Lack of summer solstice, come to the sour plum soup, with homemade recipes!


Lack of summer solstice, come to the sour plum soup, with homemade recipes!

Today’s summer solstice is the first solar term determined in the twenty-four solar terms.

Because this day is easy to measure: “From the north to the north, the day is long, the shadow is short.

“After entering the summer, people are all kinds of discomfort, loss of appetite, chest tightness, bitter and sticky mouth, Shenpi fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, short red urine and so on.

At this time, the diet should pay attention to quenching thirst, and Wumei is a good hand in this regard.

Eat more cold drinks, affect appetite, change your appetite in summer, and your diet should be adjusted.

Should be light, not fat and thick.

Thick and fatty, easy to heat the wind, stimulate the disease of acne, then you can not eat too much hot food.

In the summer, you should also eat cold drinks, such as various iced drinks, soda, frozen fruits and so on.

Eating too much cold food can easily damage the spleen and stomach, affect appetite, and even cause dysfunction in the body.

A drink, when it comes to sour plum soup, you must think of the raw ebony that makes sour plum soup, which is a good thing for anti-aging and anti-aging constipation.

Ume can quench your thirst and relieve constipation. After drinking sour plum soup, it can be said that it is refreshing, because there is a very important ingredient in sour plum soup, that is, ebony.

Ume is also called sour plum, yellow abalone, He Hanmei, dried branch plum.

Ume is a homologous product of medicine and food, and is one of the traditional Chinese medicines processed by green plum.

Chinese medicine believes that ebony tastes sour, sputum is flat, liver, spleen, lung, large intestine, attending lung deficiency and chronic cough, long-term sputum, heat and thirst.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Meisi mining half yellow, with smoked as ebony.

Modern nutrition believes that ebony contains more potassium and replaces sodium. It needs to be taken for long-term use of potassium-sparing diuretics. The catechins in plums can promote bowel movements, so constipation should be eaten.

The citric acid contained in the ebony dry can help release more energy to eliminate fatigue; ebony also increases appetite, promotes digestion, stimulates salivary adenosine, and secretes digestive juice from the stomach gland.

Buying ebony’s skill is good ebony: a big nuclear small, black and shiny, and some will hang snowy hoarfrost, taste sweet and sour.

Poor quality ebony: stone fruit is not black and black, but brownish red; thin meat, weak acidity.

In addition, you need to be wary of the fake “Ume” with apricot, peach, and Li.

Ume health recipes?

Cold and fever, cough and phlegm, chest suffocation, bacillary dysentery, early enteritis ate ebony.


Women’s normal menstrual period and pregnant women, prenatal and postpartum do not eat.


Quenching thirst and refreshing foods such as ebony bean soup is not suitable for chilling.

The sour taste of ebony can stimulate saliva secretion, thirst, and is best for sweet and sour drinks.

Homemade sour plum soup ingredients: 5 ebony, 10 grams of dried hawthorn, 3 rose hips, crystal sugar amount of practice: 1.

Put ebony, rose hips, hawthorn dry clean; 2.

Add water to the pot, add the above ingredients, boil over high heat, simmer for 20 minutes, add rock sugar according to taste;

Allow the soup to cool, remove the material, add the juice to the large kettle, and place it in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours.

Nutrition Review: sour plum soup digestion and digestion, qi and stagnant, Shengjin quenching thirst, convergence of lungs, in addition to troubles and tranquillity, often drink can be sick and disease, health care and physical.

Rose Ume chrysanthemum tea ingredients: rose, chrysanthemum, ebony, rock sugar, water amount: After preparing the material, simply rinse the ebony with hot water, and then use all the ingredients to brew with boiling water.

Nutrition Review: This collection of roses, chrysanthemums and ebony can clear fire and detoxify and dissolve constipation.

Ume smoothie ingredients: 300 grams of ebony, 150 ml of water, 50 grams of white sugar practice: 1.

Mix the white sugar with water and simmer until mashed, and set aside for use;

Wash the ebony to the core and put it into the blender to make the juice; 3.

Put in the cool syrup and mix well, pour into the container and freeze in the refrigerator, stir once every half hour until there is no liquid in the container;Take it out and serve.

Nutrition Review: This product is sour and sweet, cool and refreshing, and regular summer ice products should be eaten properly.

Live with a grateful heart


Live with a grateful heart

There is a saying in the United States that “life with gratitude”, and the most common saying in this American is that it is often printed on young people’s T-shirts.

Yes, each of us should live with a grateful heart, which is a kind of character and a taste.

銆€There are many famous courtesy procedures in the United States. Many years have been postponed to this day. In today’s society, too many etiquettes have been simplified and even vicious. Today, this kind of courtesy is fortunate to still survive.

For example, in the United States, if you hit a sneeze in public, you should immediately say “I’m sorry”, the people around you will say “God bless you”, then you will say “Thank you”, they then say “It doesn’t matter””.

When I was in the United States for the first time in public sneeze, I was “waiting for” when I was in the public. My heart was stunned and the five flavors were tumbling.

銆€銆€We Chinese people have always lacked a grateful attitude in their lives. The impression is that the interaction and mutual assistance between most Chinese people has nothing to do with the word “Xie”.

We live in this life of lack of gratitude, and it has been several generations.

銆€銆€There is a saying in the United States that “life with gratitude”, and the most common saying in this American is that it is often printed on young people’s T-shirts.

When I first arrived in the United States, I really didn’t understand the true artistic conception of this sentence. I only thought that people can run in the rivers and lakes or vice versa. The heavens and the earth should be under the jurisdiction of their own abilities. There has never been a savior or an emperor.

銆€銆€At the beginning of the United States, I was still a self-contained person in traffic behavior when I was in China. Every time I was crossing the road, the vehicles on the street with me in the direction of traffic would immediately slow down and stop.The driver waved me without any complaints and let me go through.

銆€銆€This situation continues so long, until one day I am too embarrassed to cross the road.

Because this sudden gratitude really makes me hard to bear, it really makes people feel that they are “not a thing.”

Under the circumstance, the Americans are still high-spirited, and they use them to alienate others with their patience.

They quietly squandered a lot of gratitude in front of you and in your heart, asking you to bear, this kind of subtlety and then sneaking your internal organs, and one day you will feel completely uncomfortable.

銆€銆€In the United States, even if there is a small detail between the couple, even if they are greeted with a delivery, the recipient must be thankful.

Although the feelings between husband and wife may be a few, but it is not too much to think about such things from a human perspective.

Between the ancestors and couples, any move in the interpersonal relationship, some say that someone drives a car because you are in front of you and slow down for you, the ownership of others can be done or not, or can do it for youCan do it for others.

Doing it is a kind of payment.

銆€銆€Being modest is actually a kind of style and a taste.