tofu]_Jiaodong shepherd’s purse with small tofu_Jiaodong shepherd’s purse with small tofu_Jiaodong shepherd’s purse with small tofu how to do

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do竴鏂归潰銆備负浜嗗仴搴凤紝涓嶈鍐嶇粡甯稿鍑哄悆楗€傛垜浠紑濮嬪鐫€鑷繁鍋氶キ鍚э紝鍋氳彍Do you know how to do it? If you want to do it, please follow the instructions: Do you want to go to the next level?.There are 2 in total.What are you talking about? What are you doing here? What are you doing here?.What’s the matter? What’s the matter? What’s the matter? What’s the matter? What’s the matter? Click on it?.鑽犺彍鐢ㄥ紑姘寸儷涓€涓嬶紝鍘绘帀鑽夐吀5.Drill down to 6.鎶婅眴娉婃斁鍒伴攨鏃剁儳寮€锛屽€掑叆鑽犺彍涓嶆柇琛勭叜7.寮€閿呬互鍚庢斁鍏ラ€傞噷鐨勭洂鍜屽懗浜嗛攨鍗冲彲锛屼竴鐩樼編鍛崇殑灏忚眴鑵愬氨鍋氬ソ浜?It’s a lot of troubles, and it’s a bit of a sorrow. It’s a bit of a junk pot. It’s a hot pot. It’s the world’s best. It’s a real thing. It’s a good thing. It’s a good thing. It’s a stubble.簡鏂囧瓧锛屼笅闈㈠氨瑕佽嚜宸卞姩鎵嬩簡锛岀浉淇′綘鐨勫姩鎵嬭兘鍔涗篃闈炲父寮恒€?

Marubeni (603983) 19 Interim Review: Deducting non-attributed net profit up and down + 20% of the main brand’s high-end upgrade in the field of anti-aging is worth looking forward to

Marubeni (603983) 19 Interim Review: Deducting non-attributed net profit up and down + 20% of the main brand’s high-end upgrade in the field of anti-aging is worth looking forward to

Brief performance evaluation 1H 2019 The company achieved revenue 8.

1.5 billion, +11 a year.

85%; net profit attributable to mother 2.

56 trillion, ten years +31.

57%; net profit after deducting non-attribution to mother 2.

1.7 billion, +19 a year.


Non-recurring gains and losses mainly include government subsidies of 33.07 million yuan, and entrusted others to invest or manage assets of 11.98 million yuan.

The company achieved revenue in Q2 in a single quarter4.

50 trillion, ten years +14.

38%, a growth rate of +5 from Q1.

50pct; Q2 realized net profit attributable to mother 1.

36 trillion, +37 a year.

68%; net profit after deduction is 0.

98 trillion, ten years +14.

97%, a growth rate of -9 from Q1.

04 points.

Business analysis Marumi’s main brand follows the trend of high-end and continues to cultivate the anti-aging segment. The Chunji & Lianhuo brand has steadily advanced: 1H19 main brands accounted for 91% of total revenue.

92%. Following the Japanese sake Yuling ice-muscle series, the second Japanese imported high-end Japanese flower bullet moisturizing delicate series was launched in China.

In terms of categories, while stabilizing the ace spot of eye cream, increase investment in the rapidly growing essence category.

In terms of channels, 1H19 Marumi Department Store channel channels exceeded + 30%.

In terms of 厦门夜网 marketing, 2H19 plans to attract young consumers while maintaining the brand’s sense of high level.

In terms of other brands, Chunji continued to rejuvenate the concept of ingredients and skin care. Lianhuo upgraded from the counter to the product, and launched new high-end products imported from Korea.

Refined offline channels and improved e-commerce channels: In 2019, a retail core college was established to provide retail service and training and education support for high-quality offline chain stores.

E-commerce channels achieved 6 consecutive months in the first half of the year. Tmall Eye Care Kit category Marubei flagship store ranked first, Jingdong eye cream category Marubei brand ranked top 3, domestic products No. 1, Vipshop 618 Marube brand ranked beauty ranked 2, The first domestic product.

The gross profit margin was basically stable in 1H2019, the fee 深圳桑拿洗浴网 control effect was good, and the net profit margin was further increased: the gross profit margin in 1H19 reached -0.

36pct to 68.

42%, sales expense rate -0 per second.

84pct to 29.

22%, the management expense rate (including research and development expenses) for ten years.

49 points to 6.

72%, other income (government subsidies) increased to 33.07 million yuan, net interest rate fell +4.

7 points to 31.


1H19’s inventory turnover days were 90.

09 days, 2 more than the end of 18.

90 days; accounts receivable turnover days are 0.

70 days, 0 less than the end of 18.68 days; accounts payable days are 176.

12 days, 0 less than 18 years.

40 days.

Investment suggestion The company is known as “anti-aging eye cream”, and has penetrated into domestic mid- to high-end cosmetics companies that have penetrated low-tier cities. Future highlights include: ① “Marumi” mid-to-high-end upgrade brand highlights, “anti-aging eye cream” drives rapid growth of the entire category② Grasp the high growth dividend of makeup and provide incremental income; ③ The e-commerce channel strategy has been improved and the certainty has been gradually increased.

It is expected that net profit attributable to mothers will be achieved in 19-21.

02, 5.

83, 6.

710,000 yuan, EPS1.

25, 1.

45, 1.

67 yuan, +20 for ten years.

94%, 16.

07%, 15.

13%, the current market value of the corresponding PE is estimated to be 39x, 34x, 29x, maintain BUY rating.

Risk prompts fluctuations in terminal consumer demand and fierce competition in the industry. Can you effectively control sales channels and manage terminals to lift the risk of restricted stocks?

Weixing (002003) Annual Report Comments: The main business of auxiliary materials slows down and the military business drags down profits

Weixing (002003) Annual Report Comments: The main business of auxiliary materials slows down and the military business drags down profits

Core point of view The company’s operating income has increased by 7 every year in 2018.

66%, due to the impact of the military business subsidiary Zhongjie Era ‘s performance dropped by about 60% (declining revenue and accruing goodwill impairment provisions), the net profit attributable to mothers fell 14.

89%, net profit after deduction is reduced by 15.

07%, of which the fourth quarter single-quarter operating income and net profit were broken down6.

29% vs. 90.

76%, revenue growth has improved from the previous three quarters.

The company’s proposed dividend is 0.

35 yuan, the cash dividend ratio reached 86%.

At first glance, the company’s main business of raw materials and auxiliary materials slowed down due to the growth of domestic and foreign demand. Among them, button and zipper revenue only increased.

64% and 4.


Revenue from the military business acquired in previous years decreased by 40.

32%, mainly due to the reduction of orders in the Czech Republic era during the Beidou system technology upgrade.

In terms of regions, the company’s domestic sales revenue increased by 4 in 18 years.

41%, export sales fell 0 year-on-year.


The preliminary company’s consolidated gross profit margin has temporarily decreased2.

07pct, mainly due to the adjustment of the product structure of the zipper business (the proportion of metal products fell), and the gross profit margin continued to shift 3.

87pct; the company’s period expense ratio increased by 1.

05pct, in which the sales expense ratio rose by 0.

91pct, the overhead rate rose by 0.

44pct, the financial expense ratio is reduced by 0.

29 points.

In 18 years, the company’s net cash flow from operating activities decreased by 18 every year.

13%, accounts receivable at the end of the year increased by 26.

71%, the inventory surplus fell 4 from the beginning.


As a leader in the global clothing accessories industry, Weixing has undergone multiple rounds of industry reshuffles. In recent years, it has continuously enhanced production automation and informatization to improve operating efficiency and expand production capacity. From the historical experience, the weak industry environment is beneficial to the companyConsolidate its own competitive advantages and further increase its market share. The commissioning of the Bangladesh Industrial Park in 18 will be the basis for the company’s overseas business development. The improvement in downstream apparel demand from the second quarter of 19 will also drive the company’s sales of auxiliary materials.

The completion of the employee stock ownership plan and the increase in shareholder holdings demonstrates confidence in the company’s long-term development.

The company’s first phase of employee shareholding plan has been lifted (2x leverage, considering the cost of dividends and ex-rights8.

11 yuan / share), covering 330 people including Dong Jiangao and core business backbones. In February, Weixing Group, the controlling shareholder, completed the company’s operation.

The 22% increase in shareholdings, the increase in shareholder holdings and core business backbone incentives will help the company’s main industry to further increase its market share in the medium and long term.

Financial Forecast and Investment Recommendations According to the annual report, we lowered the company’s revenue and gross profit forecasts for the next three years. The company’s 2019-2021 earnings are expected to be 0.

49 yuan, 0.

56 yuan and 0.

63 yuan (the original forecast for 19-20 years is expected to be 0.

58 yuan and 0.
65 yuan), with reference to comparable company estimates, giving the company’s manufacturing and military business 19 times and 49 times the 杭州桑拿网 PE estimates for 19 years, a total of 70 trillion, corresponding to a target price of 9.
23 yuan, maintaining the company’s “overweight” rating.

Risks suggest that the recovery of the domestic economy is gradually exceeding expectations, the growth of the RMB exchange rate will affect the company’s performance, and the increase in raw material costs will lead to a decline in gross profit margin.

Career Promotion

Career Promotion

The “5 great workplace killers” are: 1.
Overestimating or lacking ability to criticize (53.

3%) 2.
Failed to see the rules of the game of the company3.
Self-development awareness is not strong (44.

2%) 4.
Little is known about informal interpersonal relationships within companies (38.

3%) 5.
Unclear personal goals (31.

8%) In addition, national development potential, leadership mistakes in the enterprise and even family factors can hinder promotion.

A senior personal consultant from the German Business Consulting Association suggests that new employees should develop a realistic promotion strategy.

At the same time, it should be recognized that the progress of personal career cannot always be achieved according to the established plan.

Even when budget strength is directly proportional to work performance, there is no guarantee of promotion.

However, the more employees recognize and work for the company’s goals, the more likely they are to achieve their business goals.

  The factors that have less impact on promotion are: 1.
Too impatient (9.

4%) 2.
Lack of maintenance of interpersonal relationships outside the company (11.

2%) 3.
No gratitude to those who promoted themselves (11.

2%) 4.
Inattention to physical health and emotional stability (0%)

Practical: New baby full care tips

Practical: New baby full care tips

New Baby Full Care Tips Your incredible new baby is finally here-cute, naive and totally dependent on you to provide everything he needs.

You have a lot to learn-feeding, exhaling, taking a shower, comforting-but don’t panic.

Everything is simple.

  To help you, here are the references for the first few weeks.

  Practical: New baby holistic care tips Use it when you are embarrassed and curious or need to be determined.

Keep in mind that in order to keep your baby safe and comfortable, you need to master some basics, the other thing is that you have to adjust your skills (and) well and listen to your instincts.

  Of course, if your new baby’s diaper is skewed a little, if you wash his toes before he is convenient, or if you don’t know the name of the small placenta on his neck, he won’t mind.

  Everything he needs is what you can best give him-your love.

Oops, oops This is an unchangeable fact: babies cry.

Don’t guess for yourself, but try to find out what’s wrong.

Is he wet?

Are you hungry?




Sometimes babies cry in order to relieve tension.

If you have looked at all of these, find one or two tips to comfort him: · Place the child close to your ears so that he can hear your heartbeat.

  · Quiet everything, dim the lights, turn off the TV and take a deep breath yourself.

  · Try repeating rhythmic movements-rocking, shaking or swinging.

  Give him sucks-breasts, pacifiers, and even your little fingers.

  · Massage him.

Gently stroke his abdomen or rub him back and forth on his stomach.

  Put him in his back pocket and take him out for a walk.

  · Have him sit in a scooter or trolley.

  · Give him a warm bath.

  Sing to him, play light music or make “pure” noises, like the sound of a clothes dryer.

  · Wrap him comfortably with a standard baby blanket.

  Is it tiny to own and embrace?



of course.

Is it delicate?

it’s not true.

You still need to learn something about holding your newborn so she will feel safe in your Bray.

  Always: · Support your head with your hand or all over her neck.

  Put your baby in a position she is satisfied with.

Sometimes she needs a little space, sometimes she needs to hold it closer to make her feel safe.

  · When you suspect a baby is picking something, bend your knees instead of bending over.  When approaching your child to others, bring her meaningfully closer to you.

  · Put him underneath before putting him down.

  Never: · Pull her into a jerking exercise.

Smooth motion is best.

  Keep your child in your back pocket while you are cooking, cutting vegetables, or other potentially dangerous activities in the army.

  Have the right to have a child in the car; always use a buckle to secure the baby seat on the back seat of the car.

  · Shake the baby-even playing.

Babies under six months of age are prone to “shaking baby syndrome”-bleeding from a brain injury, spinal cord injury, eye injury, and even death-as a result of shaking their heads.

  Basic methods for getting close to children ※ Getting close is not a task that can be completed or impossible at one time.

  ※ It is a natural process that gets close to your child.

  ※ Many people say that early intimacy is important, but in fact, you can start and continue at any time.

  ※ Of course the sooner the better-you think your relationship has a major start-but don’t toss yourself if the environment starts to be difficult.

  ※ Whenever you care for your baby, you have the opportunity to be close to him.

  ※ That’s easy: Take some time with him, and you show him your love immediately, often and completely.

  ※ Catch him, make skin to skin contact, look into his eyes, speak to him, take him with you, and have the opportunity to take him back to sleep.

  ※ Give the father enough time to convert to the child and caress the child, thus forming a strong attachment relationship.

Beauty anchor Chen Haiyin yoga weight loss experience

Beauty anchor Chen Haiyin yoga weight loss experience

In order to appear in front of the audience with the best posture, Chen Haiyin, the beauty anchor of Taiwan Dongsen, has been practicing yoga for 6 years, and everyone has witnessed that her good figure is shaped by yoga.

Let her share with you the yoga experience of thin lower body today, to help everyone thin legs and thin waist.

  Recently, she went to PURE YOGA in the East District of Taipei to ask a professional teacher Jing to learn simple yoga. In just 1 hour, she had been screaming and kept saying, “I ‘m sore, I can’t do it, my feet are shaking” and other painful cry, sheHe said, “It looks like a simple movement. It’s really hard to do. Just a series of movements. I feel that my legs, arms, stomach, etc. are working hard.

Under the guidance of her teacher Jing, she changed from heroic, half-moon, three-corner, half-fish, and boat-style; she made more expressions and said, “Well, it’s sour!”

“But for the sake of beauty on the camera, she still tolerated the limbs that could not balance quickly. In the end, she was highly praised by the teacher:” Sure enough, there is still practice or poor.

Her husband is not interested in practicing two-person yoga. Chen Haiyin revealed that girls can easily become abdomen after 30 years of age, especially Oriental girls are more likely to have pear-shaped body, so she increased her practice of yoga to modify the lower body lines and avoid unnecessary growth.

  She moved from Zhongtian to Dongsen last June. She was so busy that she could hardly continue to practice. She was annoyed and humiliated: “I have been under a lot of pressure for about half a year. I used to practice it twice a week on average and almost stopped it. I plan to return to normal repairs this time.I hope I can restore my previous level as soon as possible.

“Will you find a husband to practice double yoga?

She shook her head: “No, the boys don’t seem to be interested in yoga.

“Simple bodybuilding 5 strokes half-moon (longitudinal lengthening) Open your feet with a long width, inhale your hands upwards, exhale your right hand and hold your left wrist, inhale the spine to stretch (extend), exhale forward to the left, and your body towardsOn the upper right, the pelvis is stable, staying, and the abdomen is thighing hard.

  Efficacy: Helps modify the side lines and beautify the tight trunk.

  Twist the right foot and stride backwards at 3 corners, with your toes aligned, inhale with your right hand, lift your breath, twist your palms together, stay, and press your abdomen thighs firmly.

  Efficacy: Helps digest and modify body lines, strengthens thigh muscles, and strengthens core (abdomen) strength.

  The half-fish twisted seated position is stable, one foot crosses the other foot, inhale, and the other hand goes to the upper body side (with inhalation). When exhaling, the hand catches the bent foot, and the hands are folded. Efficacy: help the digestive system, improveSeated.

  Heroic feet are steady, hands on hips, one foot forward, feet steady, upper body leaning forward, back feet moving parallel to the floor, pelvis upright, abdominal thighs compressed hard.

  Efficacy: help the thigh strength, and modify the lines of the abdomen.

  The palm of the boat is stably behind, with her chest open, her feet 90 degrees off the ground, and her abdomen and thighs being forced.

  Efficacy: Strengthen the strength of the abdomen, buttocks and thighs.

There is a wetting bed

There is a “wetting bed”

Raising a baby is the happiest and most difficult time for a mother. Many mothers are most afraid of being awakened by a child ‘s bed wetting during a deep sleep after a tiring day. Not to mention the quality of sleep, but also changing the bed sheets and washing thoroughly, so the child wets the bed.The problem became a major problem for many mothers.
In fact, in addition to being physically uncontrollable, there are also many psychological factors that affect the occurrence or not of a baby’s bedwetting.
  Reasons for psychedelic bedwetting. Baby wetting bed caused by the scared environment. Three-year-old Rongrong is smart and cute, and very cute. After 2 and a half years old, the quality of mellow sleep has been good, and he never wets the bed.
Since seeing the drunk dad beating his mom back that night, the scared child wetting the bed that night.
Rongrong’s mother was feeling aggrieved and bored, so she used the title to play with Rongrong. Later, her father and mother separated, and Rongrong’s wet bed became more and more frequent, tossing almost every two days.
  It was found that the sudden death and injury of a loved one, the parents’ noisy divorce, the long-term isolation of the mother and the child, and the fear and fright of the night were one of the important reasons leading to the wetting of the child.
Psychological factors can not only cause bedwetting in children who used to urinate normally, but also make children gradually develop habitual bedwetting.
  Severe mothers make bedwetting babies who are 3 and a half years old often wet the bed, even siesta can occur.
My mother noticed that she drank a lot of times during the day.
But the amount of each discharge is very small, with a painful expression every time you urinate.
The anxious mother took her to the expert clinic many times and said that it was okay.
Later, he sought the child’s psychological treatment to find the root cause, and it turned out that he had made a mistake in training the child to defecate.
  Meng Meng’s mother is very tidy and has a quick temper. Because Meng Meng has used diapers for too long, she has not developed the habit of controlling urination.
Sometimes Mengmeng was having fun, no matter if she had any urination or not, Mengmeng’s mother would immediately force her to urinate as soon as she remembered, disobedience would be a slap.
At night, the child is awakened to urinate from time to time, no matter how the child struggles and cries, he will not let the child leave the bedpan without urinating. As time goes by, he will have fear and nervousness about urination.
I’m afraid of diapers and bedwetting, urinating constantly and frequently during high tension during the day, the control function of the bladder sphincter is not well exercised, and it is easy to get out of control once you fall asleep.
  Other reasons: playing too late and too excited at night, drinking too much water, and mothers rebuking the child’s bedwetting, beating, or overemphasizing the child’s bedwetting in front of others, making the child ashamed and nervous, and making the bedwetting situation more serious.
  Tips for mothers: When you are 2 to 3 years old, letting your child experience the unpleasantness of bed wetting or diapers, and prompting the child to control bowel movements happily, is of great significance to the child’s personality development.
After three years of age, if the child still cannot control his urination, he often diapers and diapers must pay attention.
  How to reduce your baby’s bedwetting? First, take your child to the hospital to rule out the cause of the disease or developmental abnormality, and then see if you have any problems in the training method, and then look for the psychological environment and other reasons.
The specific methods are: develop good habits 让 let him urinate before eating or eating snacks. After the child urinates, he can wash his hands to get delicious food, and naturally he is not so disgusted with defecation.
Make a specific observation record, such as, is it more likely that wetting occurs after taking a child out, or is it more likely to occur when we are at home?
Wet bed is prone to occur under the conditions of how much water and food to drink?
Find out the timing and timing of your child’s best bowel movements.
  Cultivate your child to urinate in the awake state, day or night.
  Establish a reasonable living system to make children’s lives and diet regular.
It is best to insist on taking a nap, so as not to sleep too much at night, and it is not easy for adults to wake up and urinate.
  For children who are wetting during the day and are too excited to drink too much water, the child’s water can be properly controlled at dinner, and it is not advisable to eat watermelon, orange, raw pear and other fruits and milk to reduce the bladder’s urine storage at night.
  Do not engage in strenuous activities or watch thrilling movies before going to bed. It is best to give your child a bath before bed to relax the tension, play soft and soothing music or tell a little story before going to bed to help children sleep comfortably.
  Allow your child to defecate once before going to bed, and then once every 1-2 hours. When the mother goes to bed, remind the child to get up again. Generally, you can sleep peacefully until dawn.
  After the child’s sleeping bedding is clean, warm and wet, it should be replaced in time. Do not let the child sleep in the wet bedding, which will make the child more prone to wetting.
  Proper urination training: let the child drink more water during the day. When he wants to urinate, ask him to endure for a few more minutes. Encourage the child to interrupt urination in the middle of each urination, count 1 to 10 by himself, and then urinate.
  心理关怀  由于尿床的孩子感到不光彩,害怕别人知道,因此不喜欢与其它孩子多接触,亦不愿参加集体活动,所以,遗尿的儿童大多数具有胆小、被动、过于敏感和易于兴奋等性格Features.
Parents should use a relaxed and calm attitude to deal with the problem of bedwetting of their children. We must pay attention to it, not be too anxious, let alone scold and discriminate, and make publicity everywhere.
  There is also an interesting phenomenon. The more we focus on children’s bedwetting, the wetting bed phenomenon will frequently occur, and sometimes they do n’t pay attention to the problem of children ‘s bedwetting, or they show a tiresome and relaxed attitude, but the child ‘s bedwetting is virtually invisible.Children’s bedwetting does have an important connection with psychological effects, and hopes to inspire parents.

Adjust Yin and Yang sleep regimen


Adjust Yin and Yang sleep regimen

Good sleep is good for health, can improve physical fitness, enable people to have a healthy body, and enjoy a harmonious and happy life.

But an online sleep survey showed that 80% of urban adults sleep unhealthily.

Sleep can adjust yin and yang, and how to have healthy sleep. Experts give everyone a satisfactory answer.

  Sleep is related to the change of natural yin and yang in the Nei Jing: “The yin and yang, the way of heaven and earth, the outline of all things, the parents of change, the beginning of life and death, and the house of gods.

“This shows that the law of yin and yang is suitable for everything in the universe.

Human beings living between heaven and earth must follow the laws of nature.

  Experts say that there are four seasons in a year, and rhythms in the four seasons. The yin and yang of the human body are accompanied by corresponding rhythms, and there are also obvious rhythms.

For example, in the spring when all things recover, people can go to bed late and get up early, and gradually recover; in the summer, everything should be up late, and people should also go to bed late and get up early, and work hard; in the autumn, the vegetation and withering, the yang energy converges.Yang Qi sinks, people should go to bed early and get up late, and don’t consume excessive Yang Qi in the body.

Adapting to the changing seasons of yin and yang in the four seasons will bring great benefits to our health and help us to avoid the invasion of diseases.

  There are many classic articles on sleep regimen in Treasury of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the main point of which is the balance of yin and yang.

“Lingshu · Interrogation”: “Weiqi travels in the day and day in the sun, and in the middle of the night in the yin.

“During the day, it is Yang during the day, and it is Yin at night. Sleep is related to Weiqi walking. During the day, Weiqi walks on Yang Zeyu (wake), and on the night it enters Yin (阴 sleep).

This passage not only tells us the mechanism of sleep, but also explains why we fall asleep at night.

  Sleep is an important means of balancing yin and yang. The invention of the electric light illuminates the night world. Humans work at sunrise, and the habit of resting at sunset has been changed since then.

Today, the accelerated pace of life and the popularity of the Internet have deprived more people of the world of sleep time.

For example, an expert said that a famous cartoonist had to stop interrupting his comic creation because he had too much work in his youth and didn’t pay attention to rest.

After seeing a doctor in Chinese medicine, the doctor told him to sleep well while prescribing the prescription.

As a result, the cartoonist’s physical condition improved greatly after two years of insisting on a normal schedule.

  He said that this is because when the body’s yin and yang are in a relatively balanced state, they can have health.

“Su Wen · Ang Tong Tong Tian Lun” said: “Yin Ping Yang secrets, the spirit is the rule;

“When awakening, yang is active, which is the process of yang consumption. It is a long-term deprivation of sleep, excessive consumption of yang penetration, imbalance of yin and yang, and disease will occur.

This shows the nature of sleep for human health.

  How to improve the quality of sleep by taking a “midday nap”?

Experts tell everyone that insisting on a “midday nap” can improve the quality of our rest.

He explained that the “noon consciousness” is divided into “noon consciousness” and “noon consciousness”.

Child hour refers to 23 hours to 1 two hours.

This is the yin and yang meeting, when the water and fire are in trouble, it is called “heyin”.

This time is the day when the yin is the heaviest. It can nourish the yin most and sleep best. It can do more with less.

  Noon refers to 11 to 13 o’clock. It is also the time when the yin and yang are transferred. It is called “Heyang”. It is the time when the yang is the strongest.

Therefore, lunch break is also a good sleep regimen, but it should not be too long, so as not to affect the night rest.

  Because sleep is related to physical fitness, sleep also varies from person to person.

8 hours of sleep meets the needs of most people. Depending on their physique, some people may sleep longer, and some people may have too much sleep.

He reminded the elderly that through the decline of energy and physical strength, the elderly should not only ensure sleep time, but also pay attention to sleep quality.

In a sense, adequate and sweet sleep is the foundation of healthy longevity.

  Normal life is conducive to sleep and health. Sleep is related to diet, and how much to eat at dinner.

Especially those who have stomach problems or overeating dinner know that it is difficult to have a comfortable and comfortable sleep at night.

Traditional Chinese medicine says that “when you have a stomach discomfort, you feel restless.”

  Expert analysis shows that the stomach seems to be two parallel lines that do not intersect with sleep. How can it affect sleep?According to Chinese medicine, the stomach is lowered, and the stomach is lowered.

People who suffer from stomach problems or eat too much dinner have an upset stomach and are unable to get into sleep and affect sleep.

Therefore, in order to sleep better, dinner should not be full.

  Exercises performed for a certain period of time before bedtime should not prolong mood swings.

Experts suggest that you can sit quietly, take a walk, watch slow-paced TV, listen to slow music, etc. before going to bed, so as to help the body gradually calm down.

Jing is born with yin, while Yin Sheng is embarrassed.

In addition, soaking your feet with warm water before going to bed can speed up the blood circulation of the lower limbs, promote the intersection of the heart and the kidney, and embrace the yin and yang, and sleep can reach the best state.

Chinese medicine detoxification also has a coup


Chinese medicine detoxification also has a coup

The rapid development of today’s society has caused a lot of life pressure, and people’s bodies will also have different diseases.

As a traditional treasure of the Chinese nation, traditional Chinese medicine has its own unique features in the treatment of diseases. Many people choose Chinese medicine to treat diseases and maintain health.

In order to let you know more about Chinese medicine, the family has prepared a wealth of series of information to help you know more about Chinese medicine.

銆€銆€Solving food poisoning: If you are poisoned by food grains, you can take 100 grams of raw licorice, 100 grams of green beans, decoct with water, and drink the drug juice after filtration, once a day until the poisoning is cured.

銆€銆€Explosive meat poisoning: If you accidentally eat cockroaches, horse meat and acute poisoning, you can quickly take 40 grams of light soybean meal, 15 grams of almonds, decoction with water and warm clothes.

銆€銆€If it is poisoned by bird meat, 10 grams of raw lentils can be taken, dried and ground into powder, and washed with cold boiled water to relieve acute poisoning of all bird meat.

銆€銆€Solution fruit and vegetable poison: If the potato is poisoned, take 250 grams of bean sprouts (miao), drink the juice after decoction, 2 times a day until it is cured.

銆€銆€If the ginkgo (ginkgo fruit) is poisoned, 50 grams of sesame oil can be used for filling, and the chicken hair is used to sweep the throat and induce vomiting and detoxification.

銆€銆€If bitter almonds are poisoned, the raw mung beans can be chopped, add a large bowl of water, boil and filter the juice, add 50 grams of sugar, and drink after warming.