These three types of people need to be careful when practicing yoga

These three types of people need to be careful when practicing yoga

Yoga (Sanskrit YOGA transliteration) was originally a practice method of ancient Indian monks, transforming the popularity of yoga. This exercise method, known as “fashion sports”, has quickly become the favorite of young urban women in recent years.

In almost every city, we will see at least one higher yoga studio, because our understanding of yoga is getting deeper and deeper, we all know that it has the function of bodybuilding, and its ultimate goal is to let the practitioners control themselves.Can control physical senses, calm inner impetuousness.

By combining the senses, the body, and conscious breathing, the body is controlled to achieve the purpose of strengthening the body.

  As more and more people begin to practice yoga, problems naturally follow, and among them is the damage that yoga has on our bodies.

According to a foreign research report, yoga ranks second among all sports injuries, second only to sea fishing.

I think a lot of yoga practitioners will be surprised. Why?

However, this is indeed true.

In particular, the damage caused by improper practice is increasing, and one in four people have been injured more or less because of practicing yoga.

There are many reasons for injuries, among which the injuries caused by the practitioners pulling the muscle ligaments of the whole body are the most common, such as tendon injuries, ligament injuries, etc.

  A few days ago, I talked to a coach in a yoga studio in Beijing. She said that practicing yoga is good, but the method is not good or the practice is too much. It causes far more damage than other sports.

For example, ligament strain, spinal laceration, neuralgia, etc. are common yoga diseases.

What is important in practicing yoga is the process, not the result we demand.

Some people just practiced for a few days and saw that others could lift their feet behind their heads. She also wanted to try it, and the results were conceivable.

Practicing yoga is a state of mind. People who are strong and competitive are not suitable for practicing, and it is not advisable to force their own mentality.

I think the following points are also one of the reasons for the harm: One is the family that is anxious to lose weight.

  When choosing to practice yoga, many people first consider weight loss quickly.

In order to be able to quickly become slim, many women practice forcibly regardless of the damage caused by some major defects.

In the end, instead of losing weight, he was injured.

Gains and losses.

They believe that the mentality of eagerness to go against the essence of yoga-the peaceful mindset, yoga has always opposed the anxious mentality of eagerness to achieve.

These people see only one side of yoga but ignore the other.

  The second is that there is no good coach.

  When yoga studios sprung up in the streets, the demand for yoga instructors also rose, but it is worth thinking about that the quality of yoga instructors is not enough.

In the process of practicing yoga, the coach, like the teacher, is a very important guide.

They give each other a relaxed and safe environment and mood when we practice, and more importantly, how do they master the degree during the practice.

A yoga instructor should tailor a practice plan for everyone, and it is absolutely wrong for everyone to reach a certain yoga position.

  Third, some people ignore the warm-up and do not know how to adjust their breath.

  Many people practice yoga just to pursue fashion. When they are not working, they just spend a little time to practice. Each time they hurried to the yoga studio.

In fact, there must be a sufficient preparation process before yoga practice. You should enter the classroom 10 minutes in advance to calm down your mood and adjust your breathing.

In addition to adequate time preparation, it is important to know how to adjust your breath.

Don’t just hold your breath for 10 seconds, 20 seconds, people are stunned.

Over time, it is easy to cause poisoning and cause great harm to the body.

  If you want to avoid sports injuries, remember that if you have any problems during the exercise, you should stop at any time and ask the teacher if it is difficult to reach the standard posture for one movement, don’t be overly reluctant, it may be that the body is not ready.

Do not practice yoga with a competitive mindset. Yoga is a deep inner feeling of an individual, and everyone’s understanding is different.

Do not eat anything for at least three hours before the exercise, and eat one hour after the exercise.

Some people take a shower immediately after practice. This is not right. They should rest for at least half an hour before taking a shower.

Do not force exercise when you are tired, physically or mentally ill.

Make adequate preparations before exercise, especially local exercise, to prevent muscle strain or cramps.Particularly prominent is that when the upper body is turned down, patients with high blood pressure, low blood pressure, people with heart failure, and women during menstruation are not required to avoid head congestion and danger.Health is more important than anything.

You should understand this.

1 moon cake = two bowls of rice

1 moon cake = two bowls of rice

With the coming of the Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cakes have gradually become the best gifts for family and friends.

Nutrition experts point out that eight types of patients should not eat moon cakes, otherwise they will endanger their health and cause disease outbreaks.

The eight diseases are diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, duodenal ulcer, gallstone disease, stomach disease, and diabetes.

There are three types of moon cakes according to their ingredients: one type is aunts and the sugar content is extremely high.

For example, Shuanghuang, lotus seed moon cake.

The other is moon cakes with low cholesterol but high sugar content.

For example, five-ren moon cakes, bean paste moon cakes.

The other is the so-called sugar-free moon cake, which actually does not contain sucrose residue.

Diabetes patients are most forbidden to eat sweets, and moon cakes cannot be eaten as a meal, because the moon cake stuffing contains more bean paste or date puree and lard, which are high in sugar and trace amounts.Sexual oil, if you eat too much, blood sugar will increase immediately, too much oil.

If you eat moon cakes on the day, you should reduce the amount of rice and oil to balance the amount of food in the day.

Even if it is “sugar-free moon cake”, you can’t eat more.

Sugar-free moon cakes rely on sweeteners to improve their taste, but it cannot be said that there is no sugar in the moon cakes.

Vegetarian moon cakes, including fruit and vegetable fillings, can be converted to glucose as long as the outer skin contains starch, which can lead to increased blood sugar.

Patients with hyperlipidemia should pay special attention to the egg yolk in moon cakes, because the amount of plasma is larger, it is generally recommended that the daily intake of plasma should not exceed 400 mg, and one egg yolk is about 600 to 1500 microns.Moon cake with egg yolk filling, so as not to affect the condition.

Moon cakes are mainly high in content. For overweight and obese people, you should be careful. A small egg yolk has 250 calories, and a moon cake with 4 to 5 contains 500 calories, which is equivalent to two bowls of rice.

The elderly and infants have poor digestive ability. Too much moon cake consumption will increase the burden on the spleen and stomach, cause indigestion and diarrhea.

Putting on your face properly will make your life easier

Putting on your face properly will make your life easier

How to apply moisturizing mask, I believe everyone is often operated.

But have you considered whether your skin care steps are correct?

See with the editor, how to use moisturizing face, and how to do skin care steps!


hzh {display: none; }  使用面膜前step1  使用面膜前,最好先做过敏试验,将少许面膜敷料抹在手背上,30分钟后洗去,若涂抹处无红痒反应,即可抹在脸on.
Especially for DIY masks, you should stick to the habit of doing allergy testing first.

  Before using the mask in step 2 before applying the mask, you should remove your makeup and wash your face. If necessary, you can also exfoliate to facilitate the absorption of the mask and prevent dirt and dust from entering the pores.

  Wash the face in step 1 while the mask is in progress. Before applying the mask, you can wet the face with a hot towel for three minutes, and then massage it up and down for three to five minutes to improve the effect of applying the face.

  When using the mask, step 2 uses a moisturizing mask. If it is an application mask, it can be performed at the same time as taking a bath. It is especially helpful for hydrating and absorbing!

You may know that the face masks used by Béjas are easy to dry. If you use it in the bath, you can avoid the strong skin tingling sensation and prevent the skin moisture from being sucked back by the mask!

  The sequence of applying the mask in step 3 when the mask is in progress should be from alignment, lower jaw, two jaws, nose, lips, forehead, from bottom to top; around the eyes, eyebrows, upper and lower lip areas, it is not appropriate to apply the mask.

Be sure to pay attention to where you apply the mask!

It is best to start with the T-shaped part that is easy to dry, and finally the U area.

  After using the mask for about 15 minutes, you can touch it with your fingers. If you don’t feel your hands sticking, you can start from the edge of the film and slowly remove it from the bottom to the top.

Generally speaking, after the mask is dry, it will cause skin tightening and wrinkles, so remove it immediately when it is dry, and do not stay on the skin or the skin continuously.

  Special note: For flour special mask, you can clean it according to the instructions.

But if you feel skin discomfort, you need to wash immediately!

Notice that safety comes first.

For DIY masks, it is best to wash for 15 minutes.

  After using the mask, remove the mask in step 2 and wash the residue with clean warm water. Then apply the mask with a cold towel for a while to improve the pore shrinkage and finally apply emollient cosmetics.

  Do pay attention to the convergence steps. Some cleansing or exfoliating masks may cause skin damage if care is not taken in the post processing!

  In principle, the frequency and time of use of the mask can be used two to three times a week. People with acne, melasma, and age spots on the face can apply it once or twice a week to enhance the effect. For protein masks,It should not be used too much, limited to about twice a week.

What should you pay attention to when you have neurasthenia?

What should you pay attention to when you have neurasthenia?

The neurasthenic voice makes many people feel weird. Some people may have misunderstood. The neurasthenia is not the nerve and spiritual problem that we commonly say.

Too many people have some neurasthenia in their busy work every day, such as caused by too much stress, and by lack of sleep.

So what should we pay attention to in daily life for people with frequent neurasthenia?

1, adjust the diet can eat more red dates, longan, gastrodia, walnut, schisandra and so on.

Always eat fresh grapes, the number is not limited, have a better adjuvant treatment for neurasthenia and excessive fatigue.

Do not smoke before going to bed, drink tea, coffee, etc. They are always excited by your nerves and more difficult to fall asleep.

2, improve sleep neurasthenia caused by insomnia often caused by stress or nervous excitability.

It’s a good idea to improve the layout of your bedroom and decorate it with your favorite shades; or do the soundproofing in the room and hang down the dark curtains.

In short, try to make the bedroom comfortable and stress-free.

3. Reduce stimuli to improve the living and working environment and reduce stress.

To avoid long-term stress and heavy work, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, there is a relaxation, and if necessary, can reduce the amount of study or work.

After the neurasthenia is relieved, the original study and work are resumed.

4, regular exercise regular exercise can improve energy and fight neurasthenia.

Even walking on the street is good for work stress.

In one way, it can consume some chemicals that are secreted during stress.

Second, it makes the muscles fatigue, which is to let the muscles relax.

5, symptomatic treatment only to eliminate the cause of the disease and personality defects, in order to avoid recurrence, cure the disease.

Avoid and reduce mental stress, and consciously exercise mental capacity.

The neurasthenia is related to the introverted personality of the person. Therefore, it is necessary to open up your heart, talk to others, relieve your stress, improve your work and living environment, and maintain a positive attitude.

Also pay attention to effectively improve your work efficiency, work and rest is very important.

Life guides to get up before the nine movements, good habits to keep healthy

Life guides to get up before the nine movements, good habits to keep healthy

After waking up in the morning, first close your eyes and raise your mind, then slowly do a 10 minute health care exercise on the bed, which is good for preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and enhancing various organ functions.

  Finger combing hair for one minute: use the fingers of both hands from the forehead to the back of the head to comb, strengthen the blood circulation of the head, increase the blood flow of the brain, prevent brain vascular disease, and make the hair black and shiny.

Comb hair is one of the daily dressings that keep the hairdresser unchangeable.

Combs can remove the floating skin and dirt from the head and hair, and give the scalp a moderate amount of stimulation.

  One minute of squatting the wheel: Use two fingers to gently rub the left and right ears to the heat and comfort. Because the ears are covered with acupuncture points of the whole body, the meridians can be dredged, especially for tinnitus, dizziness and forgetfulness.

Some people may prefer to be hygienic and feel comfortable with their ears. In fact, the ears can be completely ruthless, because the ears themselves have a self-cleaning function, and the secretions will naturally transfer to the outside of the ear. It is recommended not to lick frequently. How long should the ears be licked?

  Rotate your eyes for one minute: The eyeball can be operated clockwise and counterclockwise to exercise your eye muscles and refresh your eyes.

  Thumbs and noses for one minute: gently rubbing the teeth and rolling tongue, resetting the roots and gums to promote blood circulation and healthy teeth.

The tongue can move the tongue freely and increase its sensitivity.

  Stretching and flexing the limbs for one minute: Through the extension and flexion movement, the blood is quickly returned to the whole body, and the oxygen and blood of the heart and brain system are supplied to prevent acute and chronic heart and cerebrovascular diseases, and the complications of the joints of the limbs and the joints are enhanced.

  Lightly rub the navel for one minute: use the palms of both hands to alternately light the navel, because the navel is up and down, the gods, Guan Yuan, Qihai, Dantian, Lieutenant and other acupoints, especially the gods can prevent and treat stroke.

Light rubbing also has the effect of refreshing the qi.

  Abdominal anus for one minute: repeated contraction, lifting the anus, can enhance the contractile force of the anal sphincter, causing blood circulation, prevention of hemorrhoids.

Modern medicine believes that levator ani is a kind of relaxation exercise by making the muscles and soft tissues around the anus relax. It is often used to treat hemorrhoids.

  The pedal is a minute of foot: the supine foot alternates with the foot of the foot to make the foot feel warm.

After rubbing the foot, it can accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body, and has the effects of living meridians, spleen and stomach, and peace of mind.

“揉心心” refers to the source of the source of the foot of the foot.

Yongquan Point is the starting point of the foot Shaoyin kidney. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the point has the functions of “treating good fortune, soothe the nerves, refreshing the brain, clearing the customs and solidifying the gas”.

  Turn left and right for a minute: Turn over on the bed and move the spine joints and waist muscles.

Three rules of toes, stay healthy forever

“Three rules” of toes, stay healthy forever

Poor maintenance of both feet can easily lead to various diseases.
Because the toes are farthest from the heart, some people’s hypertension is caused by microcirculation disorders in the toes or ankle joints, and even colds start from the feet.
The Yongquan point in the center of the foot can not only exhaust turbid gas underground, but also absorb clear gas from underground.
  People rarely move their toes consciously.
Therefore, many diseases are caused by less toe activity, such as pain in the feet, numbness of the toes, sweating, corns, foot pads, heel pain, heel cracks, phlebitis, varicose veins (especially standing workers), etc.
  Toe exercises is to move your toes in a certain way to improve human health.
Toe exercises are divided into three parts: dynamic, static, and independent exercise. We can also call it the “three rules” of toe exercise.
  The first big rule: When standing still, both toes are tilted upwards or alternately.
Sitting on the toes is the same as above.
Especially when using a computer or in a radio, television or other work environment with high electromagnetic field strength, not only manual, but also toes should be swayed with force to enhance the bioelectricity in the body to resist the interference of the external magnetic field on the body’s micromagnetic field balance.
  When you go to bed late and get up early, you can set aside a certain amount of time, scratch your back with your toes or press the back of your two toes with your big toe-bounce down 100-200 times.
  The second big rule: When walking at every turn, the toes are tilted up once each time the feet are off the ground. You can also do this when jogging, and when you go up and down stairs.
When riding a bicycle, when you step on the pedals forward, press your toes down once, and when you lift the pedals from bottom to back, you can tilt your toes up once.
This action is not difficult and has no side effects. If you persist for a long time, you will gain something.
  The third major rule: People who have toeds on their toes independently of their age can easily fall when walking or standing without exercising their ability to move independently. One of the reasons is that the speed of cerebellar atrophy has accelerated.
The center of human balance is in the cerebellum, and it is easy to overcome this shortcoming by often practicing independent movements.
Middle-aged and elderly people are unstable when they first practice Taijiquan.
Therefore, if the elderly want to delay cerebellar atrophy, they should practice independent movements (beginners need to be close to the table or wall to prevent falling), as follows: 1.
One leg is independent, the other leg is flat, and the lower leg naturally sags.
With the ankle joint as the axis, the toes are tilted upwards, and at the same time, the feet are tilted upwards, and then pressed downwards to return upwards once.
Repeat this action 16 times.
Then change the other leg to stand on its own, flatten the other leg, and repeat the same action as above, or do several times on the left leg.
Then exchange the other leg for independence, flatten the other leg, the lower leg will naturally sag, take the ankle as the axis, kick the shuttlecock inward, then turn outward, return to turn inward once.
Do this 16 times.
With the ankle joint as the axis, use the foot to rotate the foot inward 16 times.
The action is the same as above, but the direction is changed to rotate outward.
  After the independent stability is enhanced, you can do the first action and the second action together.
With the exercise of independent movement, the stability will be stronger, you can do three movements or four movements together.
With the enhancement of stability, you can also increase the forward or split pedal (toe up, step forward with the heel).
  After independent exercise, you can delay cerebellar atrophy and relieve natural aging.
After the stability is strengthened, it will not be easy to fall.
  Toe health law is suitable for everyone.
It’s better to start from middle and young age.
People who cannot go out due to climate change (high wind, rain, snow) or other reasons can also practice at home.

Extreme emotional teens_2

Extreme emotional fear

My husband is a small official in the unit. He usually has zero entertainment. He rarely spends time with me shopping malls, traveling, etc., let alone chatting with me.

Although I have a house, a car, and a housekeeper, I feel very empty and boring.

Sometimes I really want a lover who loves me and hurts me.

  (Ms. Zhuhai Sun) In daily life, people are very sensitive to drought due to lack of food.

However, many people have overlooked another type of drought, which is the emptiness and loneliness of the mind, which is difficult to become, and the state of mental weakness.

Psychologists call this “emotional fatigue.”

Emotion is the psychological state of joy or unhappiness generated by a certain military activity.

It is inevitable to encounter joy and sorrow in life.

The happiness and pain of such families, the success and failure of their careers, the sorrow and joy of people, etc. Without these, people will lose their sweet and bitter emotional experience.

What Ms. Sun shows is one of emotional obesity.

  Generally speaking, emotional drought has a lot to do with whether people’s lives are rich or not.

Emotional fatigue often arises among people who are rich in life, idle and comfortable, and who are not pursuing. They are carefree in appearance, but diminished in vitality, feeling numb, and depressed.

  Women over 30 years of age will have a sense of crisis. If Huarong loses color, youth is no longer, and there is not much progress in career, the psychology will easily lose balance.

At this time, the woman was suspicious of marriage because of emotional fatigue, and even Hongxing went out of the wall.

  Emotional obesity is an unhealthy state. It can make women lose confidence in marriage and family, and treat life with indifference.

For greater emptiness, they either hang around playing cards or looking for extramarital affairs, and then they are still at a loss.

Therefore, the most important thing is to have confidence in your marriage and family. When you realize that everything your husband handles truly loves you, your emotions will quietly leave you.

In addition, diversion methods can be used to attract emptiness in the mind in a diligent manner.

If you make achievements in your career, you will have a sense of accomplishment.

When you develop passion for life with acceptable things, where will there be emotional drought?

  It’s a good idea to cultivate a passion for life and build a social circle that suits you.

Try to let yourself live in the crowd, share your hardships with your relatives, friends, colleagues, and transform your soul into vibration.

You should also cultivate a hobby to enrich your soul and find the joy of life from it.

Whether singing or playing the piano, or writing and drawing, you will enter a new realm and effectively eliminate emotional fatigue.

When you feel idle, you can watch TV, read a book or listen to music.

In this way, you have emotional “nutrition” that will make you live a full life.

There are tapeworms in your baby’s belly, do you know?

There are tapeworms in your baby’s belly, do you know?

It takes about 60-70 days for humans to swallow infective roundworm eggs to develop into adults.

After the eggs enter the human body, larvae are first hatched in the small intestine. After about 2 hours, they penetrate into the intestinal wall of the human, pass through the small blood vessels to the portal vein, circulate through the blood through the body, enter the liver, heart, 4 to 5 days later.Move to the lungs.

The larvae molted in the lungs twice, passed through the microvessels into the alveoli, then passed through the trachea into the pharynx, and then swallowed. They reached the small intestine again through the stomach, settled in the small intestine, and developed into adults.

However, all the existing anthelmintic drugs can only expel adult worms, and they have no effect on larvae during the “travel” journey.

Experts tell you: deworming, you should know if there are tapeworms in your belly.

Parents can also make a rough judgment based on certain anomalies: 1.

Children often cry for stomach pain, especially around the umbilicus, which can be relieved after rubbing.


Children are susceptible to waking up at night, bruising and drooling.


On the face of children, the skin often has pale white, approximately round or oval patches with small grayish white scales on it, commonly known as “worm spots.”


For no obvious reason, the child’s skin often reappears with “wind 疙瘩”.


The child has a partial eclipse, and eats strange things such as dirt, paper, cloth, etc.


Children are full and chronic, and they like to eat snacks.

If parents find that the child has the above-mentioned abnormal manifestations, they should suspect that there is a worm in the child’s belly. Go to the hospital to check for worm pebbles in the feces to confirm the diagnosis.

Being reluctant to throw something is a psychological loss

Being reluctant to throw something is a psychological loss

Ms. Li’s parents are retired workers, and usually don’t spend much except to see a doctor.

But what puzzled her was that her parents finally moved into a new house, but they had to use dilapidated old furniture, old appliances, and even some unused bottles and jars.bedroom.

Ms. Li disposes of a lot of “waste” every time she goes home, but every time she returns to visit her parents, she finds that those things have been picked up again.

Ms. Li couldn’t bear it and quarreled with her parents many times.

The old man argued that these could be used.

The number of quarrels has increased, and the old man is unhappy, and Ms. Li’s heart is helpless.

At the suggestion of a friend, she came to the hospital, hoping that the psychiatrist would give them a hand.

  Experts suggest: Most elderly people have experienced hardships and are accustomed to careful calculation before they are willing to throw away old things.

But some old people hoard old things, not just for later use, but also reflects a psychological need.

  From a tense job to a leisurely home life, the elderly are inevitably lost.

This is the crucial period for the development of children’s career. In order not to distract the children, the old man suppresses the desire for affection and tells them that they are doing well.

If they catch up with events such as moving house to keep the elderly away from the circle of friends, they will be more lonely and empty.

Product is an external form of fullness, which makes the elderly feel stable and safe, and feels a sense of control.

Ms. Li’s parents do not change furniture and household appliances after moving, just to find a sense of “constant” stability in an unfamiliar environment.

  In addition, when people are old, they will develop a mentality of being reluctant to use old objects, which is also a normal psychological need.

If we can help our grandchildren, granddaughters and the elderly in their later years, the hoarding behavior will be replaced to a certain extent.

  Ms. Li’s parents were only “adapted for the elderly”, but could not be “adapted for the elderly”.

To reach two points, we must meet the conditions of housing, deposit, friends, and family.

  Therefore, children can encourage their parents to contact older colleagues and friends for more phone calls. They can also take the second old man around the community to see if there are meeting places such as the elderly activity center to help them meet new friends.

  People living in the same city with the elderly should minimize the frequency and time of business trips, and spend more time with their parents.

People who work in other places should return to their hometown to see their parents. Don’t let “Look at home often” as a slogan.

  What needs to be reminded is that if the hoarding behavior has not changed much after psychological adjustment, we need to be alert to Alzheimer’s disease and other mental disorders and arrive at the psychiatric hospital in time.

The illusion of skin care makes your face rotten!


The illusion of skin care makes your face rotten!

Using “illusion”, we hide our shortcomings and create beautiful alternatives.

However, you know that if you have a psychological illusion during the skin care process, it will be a serious problem.

Take a look at the sixteen types of skin care illusions here, and ask yourself how many of them.

  1. Any soap will irritate the skin: At present, there are many types of soaps on the market, most of which contain moisturizing ingredients, which will not dry the skin like in the past. Many soaps launched by companies are mild in nature and can also be used to clean the face.

  2, your skin care products should come from the same series: the key to the choice of skin care products is to see if it suits your skin. You don’t have to stick to the same series of the same brand. Use whatever you think is good!

  3. If you do n’t use makeup, just use water to clean the skin: In fact, water can make the skin fresh and moisturized, but it ca n’t clean the skin. Oil stains will cause the towels to wash your face. You need to use some cleanser that can degreaseproduct.

  4, skin desquamation is not a disease: people with oily skin who clean too much or use shrinkage repair water will cause the surface layer of the skin to dry and appear to peel off.

However, regardless of your skin type, desquamation along the hairline can be dermatitis, and double scaling on the nose can be eczema.

If the skin continues to be dry and desquamated, we recommend that you see a doctor.

  5. Anti-wrinkle cream can remove wrinkles: What anti-wrinkle cream can really do is just to nourish the skin, temporarily make the skin smooth and smooth the fine lines.

In addition to the generation of wrinkles, in addition to the greatest impact of time, ultraviolet light is a lethal killer, so to prevent aging, comprehensive sun protection is the best policy.

  6, the skin is always not clean enough: Many people think that the more frequently the face is washed, the hotter the water temperature is, it will help the skin, which will result in a “plateau face” and the skin will become dry and sensitive.

In fact, washing once in the morning and evening is enough.

  7, oily skin does not need to use body lotion: oily skin will also encounter the problem of dryness, especially in air-conditioned rooms, so it is necessary to add proper moisturization.

There are also many refreshing moisturizers, especially suitable for oily skin.

  8. Natural skin care products are most suitable for sensitive skin: skin care products made from plants and herbs are really good, but it is wrong to think that they are most suitable for sensitive skin.

Because you may be allergic to certain chemical products, and it is entirely possible that you are allergic to plant pollen.

  9. Need to use eye cream after 25 years old: Unless you are 20 years old, you may also need eye cream, because the skin around the eyes is very thin and is one of the first places where wrinkles appear.Moisturizing, easy to dry, and ordinary moisturizers may be too greasy, so that eyes become swollen and produce traces.

  10, face repair liquid can close pores: do not think pores are a door, you can open and close at will.

The beauty liquid or shrinkage water only slightly shrinks the skin and makes the pores look small. This effect will not last for long, and the skin will return to its original state.

  11. The black objects on the cotton ball are all dirt: Black objects always look scary, especially when you rub the cleansing lotion, it becomes the best way for the counter lady to promote the product.

In fact, some of the blacks reflected on the cotton balls are dirt, and some are only residual cosmetics, dead skin bacteria and oil.

  12, conditioner can repair split hair: after the hair splits, it is impossible to heal by conditioner, the only alternative is to cut off the split ends.

  13. Regular skin care in beauty salons: it can promote healthy skin care, deep facial cleansing, promote blood circulation, relax you and get psychological satisfaction. If you think your skin will be significantly improved for medical treatment, you will probably be disappointedOh!

  14. Everyone should use repair water: Repair water works well to remove residues after cleansing, but if you do n’t wear makeup or use a cleansing surface that is easy to rinse, you do n’t need to use repair water.

  15. The more moisturizer you apply, the better: how much the skin needs to absorb the moisturizer, if you apply it too much, only pores will appear, and acne and eye swelling will occur.

So, start with less.

  16, blackheads can only be removed by squeezing: the correct cleaning method can prevent acne, it is best to use formyl peroxide acne treatment equipment to dry them off, do not advocate the use of squeezing.