[Can confinement eat scallops]_Danger_Bad

[Can confinement eat scallops]_Danger_Bad

After giving birth, the mother’s body needs to be slowly adjusted to return to the previous state, so that the sequelae of labor will not be easily left.

Confinement is a good way for the mother to recover her body. Women in confinement generally need to supplement enough nutrition in the body, and there are many considerations in life. Scallops have a weight on the human body.Can I eat scallops while confinement?

Can confinement eat scallops?

Dietitian: A confinement woman can eat scallops, which is good for postpartum recovery.

Consumption of scallops in appropriate amount after birth can enhance the body’s immunity and have the effect of lowering blood pressure and fat. It can be eaten by mothers in the general population, and is especially suitable for breastfeeding mothers.

Benefits of confinement to eat scallops1, increase resistance.

Maternal consumption of scallops can supplement the body with high-quality protein and a variety of minerals, which can enhance resistance and restore mental and physical strength.

2. The minerals in scallops, such as calcium, iron, and phosphorus, have the effect of preventing anemia and dizziness, which is very good for postpartum recovery.

3, scallops contain a large number of amino acids, high-quality protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements, the baby can absorb its nutrition through milk, which is beneficial to promote the baby’s bone and intellectual development, protect skin and vision health.

Precautions for eating scallops on confinement 1. Although scallops are very nutritious, they should not be eaten by pregnant women. It is recommended to eat a small amount of porridge or soup.

Excessive consumption is not conducive to digestion and absorption, and severely will cause a rash.

2. Some mothers may be allergic to scallops. Do not consume scallops during confinement to avoid allergic accidents.

Breastfeeding mothers should observe whether the baby is allergic to scallops and continue to consume it if there are no allergic symptoms.

3, scallops cannot be eaten with sausages, cold food, beer, strong tea, olives, the same food will worsen the coldness is not good for digestion, and may cause symptoms such as gout and other physical discomfort.

4. How to choose high-quality scallops: first see if the scallops are full and full, the particles are intact and no debris, the color should be light yellow, the surface has hoarfrost, and it smells of a tender waxy fragrance.

[How much yogurt can I drink in a day?

]_How to drink_How to drink

[How much yogurt can I drink in a day?
]_How to drink_How to drink

I believe that many people have the habit of drinking yogurt. Yogurt is a dairy product in nature, but because of special processing, yogurt contains many probiotics. Therefore, drinking yogurt is good for gastrointestinal health.Weak, prone to some digestive tract diseases, so it is good for your child to drink some yogurt regularly, but yogurt must not be consumed casually. How much should I drink for a day?

How much yogurt can I drink in a day?
Drink up to 250 ml of yogurt daily. A glass of milk in the morning and a glass of yogurt in the evening are ideal.

However, some people especially like yogurt and often drink a lot of yogurt after a meal, which may cause weight gain.

This is because yogurt itself contains a certain amount, and drinking yogurt after a meal is equivalent to supplementing these transformations, causing weight gain.

Therefore, with the exception of infants and young children, it is advisable to take at least 1-2 cups of yogurt (125-250 ml) per day. It is best to adjust the intestinal flora for half an hour to one hour after meals.advantageous.

Some people now advocate drinking yoghurt for infants and toddlers. The reason is that yoghurt nutrients have an average bulk density. In particular, a cup of yogurt (150 ml) can provide infants with 30% calcium carbonate and about 10% protein.

In addition, the galactose contained in yogurt is a component of the brain and the cerebrosides in the nervous system, which is closely related to the rapid growth of the brain after the baby is born.

In particular, diarrhea is the most common disease in infants and young children. Yogurt contains excessive lactic acid bacteria and has a suitable acidity. Drinking yogurt can effectively inhibit the production of harmful bacteria and improve immune capacity.

It can actually prevent diarrhea or shorten the duration of chronic diarrhea and reduce the incidence of acute diarrhea.

However, infants and young children are special groups after all, and breast milk should be their best food. Therefore, it is not recommended for infants and young children under the age of half to consume yogurt, and breast milk or formula should be the main ingredient. When supplementary food is added, yogurt can be given appropriately.But do not exceed 100 ml per day.

After half a year, you can appropriately give yogurt as a complementary food, but you must follow the principle of less to more, from thin to thick, that is, only give about 10 ml at the beginning, double with warm water, and observe that infants and children have no bloating.The adverse gastrointestinal reactions such as diarrhea can be gradually increased by increasing the age of the month and the tolerance of the individual.

But do not exceed 100 ml per day before the age of 1 year.

CYTS (600138): Although performance continued to be under pressure, margins improved slightly

CYTS (600138): Although performance continued to be under pressure, margins improved slightly

This report reads: The tourist growth rate of Wuzhen and Gubei Water Town in 2019H1 continues to be under pressure, but the margins have improved slightly, and the future will not be resolved.

Investment Highlights: Target Price 17.

2 yuan, maintaining the overweight level.

The growth rate of tourists in core attractions is under pressure, and the earnings forecast for 2019-2021 is reduced to 0.

86 (-0.

32) / 0.

95 (-0.

44) / 1.

05 yuan.

The company’s scenic area resources are of high quality and given 20xPE in 2019, the target price is reduced to 17.

2 (-8.

59) Yuan, maintaining the overweight rating.

Brief description of results: In the first half of 2019, the company’s revenue was 58.

5.3 billion / + 5.

13%, net profit attributable to mother 3.

8.2 billion / -5.

61%, deducting non-return to mother 2.

58 billion / -15.


2019Q2 revenue 33.

10 billion / + 8.

17%, deducting non-return to mother 2.

03 billion / -4.

45%, in line with expectations.

The main business profit was maximized and stable, and the cost ratio increased.

① Wuzhen 天津夜网 receives tourists 445.

980,000, basically the same as 2018, with revenue of 8.

55 billion / + 2.

6%, net profit 4.

7.2 billion, unchanged from 2018.

② Gubei is limited by traffic restrictions and can accommodate 100 tourists.

680,000 person-times / -8.

81%, revenue 4.

200 million / -8.

04%. Net profit decreased by 47 due to a significant reduction in land revenue.

twenty three%.

③ The hotel business was affected by the newly opened stores, and its net profit dropped by 14.

27%.④ Revenue from integrated marketing business12.

01 billion / + 10.

29%, net profit was 2119.

32 million / + 18.


Revenue from strategic investment business remained stable.

⑤ The gross profit margin for 2019H1 increased by 0.

51pct, the cost rate increased by +2 during the period.

3pct, mainly due to the increase in sales expense ratio by 1.

59 points.

The asset value is excellent, and long-term growth is worth looking forward to.

In 2020, the courtyard will be built, the structural transformation of attractions and exhibition towns, the continuous improvement of Gubei transportation and brand power will bring long-term growth for the company, and China Everbright Group is also expected to bring improvements in capital and mechanisms.

Risk factors: disturbances caused by weather factors, transportation of attractions, hotels and other supporting facilities affecting reception capacity.

Chiyou Co., Ltd. (603429) Company Review: High-standard assessment encourages the launch of cigarette label volume + thin card position advantages

Chiyou Co., Ltd. (603429) Company Review: High-standard assessment encourages the launch of cigarette label volume + thin card position advantages
Equity incentives constrain the interests of the management team, with a large percentage of core shareholders participating.The company issued an equity incentive plan that proposed to expand the number of shares to 6.85 million shares, accounting for the company’s total share capital2.58%; of which, 5.48 million shares were granted for the first time, accounting for 2 of the total share capital.06%; budget 1.37 million shares, accounting for 0 of the total share capital.52%, the budget portion accounts for 20 of the maximum rights granted this time.00%.The incentive plan involves 26 people, including company directors, senior managers, and core management and key personnel.Among them, the company’s cigarette label business leader, company president Guo Shuguang was awarded 168 shares.70,000 shares, accounting for 24 of the total number of shares in this expansion.62% of the total share capital is 0.63%, a large proportion of the company’s core management personnel were awarded incentives for joint stock companies, the company’s future development momentum is strong.The initial grant price for the highest stock is 17.79 yuan, the sale restriction period is 12, 24, 36 months, the proportion of lifting the sale restriction is 30%, 30%, 40% respectively. The introduction of high-level assessment standards demonstrates the company’s confidence.The company’s 2019-2021 performance appraisal (net profit attributable to the mother who does not pay the share expenditure expenses) has targets of RMB 240 million and RMB 600 million, an annual increase of 73.3%, 100.0%, 50.0%, the company issued high-performance evaluation standards, showing the company’s business development confidence, we expect the company’s performance will maintain rapid growth year by year.Part of the total amortization expenses granted for the first time by this incentive is approximately 6906.500,000 yuan, if awarded at the end of October 19, the amortization cost of each period of 19-22 is 671.47, 3683.47, 1784.18, 767.39 thousand yuan. The Chinese version of heating does not burn more than 100 billion spaces, and the company’s sheet technology field has a carding advantage.HNB cartridges are clearly classified as tobacco products, and are managed by the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau in accordance with the law. The production and sales are exclusively monopolized by China Tobacco.China Tobacco Corporation is actively deploying new tobacco products. Hubei, Sichuan, and Yunnan China Tobacco alternate heating type new tobacco products have been released. Currently, Guangdong, Sichuan, Hubei, and Yunnan have begun to sell heated non-combustion products overseas, and many provinces are actively storing.China Tobacco’s positive actions reflect a clear domestic policy attitude.Jiyou focuses on heating non-combustion products, and continues to promote cooperation with China Tobacco. The company is leading the HNB layout. In 17 years, it established a joint engineering center with Anhui Tobacco.The conditions of formula screening and small batch setting out of the homogenized tobacco crushed tobacco group are both performed.It has joined hands with Jiangsu Tobacco and Chongqing Tobacco to jointly develop and promote the achievement of industrialization and landing is worth looking forward to.The company’s wafer production qualification is being smoothly promoted, and the Chinese version of HNB is continuously advancing. The company’s wafer technology has a card position advantage.HNB is a blue ocean market with a scale of more than 100 billion. The annual profit of the segmented market is nearly 10 billion. Domestic policies actively promote the development of 武汉夜生活网 new tobacco products. The future is bright and broad. The company’s 19-year cigarette standard has entered a heavy volume period, which has contributed to great performance flexibility.In 19H1, the new production capacity of the tobacco label in Taihu Base was officially put into operation, and the technical reform of Shaanxi Dafeng was carried out smoothly. After the cigarette label was in place at the end of 18 years, the certification work of new customers for about half a year had achieved results, and the tobacco label revenue in the first half of the year1.45 billion (VS 18 initially 1.5.7 billion), benefiting from increased production capacity in the second half of the year, new customer orders, and the peak bidding season for cigarette labels. The cigarette labels are expected to enter a rapid volume period, with sales 北京夜网 of 220,000 boxes in 18 years, and we expect to reach 800,000 boxes in 19 years.The completion of the project is expected to reach 2.45 million boxes after the project is completed in 2020. The traditional tobacco tipping paper business has stable customers, serving 9 of the 18 China Tobacco companies, and continues to develop new customers.In 18, it acquired Kirin Fu brand to integrate its tobacco tipping paper production capacity, eliminating capacity replacement. The company’s industrial chain is expanding. 85% of anodized aluminum in raw materials is self-produced, and the ink self-provisioning ratio is 98%. Compared to outsourcing, it saves 48% of costs. The gross profit margin of cigarette tipping paper business has steadily increased. The performance evaluation target of the incentive plan exceeded expectations, and we are highly optimistic about the company’s two-wheel drive for its smoke standard and heating and non-combustion business.Cigarette labels enter a period of rapid volume reduction. The dual technology advantage of heating and non-combustion card works closely with China Tobacco. The traditional cigarette paper loading reduces costs and improves efficiency steadily.We maintain the company’s profit forecast for 19/20/21 attributable to the parent’s net profit at 2.33/4.97/7.USD 6.6 billion, an annual increase of 102% / 113% / 54%. The current corresponding PE is expected to be 40.46X / 18.97X / 12.30. Maintain “Buy” rating. Risk Warning: The development of cigarette label business is less than expected, the new tobacco policy is less than expected, etc.

Chengquan Capital retreated after buying pork local stocks in Shenzhen in the second quarter

Chengquan Capital retreated after buying pork local stocks in Shenzhen in the second quarter

Source: Daily Economic News Every reporter Yang Jian Every editor Wu Yongcheng In 2017 Chengquan Capital lurked the concept of Jingan shares in the Xiong’an New District, in 2018 it lurked in the Hainan sector, and then went on to transfer shares to listed companiesAccurate layout, and the recent Shenzhen local stocks, once again bet accurately.

For the interpretation of major regional policies, Chengquan Capital is the top player in the industry, and the transfer of the interim report has been completed again. Where is the direction of Chengquan Capital’s current key layout?

  Data show that in the second quarter of this year, Chengquan Capital newly entered 5 stocks including Tiankang Bio, Jin Xinnong, New Wufeng, and Daily Interaction, while Jin Xinnong, Tiankang Bio and New Wufeng replaced pork concept stocks.

In addition, Shenzhen local stock Tianwei Video, Chengquan Capital is very optimistic, the three products belonging to it are latent to buy, with a total shareholding ratio of 3.


However, data from the interim report showed that Chengquan Capital has begun to retreat.

  In the second quarter of the second quarter, a private equity firm was very popular in buying pork stocks. It was Chengquan Capital.

In 2017, it lurked in the Xiong’an New Area concept stock. Before the end of March 北京桑拿洗浴保健 2017, Chengquan Capital lurked the Jinghan stock with a capital of nearly 100 million. On April 1, 2017, the concept of the Xiong’an New Area broke out.From 13 yuan to 26 yuan, doubled directly.

In 2018 they lurked in the Hainan plate.

Afterwards, the precise layout of the listed company’s high stock transfer stocks will be accurate, and the recent Shenzhen local stocks will also bet accurately.

For the interpretation of major regional policies, Chengquan Capital is the top master in the industry.

  Chengquan Capital’s representative product is Chengquan Huiyong Phase I Fund.

It is said that the private placement ranking information, the fund was established on September 8, 2015, and the cumulative return since its establishment reached 109.

70%, annualized income 22.

96%, outperforming the CSI 300 Index and similar averages.

According to the disclosure of the semi-annual report of listed companies, the data shows that only 3 products corresponding to Chengquan Capital appear in the list of the top ten circulating shareholders of 8 listed companies, totaling the size of the holding market.

8.6 billion yuan.

Where is the direction of its key layout now?

  Oriental Fortune data shows that in the second quarter of this year, Chengquan Capital has five new stocks including Tiankang Bio, Jin Xinnong, New Wufeng, and daily interaction.

It may be that Jin Xinnong, Tiankang Bio and Xinwufeng are alternative pork concept stocks.

Which of Jin Xinnong’s sustainability is at 4?
The highest increase during May was over 40%.

And Tiankang Bio is at 4?
The highest increase during the two months of May was over 30%.

Affected by the swine fever epidemic in Africa and the influencing factors, pig prices entered an upward channel in the second quarter.

Affected by this, the performance of pork stocks in the first half of the year has improved to a certain extent.

  Lurking Shenzhen local stocks retreat August 19, Shenzhen local stocks in the A-share market broke out in an all-round upsurge. At the beginning of the opening, there were 30 stocks with a “word board” daily limit, and the leading company Shenzhen SEG had 9 daily limits.

Obviously, in the interpretation of major regional policies, Chengquan Capital is the industry’s top master.

Is there a layout of Chengquan Capital in Shenzhen stock market this time?

  Judging from the information disclosed in the Interim Report, in the first quarter of this year, Chengquan Capital was very optimistic about Tianwei Video, and purchased it through latent storage of three subsidiary products, with a total shareholding ratio of 3.


Tianwei Video disclosed a quarterly report this year showing that Chengquan Capital has a number of products in the heavy warehouse, such as CITIC Trust-Chengquan Huiyong Eighth Phase Newly Held 1777.

640,000 shares, CITIC Trust Xinyong Chengquan Financial Investment Trust plans to newly hold 243.

With 60,000 shares, Chengquan Capital Chengquan Huiyong Phase I Fund Newly Holds 129.

010,000 shares, China Resources Trust Ruizhi Selected Chengquan Huiyong Nine-phase Collective Fund Trust Newly Held 102.


  Obviously, Tianwei Video is the first unit of Shenzhen’s cultural industry. Its main business is to provide users with digital TV viewing, Internet access services and TV, online shopping services.

In the first half of the year, the company realized operating income.
68 ppm, an increase of 1 per year.

31%; Net profit 1.
07 billion, an annual increase of 0.


Later, the stock’s Shenzhen stocks in the A-share market broke out on August 19, setting off a rising tide. On August 19 and August 20, Tianwei Video News had a daily limit for two consecutive days.

  The interim report disclosed by the company shows that after the first quarter of short-term holdings of Chengquan Capital, Chengquan Huiyong Phase I Fund and Xinyong Chengquan Financial Investment Trust withdrew from its top ten circulating shareholders, while CITIC Trust Chengquan HuiyongDuring the period, 15 million shares were significantly reduced, and the shareholding ratio exceeded 0.


The reporter noticed that Tianwei Video has increased by 32% this year, and the highest increase has doubled.

Completely, Chengquan Capital disappeared from the list of the top ten circulating shareholders of six stocks, including the China Academy of Sciences, Tianbang, Northeast Securities, Ruifeng Optoelectronics, Oriental Zirconium (Rights), Shenzhen Energy and other six stocks.

8 lifestyle habits skin quickly deteriorates

8 lifestyle habits skin quickly deteriorates

Before going to bed every night, you might say to yourself: “Tomorrow is another beautiful day.

“So, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or even 10 years later?

Do you still want to be a beauty?

It’s all up to your daily beauty habits.

  1. You can’t frown when you encounter anything, frowning, it is easy to have wrinkles.

Smile, it’s less than ten years.

  2. All-night Internet access All night long is a taboo for women, Internet access is more temporary, the radiation from the computer has a lot of damage to our skin, it is easy to get old.

So think about yourself for the future, go to bed early!

  3, often basking in the sun, but many MMs like to bask, especially in winter.

But you can’t ignore the sun protection measures because it is winter, sunscreen must still be applied.

  4, smoking and drinking a small wine tasting is possible, but drinking too much is bad for the body, drinking will reduce skin moisture, and smoking will not harm the body and premature aging.

  5. Exaggerated expressions Exaggerated expressions extend the wrinkles and deepen, so be calm and calm everything!

  6, do not love sports exercise is not only good for the body, but also can make the skin healthy and balanced due to a lot of sweating, reducing the chance of aging!

  7, make-up removal sloppy Many JMS like to put on exquisite makeup for themselves and show their best side to others.

But don’t forget that behind the exquisite makeup, the makeup is carefully and carefully removed.

It is not enough to use face wash and cleansing oil, but also to do deep cleansing regularly!

  8. Don’t touch fruits and vegetables, like spicy food, barbecue, KFC, MC, but have you ever thought that these irritating foods are very harmful to the skin.

Therefore, if you want beautiful JMS, you should eat less irritating foods and eat fruits and vegetables instead of picky eaters.

Sleep secrets that almost everyone ignores

Sleep secrets that almost everyone ignores

What do you do when your head touches the pillow?

There is no doubt that sleep can meet people’s very basic needs-like maintaining your physical health, let alone preparing for your precious time the next day.

  But after you go to bed and turn off the lights, a lot of things will happen that you don’t know.

Did you know that sleep affects your memory, heart condition and even the health of your teeth?

Here, we will unveil the facts and tell you some questions about sleep that you have never known before.

  Transitioning from a special holiday to a holiday rally, the brain restarts the experience during sleep, and long-term memory is mainly formed at this time.

But how do you remember what happened?

  Researchers who follow the University of Lubeck in Germany say that in addition to deepening their memory while sleeping, they also have a clearer understanding of the sequence of their experiences.

  Students are better able to remember reservations for supplementary words.

They allowed one of the students to sleep and the other group could not.

Those who were allowed to sleep remembered the order of the words more than those who did not.

  A good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy body.

Lack of sleep can lead to high blood pressure, and in the case of high blood pressure, people’s blood pressure will be elevated for a long time.

Naturally this increases the risk of high blood pressure.

  Seriously, ordinary, healthy citizens who continue to be deprived of normal sleep also have a long-term increasing threat of high blood pressure.

A constant lack of sleep can cause changes in the body’s chemicals and hormones, including the release of stress hormones such as adrenaline.

  Sleep and smile Shaking and turning over while sleeping can affect your smile.

A survey in the Journal of Periodontology shows that the length of sleep can have a significant effect on your teeth.

Although smoking has the greatest negative impact on oral preventive care, the amount of time you sleep also affects oral care.

  The survey followed 219 Japanese workers from 1999 to 2003.

Those who had seventy hours of sleep at night had fewer periodontal diseases than those who had six hours of sleep.

Researchers believe that lack of sleep can contract the body’s immune system, which can lead to unhealthy teeth.

  People’s sleep has its own rhythm. If you find that you are often awake and very active late at night, you may have a genetic mutation.

That changed gene could explain why some people like late at night.

  Genes affect the cycle of the body’s physiological rhythm, that is, the biological clock that keeps our metabolism, digestion, and sleep patterns synchronized.

Researchers found that some mice had abnormally long circadian rhythms, about 27 hours.

The normal cycle is 24 hours.

  These mice have mutant genes.

Similarly, night owls stay in bed longer than normal, even longer.

In addition, people who do not sleep late at night are even more unable to control their sleep, which also makes insomnia worse.

  Sleep as little as possible Some people can tolerate very little sleep, while others need a lot of sleep to live properly.

If you lack sleep but still feel good, it should be your genetic problem.

  A survey by the University of Surrey shows that some people have a hard time staying awake for 2 days without sleep, but others can stay awake anyway.

In order to investigate further, the researchers gave those experimenters a chance to sleep normally, and then found that some experimenters spend more time in slow-wave sleep, which is the deepest form of sleep.

For them, it is more difficult to stay alert and healthy with physical activity if they lack sleep.

1 moon cake = two bowls of rice

1 moon cake = two bowls of rice

With the coming of the Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cakes have gradually become the best gifts for family and friends.

Nutrition experts point out that eight types of patients should not eat moon cakes, otherwise they will endanger their health and cause disease outbreaks.

The eight diseases are diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, duodenal ulcer, gallstone disease, stomach disease, and diabetes.

There are three types of moon cakes according to their ingredients: one type is aunts and the sugar content is extremely high.

For example, Shuanghuang, lotus seed moon cake.

The other is moon cakes with low cholesterol but high sugar content.

For example, five-ren moon cakes, bean paste moon cakes.

The other is the so-called sugar-free moon cake, which actually does not contain sucrose residue.

Diabetes patients are most forbidden to eat sweets, and moon cakes cannot be eaten as a meal, because the moon cake stuffing contains more bean paste or date puree and lard, which are high in sugar and trace amounts.Sexual oil, if you eat too much, blood sugar will increase immediately, too much oil.

If you eat moon cakes on the day, you should reduce the amount of rice and oil to balance the amount of food in the day.

Even if it is “sugar-free moon cake”, you can’t eat more.

Sugar-free moon cakes rely on sweeteners to improve their taste, but it cannot be said that there is no sugar in the moon cakes.

Vegetarian moon cakes, including fruit and vegetable fillings, can be converted to glucose as long as the outer skin contains starch, which can lead to increased blood sugar.

Patients with hyperlipidemia should pay special attention to the egg yolk in moon cakes, because the amount of plasma is larger, it is generally recommended that the daily intake of plasma should not exceed 400 mg, and one egg yolk is about 600 to 1500 microns.Moon cake with egg yolk filling, so as not to affect the condition.

Moon cakes are mainly high in content. For overweight and obese people, you should be careful. A small egg yolk has 250 calories, and a moon cake with 4 to 5 contains 500 calories, which is equivalent to two bowls of rice.

The elderly and infants have poor digestive ability. Too much moon cake consumption will increase the burden on the spleen and stomach, cause indigestion and diarrhea.

Being reluctant to throw something is a psychological loss

Being reluctant to throw something is a psychological loss

Ms. Li’s parents are retired workers, and usually don’t spend much except to see a doctor.

But what puzzled her was that her parents finally moved into a new house, but they had to use dilapidated old furniture, old appliances, and even some unused bottles and jars.bedroom.

Ms. Li disposes of a lot of “waste” every time she goes home, but every time she returns to visit her parents, she finds that those things have been picked up again.

Ms. Li couldn’t bear it and quarreled with her parents many times.

The old man argued that these could be used.

The number of quarrels has increased, and the old man is unhappy, and Ms. Li’s heart is helpless.

At the suggestion of a friend, she came to the hospital, hoping that the psychiatrist would give them a hand.

  Experts suggest: Most elderly people have experienced hardships and are accustomed to careful calculation before they are willing to throw away old things.

But some old people hoard old things, not just for later use, but also reflects a psychological need.

  From a tense job to a leisurely home life, the elderly are inevitably lost.

This is the crucial period for the development of children’s career. In order not to distract the children, the old man suppresses the desire for affection and tells them that they are doing well.

If they catch up with events such as moving house to keep the elderly away from the circle of friends, they will be more lonely and empty.

Product is an external form of fullness, which makes the elderly feel stable and safe, and feels a sense of control.

Ms. Li’s parents do not change furniture and household appliances after moving, just to find a sense of “constant” stability in an unfamiliar environment.

  In addition, when people are old, they will develop a mentality of being reluctant to use old objects, which is also a normal psychological need.

If we can help our grandchildren, granddaughters and the elderly in their later years, the hoarding behavior will be replaced to a certain extent.

  Ms. Li’s parents were only “adapted for the elderly”, but could not be “adapted for the elderly”.

To reach two points, we must meet the conditions of housing, deposit, friends, and family.

  Therefore, children can encourage their parents to contact older colleagues and friends for more phone calls. They can also take the second old man around the community to see if there are meeting places such as the elderly activity center to help them meet new friends.

  People living in the same city with the elderly should minimize the frequency and time of business trips, and spend more time with their parents.

People who work in other places should return to their hometown to see their parents. Don’t let “Look at home often” as a slogan.

  What needs to be reminded is that if the hoarding behavior has not changed much after psychological adjustment, we need to be alert to Alzheimer’s disease and other mental disorders and arrive at the psychiatric hospital in time.

The benefits of practicing Tai Chi Kung Fu fans can improve physical functioning

The benefits of practicing Tai Chi Kung Fu fans can improve physical functioning

After dinner, I will always see some middle-aged and old people practicing Tai Chi Kung Fu fans, because Tai Chi fans are anaerobic sports, and the amount of exercise is small. It is very suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. Let’s take a look at the Tai Chi Kung Fu fan.the benefits of.

  Taijiquan’s movements are generous, slow and soft, soft and soft, with the guiding action of the mind, in line with the physiological and health requirements of the human body, can promote the metabolism of the human body, and can also adjust the mood of the human.

Calm in the sense of God and mood, nature, Shen Shu body loose, good for the health of the body.

The difference between the characteristics of Tai Chi and other sports is that the body is relaxed, the mind is quiet, and the physiology is completely immersed in the exercise, so that the brain and the body and the mind are quiet and balanced.

Eliminate the tension of the mind, sorrow, fear, morbid psychology, can regulate the body, make the mood happy, calm, improve immunity, enhance physical fitness, health and longevity.


It can improve the physical function: many movements of Tai Chi fans require higher respiratory system, fast rhythm in exercise, and aerobic metabolic process with large load can stimulate the movement of internal organs. Through long-term exercise, it can make people’s oxygen.The intake increases, the breathing deepens, the number of times decreases, the respiratory muscles increase, and the boots improve the function of the respiratory system.


Improve the spirit of the face: cultivate self-confidence, Tai Chi fan is a very strong performance of the sport, should have a deep sense of performance.

Therefore, self-confidence suddenly becomes very important, building confidence, dare to challenge, and passion from the heart, in order to make the action more powerful.

  3, to stimulate expressiveness: In the Tai Chi fan movement, it stimulates the interest of sports and creates a platform for self-expression.

Through the beautiful body posture, the individual’s sports passion and vitality are fully expressed, and good emotional control is achieved, and the ability to express themselves is improved.

  4, improve people’s balance ability and prevent osteoporosis.

  5, has a bodybuilding role.

In terms of body shape, what are the benefits of practicing Tai Chi fans: height, weight, hips have no significant changes, waist circumference changes significantly, indicating a reduction in the amount of body.

Especially for women, it won’t become thick.