The wife received a photo of her husband entering the luxury health club, and after she broke in, she was completely covered.


The wife received a photo of her husband entering the luxury health club, and after she broke in, she was completely covered.

Zhong Hua took the child to sleep, watched TV and other Xu Sheng home, suddenly heard a picture of girlfriends, “Look at this into the Supreme Health Club is your husband Xu Sheng?

My beauty salon finished SAP and saw it.”

After the picture is enlarged, take a closer look. This is really the last three months to come home every night in the middle of the night and there is almost no Xu Xusheng. This is what today’s voice and I said that he returned to his teacher’s birthday and returned to Xu Sheng, who proved his classmate’s WeChat certificate.
Zhong Hua went crazy to the best and most luxurious health club in the city.

On the road, Zhong Hua’s brain circling these various behaviors of Xu Sheng in the past few months, like a movie. On June 4th, the summer camp Xu Xun said that the company could not extract it.

Moreover, the summer camp ended when Xu Sheng was in the early hours of the morning and went home.

From June 17th to 18th, Xusheng did not return home for two consecutive days. A friend told Zhong Huaxu to be at the resort and many men and women took hot springs.

On July 2nd, Zhonghua gave Xu Xu a laundry, and found that there was a big mouth and red quarrel in the trouser pocket. The investigation was investigated by Zhong Hua, and it was Xu Xu’s assistant to take care of it.Ready to return to the assistant.

July 18th.

Zhong Hua finally did not dare to continue thinking.

I don’t dare to think that Xu Sheng, who is not staying every night, is doing what is going on in the bustling social entertainment venues?

I don’t even dare to think about what kind of black smoke will be seen in the Supreme Health Club.

She is even more afraid to associate with the consequences. What is the result of the eight-year marriage that has just passed the seven-year itching and the son who has been in elementary school?

The brain has been stunned like a ripe watermelon, and Zhong Huaqiang endured the explosion of his head and the almost weak body through the luxurious hall, crossing the two rows of graceful and enchanting beauty in the 666 box.

I rushed into the box and saw that everything happened. Zhong Hua suddenly lost strength and was soft on the back seat of the box.

The most prominent position in the middle of the huge van was Husband Xu, who gave a faint boss, and then Zhong Hua summoned from Xu Sheng’s assistant. The husband’s company had lost 5 million in the past six months because of a project failure.

The husband does not want to dismiss the employees who have been working with themselves for so many years, and does not want to close their own company that has worked hard to create.

In the past six months, Xu Sheng himself received training outside and publicized the initial supplementary company operations.

Today is the actual training and implementation of the “Supreme Health, Supreme Service” training program.

I know that all these Zhonghua tears are full of misunderstandings that she knows so little.

We live in this world and hope that we are a pure and transparent state, and we hope that everyone around us can be honest, so that we can avoid a lot of trouble.

But the world is not perfect, so there will inevitably be multiple misunderstandings.

Mentioning misunderstandings between husband and wife, perhaps many people feel the same, that is, misunderstandings do not want to explain, tired and unwilling to continue.

It’s a bit cruel to say, but it’s actually like this.

What should you do if you are behind Zhonghua?

If you have a lot of misunderstandings in your family life, how can you resolve them?

I hope that everyone will like to comment on their opinions and find answers to better misunderstandings.

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Work efficiency increased by 15%


Work efficiency increased by 15%

Are you busy with your feet when you go to work, and you are dizzy?

Are you easy to get angry with your colleagues?

Maybe you should sneak a sneak peek.

According to the US MSNBC website, British researchers found that exercise at work not only helps improve work efficiency, but also relieves work stress.

銆€銆€The study was conducted under the leadership of Jim McKinner, a professor of exercise and health at the University of Leeds.

The researchers selected a total of 200 employees from a university, a computer company, and a life insurance company. They can exercise or not exercise during work breaks according to their preferences, and then fill out a questionnaire. Brake researchers can help exercise.The link between work performance and emotions.

銆€銆€As a result, 60% said that if they do exercise during a certain day’s work break, the time management ability, intelligence and ability to complete tasks on time will be improved, and the overall work efficiency will increase by 15%.

The results of this research were recently exchanged at a meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine.

銆€銆€The effect of exercise on work efficiency has nothing to do with the intensity and time of exercise.

During the study period, the subjects can engage in any of their sports. Most people choose to do 30-60 minutes of exercise after lunch. Whether it is yoga, aerobics, strength training or basketball, it will bring the same effect.

銆€銆€The subjects also scored their emotions in the morning and afternoon.

As Professor McKinner predicts, exercise can improve their mood.

In the group discussion, many people said that exercise can help them better face the challenges and pressures at work.

“After the exercise, people are more tolerant of their own attitudes towards work and work. They are less likely to lose their temper and have fewer yelling and screaming at colleagues.
“People are not prone to “afternoon fatigue” after exercise.

In addition, people are more satisfied with their day’s work when they go home after exercising in the daytime.

銆€銆€Public health experts point out that incorporating exercise into work can be beneficial to health.

Short-term exercise, even if it is a few minutes in the afternoon, when you go upstairs, take the stairs instead of taking the elevator, you can bring a little to the body.

McKinney hopes his findings will encourage companies to provide opportunities for employees to exercise, such as yoga instructors to the conference room staff to practice, or build a well-equipped gym.

鈥淭hese can both boost employee morale and reduce the loss of sick leave to the company.