[Grapefruit can not be eaten with what]_Grapefruit can not be eaten with what_Grapefruit

This is a brand new product. It ‘s a new product. It ‘s a new product. It ‘s a real thing. It ‘s a chain. It ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s a good idea.綋鍋ュ悍鏈夌泭锛屾惌閰嶇浉鍏嬬殑椋熺墿鏀惧湪涓€璧凤紝褰撶劧鍚冪殑澶氫簡锛屽韬綋鐨勫嵄瀹冲彲鏄笉瀹瑰拷瑙嗙殑锛屼粖澶╁皬缂栧氨涓哄ぇ瀹舵潵浠嬬粛涓€涓嬭憽钀勬煔 鐩稿厠 钁¤悇鏌?铻冭煿 : 韬綋涓嶉€? 鎼厤 鏆傛棤 绂佸繉浜虹兢 浣撹川鎬у瘨銆佹槗鑵圭棝銆佽传琛€鎴栧鐥颁笉瀹滃椋熻憽钀勬煔銆? 閫傚疁浜虹兢 涓€鑸汉缇ゅ潎鍙鐢ㄨ憽钀勬煔銆傚挨閫傚疁楂樿鍘嬨€佸績琛€绠$柧鐥呰€呴鐢ㄨ憽This is the most important thing in the world: the chain of chains, the chain of chains, the chain of chains, the chain of chains, the chain of chains, the chain of chains, the chain of chains, the chain of chains, the chain of chains, the chain of chains, the chain of chains, the chain of chains and the chain of chains.Open-mouthed?

[How to get fishy smell of sea cucumber]_How to get fishy_How to get fishy

[How to get fishy smell of sea cucumber]_How to get fishy_How to get fishy

Everyone knows the nutrition of sea cucumber, especially it contains a large amount of gelatin, which is also very useful for women’s beauty and beauty, but sea cucumber also has some fishy smell.

There are several main methods that can make the sea cucumber not fishy. Some kind of white vinegar can be soaked in white vinegar for about one to two hours to remove the fishy odor.

In addition, wine and ginger also have the effect of removing fishy odor.

Soak white vinegar.

The fishy smell of sea cucumber will affect our appetite, so we must remove the fishy taste happily.

Soak the sea cucumber with white vinegar for about 1-2 hours. It’s better if there is rice water.

After washing the rice, pour it into a plate with sea cucumber, soak it for 1-2 hours, and remove the fishy smell easily!

Rice wine + vinegar + ginger.

Maybe we all found out that helping the food to remove the fishy smell, ginger can well fulfill the task of the owner to explain it, and helping the sea cucumber to remove the fishy taste is naturally impossible.

As mentioned above, soaking sea cucumber with white vinegar can remove the fishy smell. If the effect is better, try soaking sea cucumber with rice wine + vinegar + ginger, soak for 1-2 hours.

Stir-fried sea cucumber with ginger.

When cooking, stir fry sea cucumber with ginger and spring onion. If you can accept the spicy taste, you can also add some chili or chilli sauce. This can help us easily solve the fishy smell of sea cucumber.

However, in addition to the fishy smell of sea cucumber, many people are troubled by the foaming of the sea cucumber. In life, it is often the case that the dried sea cucumber is directly cooked without foaming, so it is difficult to cook the sea cucumber.Eat, then what should we do, let’s take a look.

We all know that the nutritional value of sea cucumbers is very strong. We often eat sea cucumbers can become a strong tonic, but when we cook, we often find that sea cucumbers have a fishy smell, so how can we make sea cucumbers?The fishy smell is removed. This is what many people want to know. First put the sea cucumber in the plate, soak the sea cucumber with pure water or clear water for 2-4 days, and soften the sea cucumber, but this is only gradually.

Next, you need to move the knife on the sea cucumber. The knife on the belly of the sea cucumber cuts the sea cucumber from the head to the tail.

The teeth of the sea cucumber must also be pulled out, and then the body of the sea cucumber is constantly cleaned. After the washing is almost finished, the tendons attached to the inner wall of the sea cucumber are picked.

After cleaning, cook the sea cucumber again, and cook the sea cucumber in the hot water pot for 1 hour. After softening, dry the sea cucumber.

It’s best to boil it with pure water.

The sea cucumber is softened, and then soak the sea cucumber with pure water. It is best to add some ice cubes in the water, and then bring the sea cucumber into the refrigerator to keep it fresh.

The longer you soak, the sea cucumber will become more and more oh, and the taste will be better.

Remember to change the water 3-4 times during the period.

We all know that the nutritional value of sea cucumbers is very strong. We often eat sea cucumbers can become a strong tonic, but when we cook, we often find that sea cucumbers have a fishy smell, so how can we make sea cucumbers?The fishy smell has been removed. This is what many people want to know. This is how we introduced sea cucumbers to everyone. We can find that if we want to cook sea cucumbers well, we must learn how to prepare them.The fishy smell is removed during cooking, and you must learn to make sea cucumbers so that you can eat delicious sea cucumbers. I hope our introduction can help everyone in need.

Depth-Company-Bank of Shanghai (601229): Widening interest margins boost revenue performance

Depth * Company * Bank of Shanghai (601229): Widening interest margins promote bright revenue performance and increase efforts to dispose of bad assets

The Bank of Shanghai’s revenue performance was dazzling. Benefiting from the relief of the cost pressure on its interbank debt and the adjustment of its credit structure, the company’s interest margin continued to widen.

The company’s non-performing ratio increased in the fourth quarter, but the overall risk control is strict, the provision of a solid foundation is strong, the ability to resist risks is strong, 武汉夜生活 and subsequent attention to changes in asset quality.

Maintain overweight rating.

Key points supporting the ratings have seen high revenue growth and outstanding performance. The Bank of Shanghai’s 2018 performance has been impressive, and the resulting revenue has increased.

5%, a faster growth rate than the previous 3 quarters (29.

5%) continue to improve.

The company’s highest net profit increases by 17 per year.

7%, lower than the growth rate of revenue, mainly due to the company’s increase in provisioning efforts to strengthen risk resistance.

The high growth of the company’s revenue can better explain the company’s brilliant performance.

In terms of middle income, the company’s fee income in 2018 decreased by 4 year-on-year.

4%. It is expected that the pressure on the adjustment of the capital 苏州桑拿网 management business will ease the performance of the middle income.

The growth rate of retail credit has increased, pressure on the cost of interbank debt has eased, and the cost of hedging has been released. According to our calculations, the company’s single-quarter interest rate spread in the fourth quarter of the beginning and end of the period has further increased 19BP compared with the third quarter.

On the debt side, the decline in the interest rate of funds under a wide currency environment has eased the pressure on the company’s inter-bank debt costs. We estimate that the company ‘s caliber resistance-end cost ratio at the end of the first quarter of the fourth quarter fell 13BP from the previous month.

On the asset side, the pace of credit issuance was slightly expected in the fourth quarter, and the ten-year growth rate of credit (27.

2%) lower than the 3rd quarter (31.

8%), but the credit structure continued to adjust, retail loan expansion increased, year-end retail loans accounted for 4% to 33%.

The company strengthened the pricing management of supplementary loans, as well as the adjustment of credit structure to improve the improvement of credit yield (May 18).

28% vs 18H5.


Non-performing loans increased on a quarter-on-quarter basis, and the provision basis was solid. Bank of Shanghai’s non-performing loan ratio increased by 6BP to 1 in the fourth quarter.

14%, but the absolute value is still low in the industry.

In the fourth quarter, the write-off of bad write-offs added back1.

39%, an increase of 44BP in one year, the intensity of poor cleaning increased.

At the end of the fourth quarter, the proportion of attention-oriented loans decreased by 3BP to 1 at the end of the half year.

86%; the ratio of loans / non-performing loans overdue for more than 90 days increased by 17 from the end of the first half to 79%, and the overall NPL determination was strict.

The company’s provision coverage ratio increased by 11 from the third quarter.

Eight have a maximum of 333%, which is at a relatively high level in the industry and has a solid provision basis.

It is estimated that considering the positive impact of the company’s structural adjustment on the interest margin, we slightly increase the company’s EPS in 19/20 to 1.


26 yuan / share (previous forecast 1.)


13), corresponding to a growth rate of 17.

2% / 16.


The overall corresponding PE for 2019/20 is currently 6.

62x / 5.

66x, PB is 0.

90x / 0.81x, maintaining the overweight rating.

The main risk facing the rating: asset quality expectations exceed expectations.

Venezuela election riots opposition protests over three consecutive months

Venezuela election riots opposition protests over three consecutive months

Original title: Venezuela’s increasingly complicated political situation will continue to intensify. Xinhua News Agency, Caracas, July 29. Opposition, continuous protests in the week before the election.

Analysts believe that the Maduro government has the ability to resist pressure, and in the medium and long term, the Venezuelan struggle between the opposition and the opposition will remain fierce, and the domestic affairs of the Venezuelan will become increasingly complicated under the intervention of the United States.

  On May 1 this year, Venezuelan President Maduro announced the initiation of a constitution-making process to re-enact the national constitution in order to maintain national peace, promote domestic dialogue, and resolve the current political crisis.

Analysts believe that the Maduro government’s efforts to promote constitutionalism are to gradually take back the parliament controlled by the opposition coalition and regain control of the legislative power so as to occupy a favorable position in the battle between the opposition and the opposition.

  Recently, the opposition coalition was appointed to completely bypass the electoral organs in the ancient referendum. According to the statistics of the opposition party, more than 7 million voters participated in and voted against the antique constitutional assembly elections, accounting for about all the expenses of the voters.

The opposition coalition has gradually evolved to require the Maduro government to immediately suspend the constitutional assembly, meanwhile, 南宁桑拿 continuous antique marches and demonstrations, national strikes and other protests, and the formation of parallel government to pressure.

In fact, the U.S. presidential election also issued an ultimatum to Venezuela, stating that if Venezuela’s representative is elected at the Antique Constituent Assembly on July 30, the United States will take tough and rapid economic measures against Venezuela.

  In order to maintain domestic peace and stability, in recent months, the Maduro government has given top priority to antiques that guarantee the success of the Constitutional Assembly.

Maduro has assigned a number of important cabinet members to resign to public office to stand for election to the Constituent Assembly, and has actively mobilized more than 7 million members of the ruling party across the country to participate in elections and voting.

The Opposition Coalition refuses to recognize and participate in the Constituent Assembly, and does not recommend any candidates to participate. It only escalates protests to resist, so if the election is successful, the ruling party should have no suspense.

  Venezuela’s National Elections Commission Chairman Lucena said on the 29th that more than 14,500 polling stations elected by the Constituent Assembly have been fully prepared and that all technical and security personnel have been in place.

  From the perspective of public opinion, the Maduro government is resilient.

Wang Peng, secretary-general of the Central American and Caribbean Research Center of the Latin American Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out that only 7 million voters participated in the referendum of the opposition Democratic Party antiques.11 million.

  In addition, the opposition party has been conducting antique protests for more than three months. The violence during the protest killed 107 people and injured and arrested thousands.

Continued demonstrations have seriously affected the normal working life of ordinary people and the normal operation of medical and educational institutions.

Manuel Yejepe, a political scientist and professor at the Cuban Institute of Advanced Studies in International Relations, believes that the Venezuelan opposition has escalated demonstrations and demonstrations, which has caused the two parties to lose many opportunities to sit down and negotiate.

The consensus dialogue is a win-win solution, and the Venezuelan people are reluctant to see more bloodshed.

  From the perspective of the ruling party’s control of state institutions, the ruling party still firmly controls the Supreme Court and the National Election Commission, which can ensure the legitimacy of the Constituent Assembly and the smooth conduct of elections.

More importantly, the military has recently expressed its allegiance to the Maduro government and will escort the Constituent Assembly elections.

  In order to ensure the smooth conduct of the 30th election, the military has stated that it will send more than 230,000 soldiers to each polling station in the country to prevent any acts that disrupt and hinder voting.

Jiang Shixue, director of the Latin American Studies Center of Shanghai University, believes that Maduro still has the support of the military and is unlikely to abandon the constitutional assembly election or step down early.

The opposition has exhausted almost all its tactics and did not pose a deadly threat to Maduro’s government.

Yuan Dongzhen, deputy director of the Institute of Latin American Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out that the ruling party still has serious control over administrative, judicial, and election institutions, and has the support of the lower and middle classes, which can basically ensure that its term of office will expire in January 2019.

Editor-in-chief: Zhu Hui’e

CSI Review: Liquidity on a journey back to normal

CSI Review: Liquidity on a journey back to normal

Original title: Liquidity embarks on a journey of returning to normality □ Our reporter Zhang Qinfeng’s currency market interest rates have rebounded continuously, indicating that the fund’s time to loose time has passed, and liquidity has embarked on a return to travel.

Taking into account factors such as tax periods, there is no lack of potential pressure on marginal contraction in subsequent liquidity.

After a period of extreme easing, it is not ruled out that funds will tighten in mid-July.

However, the policy orientation has not changed. It is expected that the mid-month transition will flexibly adjust the operation of monetary policy. Liquidity will not change from one extreme to the other.

  In the past two weeks, the capital market has experienced a very accommodative period.

The overnight price index of funds in the market fell below 1% as a landmark event.

On June 24, the inter-bank market overnight bond bond repo rate (DR001) fell below 1%, the first time since the release of this indicator.

The preliminary official Weibo “transition micro-broadcast” of the General Office stated on July 9 that from June 24 to July 5 this year, DR001 appeared below 1%, and the lowest value appeared on July 4 and was 0.

8431%, at a nominal level.

In addition, at least the expected 7-day bond repurchase rate (DR007) also fell to 1.

91%, with 2.

55% of the baseline 7-day reverse repurchase operation has an interest rate inversion of more than 60 basis points.

  Some market participants believe that short-term liquidity has deviated from a reasonable level of adequacy, which has created the need for policy corrections.

Starting on June 24, the reverse repo operation will be gradually stopped.

During this process, the conversion stock gradually reversed the repurchase expiry one after another, and realized the natural return of liquidity.

According to statistics, last week’s long-term reverse repurchase expired achieved a net return of 340 billion yuan, the largest scale in the past 5 months.

  Affected by the long-term reverse repurchase due to withdrawal, statutory reserve repayment, government bond issuance and payment, etc., the liquidity “water 南京桑拿网 level” gradually decreased from a high level, and the price of funds ushered in a bottom rebound.

On July 5, the money market interest rates stopped falling and rebounded, and the overnight capital price index returned to 1%. Since then, it has continued to rebound. On July 9, DR001 has returned to 1.

77%, DR007 also returned to 2.


  If the overnight interest rate break of 1% is a reflection of the extreme abundance of short-term liquidity, then the overnight interest rate is now back above 1%, indicating that the liquidity has passed through the excessive area, and the loosening of funds has passed.

  Looking back, the return to liquidity may not be over.

First, there is a budget of $ 220 billion to reverse the repurchase expiry this week. At the beginning of the week, it is expected that the operation of the 杭州桑拿 open market will continue to be halted, and the volume of transfer and re-circulation is still at a level, which means that it is unlikely that it will reinvest funds in the short term.
Second, this month is the month with the highest MLF expiration in history. On July 13 and 23, there were 188.5 billion MLF and 502 billion MLF due.

Third, the impact of quarterly corporate tax payments will gradually emerge in mid-July.

July is a traditional fiscal month. The increase in fiscal deposits in July and 2018 reached 1.16 trillion and 934.5 billion, respectively.

Although tax cuts and fee reductions have increased this year, and fiscal revenue has increased, the scale of this month may not be as large as in the previous two years, but the impact of tax period factors on short-term liquidity should not be underestimated.

  Overall, there is no lack of potential pressure on marginal contraction in subsequent liquidity, and the upward process of interest rates in the money market may not end soon.

By mid-July, the impact of tax period factors has intensified, and it is not ruled out that market capital will be tight.

  But we must also see that the attitude of maintaining reasonable and adequate liquidity in the long term has not changed.

The recent gradual termination of the implementation of net withdrawal through reverse repurchase is to guide the return of liquidity from excessive abundance to reasonable abundance, which does not mean that the policy orientation has changed.

The initial purpose is to correct deviations without tightening.

Therefore, when the liquidity returns to a reasonable amount, the transition operation will be adjusted accordingly.

  In fact, it is expected to continue to carry out liquidity operations during the month. One is to facilitate the operation of targeted medium-term loans, that is, the TMLF operation.

It is expected to announce the creation of a set of medium-term lending facilities (TMLF) in December 2018, which will generally be implemented in the fourth week of the first month of the quarter.

A few days ago, the State Council executive meeting pointed out that it is necessary to adhere to the implementation of a sound monetary policy, maintain tightness and appropriateness, and make timely pre-adjustment and fine-tuning in accordance with changes in international internal standards, maintain reasonable and sufficient liquidity, and ensure that the actual interest rate of small and micro-enterprises’ loans is reduced.

In this context, it is expected that the TMLF operation will continue in the transition in the fourth week of July.

  The second is to continue to do the right amount of MLF.Over the past year, the transition has renewed MLF expirations most of the time, unless a reduction is implemented.

  Third, in the face of the peak impact of the mid-month tax period, it is expected that the reverse repurchase operation will be gradually restarted to calm the marginal liquidity fluctuations.

  In addition, in July, the policy replacement of the supplementary reserve requirement ratio applicable to some small and medium-sized banks continued to be implemented, which will form a certain scale of long-term liquidity release.

  Excessive liquidity is abnormal, and the previous ultra-low interest rates are doomed to be unsustainable, but it is also a very unlikely event to go from one extreme to the other.

In summary, although it is difficult to maintain the loose capital level in the market during the month, there will not be any obvious tension, which will lead to the return to the stable and loose normal.

How to read all of her from her eyes

How to read all of her from her eyes

A lot of things you want to know can be wiped from a woman’s eyes, slight, her feelings, her future, and even her desire.

  1. The pupils with big pupils are rich in emotions. The women with big pupils are rich in emotions, sloppy behaviors, and have no thorough plans to do things. They often do whatever they want to do. Once they encounter difficulties, they immediately retreat.

However, this can be changed.

  2. The tear mole determines the woman’s future. Many physiologists agree that women who have ulcers at the moment (tea tears) also have moles on their breasts, which may be the case.

People with ulcers in the Tears Hall said they would work hard for their children, both men and women.

The mole in the left eye is troubled by the boy, while the mole in the right eye is troubled by the girl, or the marriage is difficult, or the girl is not married, or the body is sick, etc.

  3, the strong sexual desire of women with concave sockets shows that they are more neurotic, suspicious, and they are all people who experience everything in person.

Women with such eyes have a transformational requirement for sexual desire.

  4. Women with white-haired and blue-eyed genital hypoplasia. These eyes look beautiful and have a bright and pure feeling, but in fact, this is a sign of immature women.

A woman is over 20 years old, and her eyes are blue and cyan, which means her constitution is poor, her stunting is poor, she can be sure that her pubic hair is thin and she has neurotic severity.

  5. The woman with drooping fishtails has a gentle temperament and the ends of her eyes are called fishtails in terms of physiology. Some fishtails face upwards and some are drooping. The difference is very large.Act passively or negatively, and have an indisputable attitude towards people’s affairs, but not completely unmotivated.

If the man is drooping too much, it will not be good, he will be indecisive when he is in trouble, and he will be slow to speak.

For women, it is better to hang the fish tail slightly or straight, and have a gentle temperament. The husband sings with the wife, works well with her husband, and works diligently.

In the vocational field, a woman with this kind of look will please her superiors, and will nod their superiors.

  6. Fishtail risers Yi Shudi If a woman’s fishtail rises, she can be said to be a strong woman in the middle. She is enthusiastic about her work, competitive and strong. She has strong self-esteem, is easy to ridicule, and takes care of men very hard.She is not under her husband’s control.

Such a woman is not good at getting along with others, and it is easy to make enemies.

If the fish’s tail rises higher than the bridge of the nose, this is a lonely aspect in old age. To change this fate, it is best not to put too much emphasis on yourself, and to be more modest.

Why children are tired of school-

Why are children tired of school?

“I hit and hit, and scolded, but it didn’t help me at all. I really had no choice but to think of giving him psychological counseling.

“A father took his son a long way to do psychological counseling.

“He was a freshman this year, but he just didn’t want to go to school anymore. My mother and I mentioned that it was useless to persuade them.

In fact, his grades have always been very good. In junior high school, he was still the first in the class.

But somehow, he just didn’t want to go to school.

At first he said that because the school management was too rigid, the schoolwork burden was too heavy.

I took care of the relationship and spent money to get him to a nearby big city for high school.

That school is a well-known school of humanistic management. The curriculum is relatively loose, and it also respects the personality of students.

In the first month, he told me that the school was good, the teachers were good, and the school environment was good, and I was very satisfied.

But only one month ago, he came back, saying that he was not interested in studying, and he was reluctant to go to school again.

“Dad said.

The son of the army is 17 years old, not tall, sitting there, his eyes flickering around . the first round: “Why don’t you want to go to school?

“I started interviewing the army.

  ”I’m not interested in studying. School life is too monotonous.

I think the outside world is more exciting.

“He told me that he had already planned, and the school was determined not to go back.

He is going to learn computer repair, and he will open a small shop by himself every month, and gradually grow bigger, and finally make a brand all over the country.

He said he was reading a book on marketing.

In the fourth grade of the elementary school, Junjun entangled his parents in a local computer training class and passed the junior exam.

Since then, the army has become obsessed with computers and is confident of its talent in this area.

“Listen, you have planned your life.

So what are you doing now?

What have you done to achieve your goal during these months at home?

“Basically, I didn’t do anything. I didn’t get up until 12 o’clock every day, and I watched TV at 12 o’clock or even later.”

During the day, I mainly play computer.

Jun Jun admitted that he was extremely dissatisfied with his current situation, and had no idea and no confidence despite his thoughts.

“If my father and mother support me, I will have confidence.

As long as I am a person who wants to cast things, research things can definitely be cast.

“Junjun is very sure of this.

“If I don’t insist on going to school, they won’t be able to take me. In the end, they will still agree with me to open a store.

“Second round: In front of the army, I asked the army’s father, what do you think of the child’s choice?

  Dad had something to say and stop, maybe the psychiatrist here was his last hope: “I don’t agree, I don’t think that way will work.

You have no ability to take care of yourself at all.

And they rarely talk to others actively. When you go to Shanghai these days, you will be asked for directions.

How can your situation make a small shop run well?

That is harder than your studies for many years.

Besides, the economy is relatively backward and there are very few people with computers. Such a small shop will not have any business.

Junjun realized that he had strong immunity to his father’s words. Although he was silent, he was obviously not convinced.”You say that the school environment is too boring, learning is tedious, and the outside world is wonderful. So what is the main attraction of the outside world?

“I asked him.

  ”I like to go shopping, go to the supermarket, there are a lot of fun, delicious, and a lot of electronics.

I like to eat delicious food, and I just want to hurry to make money myself.

Going to school and then going to college, it’s like going over a mountain for me, I don’t want to go over.

“Parent’s words:” Teacher Sun, I think the child is like this, there must be my reason, but I never knew what was wrong?

I used to be quite confident. Many colleagues around me were very strict with the children. They just hit and kept scolding them, asking them to be number one and number one in their studies.

But I have always been good at his personality development, and provided him with a relaxed environment as much as possible. I told him that you only need to do your best in your studies. The grade is not very important, but he is very smart and learns well without effort.
  ”He said he liked computers, and I bought them no matter how expensive they were.

He values wearing, and if you do n’t like the clothes, you wo n’t even wear them.

I won’t blame him, though I feel bad about money.

His pocket money has always been more than other children, I think he will be happier this way.

  ”He said the high school where we were studying was stressful and the management was too dead, and I admit it.

The taste of test-based education there was too heavy, so I asked someone to say hello to the people in their school. First of all, I waived morning exercises and evening self-study, and later I waived morning self-study.

It should be said that he was much less stressed than other classmates at that time.

He said that the school’s education did not respect individuality and that he was very individual.

I think that’s right. I can’t suppress his personality development and send him to the school later.

But he is still like this, I don’t know what to do?

  ”His mother and I are both ill. We were both reluctant to spend money to see a doctor. The doctor said that his mother’s body was not suitable for work.

But for his fucking insistence on going to work.

You see, now you have to give him money to open a shop.

But if it continues like this, his mother and I can’t hold on to collapse.

  ”These days in Shanghai, he watches TV every night at 12 o’clock, sometimes at 2 or 3 o’clock.

I won’t get up in the morning and won’t get up until 12 o’clock.

I don’t think he would be able to skip breakfast like this every day, and then he would break his body.

I called him in the morning and he didn’t even care. I had to drag his head and drag his back to pull him up.

My waist is not good, it will hurt when I do this, not to mention moving him like this, but there is no way to move it.

  ”Teacher Sun, I’m not afraid of your joke. My child has no sympathy. We are all like this, and he is indifferent.

When he’s in a bad mood, he doesn’t even bother you, and he never knows how much money he spends.

Once a classmate celebrated his birthday, he asked me if I wanted money to buy a very expensive gift for the classmate. I said that you also know that it is not easy for parents to make money, can you buy him a cheap one?

If he doesn’t, he just wants to make trouble with you.

Sometimes I tell his mother that it is better to have this child than not.

  ”Mr. Sun, you said what was wrong with me, you tell me, I’d better talk to the people around me, let them take me as a warning.

“Jun Jun’s father said tiredly.

“Third round:” Dad said, your mother is not well, but in order to make more money, she is still working hard.

How do you feel about this situation of mom?

“I asked the army.

  ”I wish I could make more money.

“Why don’t mom and dad have confidence in your own shop?”

Is it because they are too young to worry about them?”Jun Jun thought about it and said,” No.

They felt that I was spoiled and could not suffer.

“Do you disagree with their judgment?”

“Yes, I don’t think they have the ability to see many things clearly.

The army does not trust that his parents can effectively guide his life.

He only scored 50 points on their judgment.

I ask him why?

He said that I felt that their own lives had failed and their own destiny had not been mastered.

  Sun Xinlan’s psychological answer has always clearly remembered a plot in “The Growing Trouble”.

Jason and Maggie want Mike, his son who is graduating from high school, to go to college, but Mike wants to work.

So Jason wanted to take his son to the university he had studied in, maybe that environment would arouse his longing.

On the plane, a mother was in labor, and Jason was the only doctor on the plane, although he was a psychologist.

When the child was born, Mike, who shared his father’s joy, suddenly thought, “He (dad) knows more or I know more.

He said that going to college must have his reason.

“So Mike decided to go to college.

Every child will be rebellious, there will be contempt, and time to deny authority.

But this does not mean that the child lacks basic trust in his father.

Mike has adolescent rebellion, but also has basic trust in the adult who raised him.

If the child does not have this basic trust in the parent’s abilities, then the child will not feel secure and confident.

  Love without principles is doting.

It is often difficult for a child who is doted to build a healthy self.

He will not be very confident, because many things are done by his parents, learning from actions, completing tasks and gaining experience, the chance of confidence is greatly reduced.

His personality will not be very independent but willful and dependent.

His psychology is like a stream of water flowing everywhere, which is difficult to be constructive.

Children need parents and adults need proper guidance.

However, the child is also an independent individual. In a certain sense, he can take the lead and accept the guidance of the parents.

A child who grows up under the spoils can repeatedly break through the parents’ defense line, and will regard the “parents as defeated men.” He no longer respects him from the bottom of his heart, nor believes that he has the ability to guide and transform himself.

Therefore, children who grow up in doting often do not have a sense of security and lack trust in others.

In the subconscious, his feeling is that in this world, he can only rely on himself, and he has no extra energy to care and care for the people around him.

  Junjun’s father said: Yeah, I don’t understand him at all.

He does not sleep at 11 or 2 in the evening, standing in the yard to look at the sky and the stars.

He said that at this time, the world was very quiet and he was very peaceful.

I don’t understand why the stars are so beautiful if you don’t sleep so late.

And Jun Jun said to me: After going to junior high school, one day he suddenly started thinking: Why am I alive.

He found that before, his life was arranged by his parents and adults.

Now he wants to be his own master and no longer be a chess piece at the mercy of others.

  Parents have a desire to love their children, but not every parent has the ability to love.

We say that caring for a child means caring for his health, whether he is doing well or not, and whether he will be successful in the future.
We did not enter the heart of the child, nor did we know how to enter.

If love cannot soothe the heart and open the heart, it is all pale and superficial.

Fruit Recipe Refuses Cough

Fruit Recipe Refuses Cough

In winter, people are prone to coughs, and some people do not like taking medicine. In fact, diet therapy is a good choice.

In addition to “good cough suppressant” sweet pears, nuts and lilies can also effectively prevent cough.

Here are five delicious and well-made dietary treatments: Lohan Sydney drink one clean Lo Han Guo, two Sydney into a casserole, add purified water, put on the fire, use the high fire first, wait for it to cook, changeSlightly fire, cook for 20?
Drain the water for 30 minutes, and wait for the temperature to rise.

Luo Han Guo has a sweet and cool taste, has the effects of relieving cough and asthma, antipyretic and antipyretic, cooling and relieving heat, and when combined with the pear that clears heat and nourish the stomach and nourishes yin and lungs, its effect of nourishing yin and clearing heat and cough is stronger.

For acute and chronic pharyngitis, cough and other diseases.

In addition, the use of Blended Mangosteen alone, soaked in boiling water for half an hour, and replace tea, has a certain effect on the cough of pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis.

Steamed pears Wash and remove the pears, then take 3 grams of Fritillaria chuanxiensis, 6 grams of 100 parts, and 6 grams of tangerine peel, put them into the heart of the pear, steam them on the pot, and eat one daily.

Steamed pears relieve cough and reduce phlegm. It has better curative effect on cough due to bronchitis.

  Pear is sweet, slightly sour, enters the lung and stomach meridians, can be refreshed and moistened, clearing heat and reducing phlegm; Chuanbei mother lungs and cough and reducing phlegm; Baibu warming lungs and coughing;

  Sanren porridge is selected with 5 grams of white nuts, 10 grams of sweet almonds, 10 grams of walnuts, and 50 grams of rice.

Wash the three kernels first, put in the pot and boil for 20 minutes, then put the previous rice, and then cook until the rice is cooked, ready to eat, and add a small amount of rock sugar.

Ginkgo has a sweet and bitter taste, converges the lung qi, fixes asthma and coughs, and even stops enuresis; sweet almonds moisturize the lungs and cough; walnuts and kidney tonics, warms the lungs and asthma;

Tremella lily drink 10 grams of white fungus, soak in water for 12 hours, put in a bowl, add 20 grams of rock sugar, 10 grams of lily, put the bowl in a steamer, simmer for 1 hour, mix with honey, start dailyEat on an empty stomach.

It has the effect of moistening lungs, relieving cough and asthma, and is suitable for cough patients with dry cough, low phlegm and dry throat asthma.

White fungus, also known as Tremella, is sweet and flat, nourishing yin and nourishing lungs, nourishing stomach and promoting fluids; Lily is slightly bitter cold, nourishing yin and nourishing lungs, clearing heart and removing annoyance.

For the reed root porridge, take 150 grams of fresh reed root, wash and chop, and fry the juice with 10 grams of almonds. Add 50 grams of rice before cooking. Boil the porridge until the cooked rice porridge is ready for consumption.

In this porridge, reed root clears heat and removes irritations, sweet almonds moisturize the lungs, and relieve cough. Previously, rice was used to strengthen the spleen and stomach. Consuming this porridge can clear lung heat, relieve cough and reduce phlegm, and use cough with yellow and white sputum, dry throat, and thirst.patient.

Will you be crushed by boys?

Will you be crushed by boys?

If you quarrel with the other half and are about to break up, what will the other person do to forgive him?

  A, write a love song for you B, ignore you C coolly, send you the dream gift D, warmly send love E, sincerely apologize and analyze the results of the person who chose A: “eye wave type” 55% of you who are emotionally richIntentional or unintentional discharge through the eyes, unconsciously let others secretly love you.

  The person who chooses B: “Responsive-eye-eye type” 20% You live in your own world, and the response is always half a slow, even if others show you good, you will not feel it.

  The person who chooses C: “Lion shows love” 99% You will unconsciously pass through the physical contact, let others think you are interesting to him, and relatively increase the chance that others will be dedicated to you.

  The person who chooses D: “boring and boring” 40% of the life you will encounter when boring and boring, discharge and discharge, people feel that you are usually not outstanding, you are full of attractive.

  People who choose E: “Conversational and expressive” 80% of you are prone to tease and hint at others in your words, making you feel like you are telling the other party to be approachable.

There are not so many rules in health!


Five academicians’ words

There are not so many rules in health!
Five academicians’ words

Taking medicine for treatment depends on the local conditions. Zhang Boli: Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Dean of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, President of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Vice President of the Chinese Medicine Association, Vice President of the Chinese Medical Association.

Health care is a great contribution of the Chinese nation.

The essence of TCM health education is in the same vein as the concept of “working for the disease” in “Nei Jing”.

The development of many diseases is a gradual process, especially the complications of metabolic diseases.

This gives people a time to control and prevent disease.

For example, hypertension is the biggest risk factor for myocardial infarction and stroke.

The scary thing is that many people don’t know that they have high blood pressure, and they know that they can’t control the level correctly.

Many people say that antihypertensive drugs can be eaten when blood pressure rises.

This is not true. Suffering from high blood pressure can be said to be “life imprisonment”, but it does not mean that you must take medicine every day.

There is a ladder therapy for the treatment of hypertension. The first step is to take a medicine, the second step is to eat two kinds, and the third step is to eat three kinds. When the condition is relieved, the stability is stabilized, and then gradually reduced, and even the drug can be intermittently taken.Even after the blood pressure is stable, the drug is discontinued.

Taking medicine for treatment should be adapted to the local conditions, and this is also the treatment strategy for the integration of Chinese medicine and human beings.

The same is true for controlling blood pressure and taking medicine.

My experience is that you can take less medicine or stop taking medicine after your blood pressure is stable in summer.

After the cold in September, it is necessary to resume medication in advance, even if the blood pressure is not high, you can start to gradually reduce the amount until the beginning of March and April.

It is adjusted with the seasons, and it varies from person to person.

There are several old scholars in the old university who are also hypertensive patients. According to this method, they have maintained blood pressure fluctuations for several decades without major fluctuations.

Every major event must have a quiet gas. Chen Kezhen: Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, known as the famous internal medicine combined with internal medicine, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular specialists, is currently the chief professor of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

When people are old, their mentality is a few months longer than what they encounter: when they are older, they must cherish and love life, do more things they like to do, and they can’t be confused.

I really appreciate the interlanguage of the Tongshi and the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, who said that “everything has a calmness in every major event, and does not believe that there is no ancient sage at this time.”

There is a saying in the Analects that is also very real: “The gentleman has three precepts: when there are few, the blood is not fixed, the ring is in the color; the strong is also the bloody, the ring is fighting; the old is also weak, the ring is weak.In the end.”

In fact, in the past, the elderly, young people should not be divided into the pursuit of material desires and fame.

Life is better, spend less time and energy to blame and resent.

No desire is just now, less depression, and life will be more happy and live freely.

Keeping curiosity and inquiry Han Jisheng: Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, famous local physiologist, doctoral tutor, professor of neurobiology, Peking University School of Medicine.

People often say that “people are not old”, this is to encourage us to even keep a curious heart, explore and discover the joy of life.

For example, when I walked, I found that some garbage bins were relatively clean, some were dirty, and a lot of rubbish was nearby.

For the dirty trash can around, I will think, why don’t people throw the garbage into the box?

As a result of the research, these bins are basically the ones that need to be stepped on. The first is that the opening is not big enough when the foot is on, and the other is that the foot is loose and the bag is knocked back and closed. The taste is very good.Big, and easy to get dirty things on the body, when people throw things, it is easy to throw outside the trash can.

Therefore, I suggest that the trash can be designed to avoid the above problems, which will greatly reduce the chance of throwing garbage outside.

These are actually small things in life, but for me, pondering them is both fun and keeps my spirit active.

Everyone said that I am still in my 90s and my body is still so good. In fact, I have insomnia.

But you look down on it, try not to worry too much, it has no effect on health.

Daily exercise is essential. Wang Jude: Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, President of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association, and former Deputy Minister of Health.

Exercise is now an essential activity for me every day.

I got lumbar disc herniation in 1994, and I was relieved after lying in bed for more than two months.I can do it after that, I can’t exercise.

Since then I have been urging myself to exercise, from the first half an hour a day to an hour and an hour to an hour and a half.

Now I start exercising every night from ten o’clock, until 11:30.

The exercise I do most often is a dumbbell. I do one hand with 10 kg and one hand with 5 kg. One is lying down, the other is standing, and each action is done in four groups.

In addition to dumbbells, I have to jump 1000 times a day, do 10 kinds of sit-ups to exercise abdominal muscles and more than 100 back exercises for five points.

After a long period of exercise, I reduced from 80 kilograms to the current 67 kilograms, and the physical burden was greatly reduced.

And sleep well, go to sleep, and feel the morning, the next day, the state of mind is very good.

Here you should also remind everyone that exercise is also a method, it is best to carry out under the guidance of professional medical staff or fitness instructors, so as not to cause damage or counterproductive.

Prevention is not disease, but less disease, Ge Junbo, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, chairman of the Chinese Medical Association Cardiovascular Branch, director of Department of Cardiology, Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University, director of Shanghai Cardiovascular Institute.

At present, the overall cardiovascular patients have reached 2.

900 million people!

Three or four decades ago, when I was in college, not many people had coronary heart disease.

When I was internship in a hospital, I encountered a myocardial infarction in three months, and now I can encounter these diseases every day.

There are three reasons for the rise in the incidence of cardiovascular disease: First, people’s living standards are improving, excessive nutrition leads to problems such as hypercholesterolemia, obesity, diabetes, etc. Second, life pressure is high, causing blood pressure problems; the third is modern people.Smoking is not controlled.

For ordinary people, the prevention of cardiovascular disease is mainly to control the risk factors of cardiovascular disease. Many of the risk factors cannot be changed. For example, gender, men have higher rates of heart disease than women.

But some risk factors can be changed, some smoking and healthy lifestyles, including moderate exercise, healthy diet, blood pressure control, blood sugar and so on.

It cannot be said that doing these preventions can completely avoid the disease. Prevention is not disease-free, but less disease. If you don’t smoke, you will not get a myocardial infarction. It will not say that diabetes will be complicated by myocardial infarction.

Some people may not have a myocardial infarction after smoking for a lifetime. It is thought that myocardial infarction and smoking do not matter, but in fact, smoking will greatly increase the chance of illness.

So what we need to pay attention to is the superposition of risk factors.

Healthy lifestyles and risk factors are the most effective ways to prevent cardiovascular disease.

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