Is it easier to get insomnia when I am older?

Is it easier to get insomnia when I am older?

When I was young, I was tired when I was lying in bed. After a while, I went to sleep in a sweet voice. I was beaten and thundered. I was tired and grew up. I was tired after I was lying in bed. I couldn’t date with Zhou Gong. Is it easier to get insomnia?1, age factor: With the increase of age, the secretion of pineal voxels that control sleep is gradually reduced, the ability to regulate sleep is weakened, the time of falling asleep is prolonged, the time of deep sleep is reduced, and the incidence of insomnia is high.

銆€銆€2, health factors: increased age, the incidence of underlying diseases is elevated, some diseases may affect sleep, or may lead to insomnia, such as: cough, heart palpitations, dyspnea, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthrosis, mental system diseases, etc.

銆€銆€3, environmental factors: people’s age to grow sleep will become more and more shallow, and the environment has become more critical and sensitive.

People who live in a clean environment are not prone to insomnia, and the rate of environmental insomnia is increased.

In addition, climate change, changes in sleeping places, indoor luminosity, and discomfort in temperature and humidity lead to insomnia.

銆€銆€4, psychological factors: if too much thinking, forced to retire, isolated from the society, worried about sleep, etc., resulting in insomnia, the more nervous the more easily insomnia.

There are still middle-aged and elderly people who don’t go to work like nine-to-five people like young people. Everyday daily activities are reduced, and the concept of time is becoming less clear. Therefore, it is easy to grasp the regularity of sleep, and it is more relaxed during the day.Feeling tired, the body will feel no need to rest, so overall, the elderly sleep less and less.

5, physiological factors: sleep is an activity phenomenon in the brain, and the nerve cells in the brain will continue to decrease with age, the nerve activity of the brain will begin to appear abnormal, resulting in sleep disorders in the elderly, the most commonPerformance is reduced sleep, which is a physiological factor.

Early waking is a common sleep disorder in the elderly. Some of the sleep disorders of the elderly are early wake up, or it may be faster to fall asleep, but wake up earlier, wake up like three or four in the morning, wake up and never sleep again.
If it is a temporary early wake up, you can try to adjust the sleeping environment first. Some make the bedroom comfortable, the bed should be slightly softer, thicker, the height of the pillow should be appropriate, the environment should be as quiet as possible, the light should be gentle, or before going to bed.Use warm water bubble feet.

After waking up early, it is not recommended to always lie in bed, you can get up and do some housework, or go out for a workout.

Because the bed is a place to rest, if you can’t sleep and lie in bed, you may form a conditioned reflex, but you can’t sleep.

If you wake up early and you can’t adjust yourself, you should seek medical advice promptly. You can take non-drug treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

Insomnia causes physical injury. Most people’s sleep disorders are difficult to fall asleep, wake up more often, and have more dreams, which leads to irritability, upset, anxiety, and temper on the second day.

Long-term insomnia causes physical injury, which not only causes emotional fluctuations and changes, but also causes psychological problems such as depression. It may also be secondary to high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases, and the body’s immunity will also decline, making it easier to get sick.

Therapeutic methods help you improve your insomnia. Choose a diet to improve your insomnia. Choose a light, easy-to-digest food.

The old man drinks porridge before going to bed, the effect of hypnosis is good, millet porridge is a better choice, can promote the secretion of insulin after eating, so it can make people sleep.

In addition to millet porridge, you can also choose the following methods of insomnia treatment: longan meat porridge to take longan meat 30g, jujube 5, has been cooked 60g, longan meat contains a variety of vitamins and other nutrients, and even nourish the bodyThere is also the effect of sedation to prevent insomnia.

The syrup lily takes 100 grams of lily, the amount of sugar into the pot, add 500 ml of water, cook until the lily is cooked, must be warm to take, lily tastes sweet and clear heart, in addition to troubles and tranquility, slightly cold and non-toxic, white sugar and stomach to nourish the heart, rightInsomnia is the best.

Longan lotus seed porridge longan meat tonic heart spleen, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves; lotus seeds spleen, nourish the heart, kidney.

Take 20 grams of longan meat, 30 grams of lotus seeds, 100 grams of rice.

The lotus seeds are chopped and the longan meat, the rice is boiled into porridge, and taken two hours before going to sleep. It is especially useful for the insomnia of the heart and the spleen and the insomnia, and the tiredness and tiredness of the stool.

Lily lotus seed porridge lily 10 grams, lotus seeds 10 grams, 10 grams of wolfberry, 15 grams of yam, 50 grams of glutinous rice, porridge placed, once a day.

Applicable to insomnia caused by liver and kidney yin deficiency, heart and heart, evidence of upset, hot, dry mouth, constipation, insomnia and dreams, night sweats, etc.

Old Chinese medicine[always can’t sleep]Old Chinese medicine doctors can’t sleep. They use ancient formulas to scientifically match a variety of medicines and other materials, and extract tea bags that are suitable for people with insomnia and dreams.

I can’t wake up during the day, I can’t sleep at night, I drank this cup of tea and sent it to sleep.

(Click on the picture to enter the mall) to ease the food of insomnia, potatoes and potatoes are also a good choice for insomnia, the right amount of edible potatoes can remove the acid that interferes with the tryptophan that can induce sleep, so the elderly should pay attention to dinner.In the meantime, you can increase the amount of potatoes in the right amount.

2, almonds contain a large amount of tryptophan in almonds, it is a guarantee to help people have a good sleep, in addition, the almond also contains the right amount of muscle suspension – magnesium, which can help the elderly in a relaxed and comfortable conditionSleep peacefully.

3, honey to make a cup of honey tea, some kind of honey in warm milk or vanilla tea.

The glucose contained in the honey can promote the brain to stop producing food, so that the elderly can fall asleep again.

4, longan meat longan meat is the best fruit for blood and heart, the god of fruit.

Its sweetness is in jujube, and it is better than jujube in the spleen, and it has no disadvantages of jujube; it can also be used to supplement blood while supplementing the blood.

Thinking about excessive forgetfulness, insomnia, convulsions, it is best to use it (steamed in the pot, eat at will).

Lotus seed simmered pork soup.

50 grams of lotus seeds, 50 grams of simmered meat, 200 grams of pork.

Wash and cut the pork into pieces and lotus seed meat, simmer the meat together with the soup, cooked and seasoned with salt.

The above foods suitable for insomnia in middle-aged and elderly people are foods that are often uncommon in life.

As long as the patient pays attention to the method and insists on using it, it will definitely see the effect.5, milk milk contains the essential tryptophan, which can make the brain nerve cells secrete a serotonin (serotonin) that makes people feel sleepy, so that brain thinking activities are temporarily suppressed, resulting in drowsiness (1 hour before going to bed)drink).

6, jujube jujube sweet and flat, nourish the stomach and spleen, benefit the blood and strengthen the spirit, for the good health of Anzhong, can treat fatigue and insomnia.

Stir fry jujube and boil water as tea; or steam and cook.

After jujube nuclear scorching, soaking water on behalf of tea can also help sleep.

Four exercises, Tai Chi, how much do you know?

Four exercises, Tai Chi, how much do you know?

Practice Tai Chi to adjust the body and mind. If it persists, it will be very beneficial to all organs and systems of the human body, which can enhance physical fitness and improve health.
Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of practicing Tai Chi.
The impact on the nervous system When practicing Tai Chi, you need to be mentally focused. There is no distracting thoughts, that is, you must use your mind.
In this way, under the control of consciousness, people’s minds always focus on the movements, excluding the interference of other thoughts in the brain, focusing on the changes and coordination of the functions of the organs and organs of the whole body, so that the ability of the nervous system to be controlled by self-intelligence is improved.
At the same time, the mind is highly static, and the conductors make the cerebral cortex enter a protective inhibition state, which can eliminate the nervous fatigue of the brain, clear the mind, activate the emotions, repair the balance of the nervous system, and eliminate some chronic disease lesions.
Cardiovascular effects Taiji’s soft and coordinated action will promote the elasticity of blood vessels, and the stability of vascular nerves will be more adaptable to external stimuli.
Taiji is different from strenuous exercise. After exercise, the diastolic blood pressure will decrease. Long-term exercise will help prevent high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, and is beneficial to health and longevity.
The effect on the respiratory system When practicing Tai Chi, it is often accompanied by a deep abdominal breathing, so that “gas Shen Dan Tian”, thus strengthening the movement of the diaphragm.
The movement of the diaphragm not only promotes the deepness of the breathing, but also increases the visceral peristalsis and promotes the blood circulation and gastrointestinal digestion of the abdominal cavity.
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